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Let's talk about reviews.

Reviews. Yep. We're going to talk about reviews today.
(puts arm around readers to prevent them from escaping)

I'll start out by admitting that I've been really bad about r and r'ing in the past several months. A lot has been going on... I've in the middle of writing my memoir... I've been working with legislators in my state to pass Right to Try laws... the family business is incredibly busy... blah blah blah, sound of the smallest violin in the world...

But I realized that if I'm going to continue to be committed to this site, this fandom, and this genre of writing, then I NEED TO GET BACK TO READING AND REVIEWING. Sorry about the capslock. But I do need to, and I am, and I have a major backlog that I WILL get to.

So here's the deal... if I can r and r, then so can you. Yes, you can. Authors tell me again and again lately that they look at the numbers under their fics and see several zillion readers...and very few reviews. SOMEONE is reading and not reviewing here.

So here's my challenge: review.

Your review may look like this.
"That's the most amazing portrayal of a Draco/Ginny/giant squid triangle I've ever seen! A full page of incredibly detailed reasons why!"

Or it may look like this:
"That was good."

The first one is obviously more popular with authors than the second one. But both of them show that you care. And that's important. Leave good reviews. Leave critical reviews. Leave reviews torn from the depths of your souls. Leave reviews that you typed in between looking at new cat videos on cuteoverload.com. Leave happy reviews; leave sad reviews; leave joyous reviews; leave depressing reviews. LEAVE A REVIEW. And I will too. :)

Posted by Anise on Sep 30, 2015 07:07 pm (6 Comments)

FIA in an academic paper!! And YOU can participate. :)

Hey all,
So I've talking about something exciting that was going to be announced soon... and HERE IT IS, YAY. We have an amazing opportunity that just came up. Here are the details—I hope you all get as excited about this as I did. ;)

Bhamini, a grad school student majoring in Media and Cultural Studies, has been shipping D/G since she was nine and discovered the Internet. She's a little older and a little wiser now - wise enough to be writing a paper on the D/G fandom and the writers in it. Basically, she wants to hear about you, why you love this ship, and how you write it! If you want to help with academic research into what makes us awesome, write her an email at ginevra.malfoy192 @ gmail.com. She can't wait to hear from you!

(Note from me: you'll have to cut and paste and take out the spaces in that email addy. Making it clickable here is kind of an invitation to spam bait.)

Here are some questions that can be a good starting point. Feel free to add info or thoughts that aren’t here.

What inspired you start shipping D/G, when the canon gave us so little to go on?

At which point did it become a part of your life?

Did canon Ginny ever disappoint you? The fanfic I've enjoyed always has a far more badass Ginny than in the books. Similarly, did canon Draco? How do you think he compares to fanon!Draco?

Did the fact that D/G never played out in cannon ever bother you? Did you ever *really* expect it to happen at all, and if so, in what way?

How do you feel about writing fanfic vs. "original" fiction/nonfiction?

Do you find the distinction between them problematic (especially since some fanfic universes are entirely original?)

How does writing fanfic relate to writing your original work?

When writing sexytimes into the otherwise sterilized HP universe, particularly graphic ones or PWPs, what's your motivation?

If you have a fan following of your own, how that feels?

Do the people around you IRL know you write fanfic? If so, how do they react?

Add any personal details you'd feel comfortable sharing about your age/sex/marital status/etc. This isn’t required.

Hint hint hint from me: we can also discuss these fandom questions and many more right here!! ;)

Posted by Anise on Sep 07, 2015 02:08 pm (2 Comments)

Lots happening on the FIA FB page...

Hey all,
I'm going to post much more about this in a couple of days, but here's a quick note: we are doing a LOT more with the FIA FB page now. I highly recommend joining it if you haven't already. There's a new snippet of *Malfoy In a Glass, Darkly*! Also our very own idreamofdraco posted a snippet of The Dating Charade! And there's a pic of her new kitten named Draco. MAXIMUM CUTENESS HAS BEEN ACHIEVED. The point is, there will be much more about this, but for now... you need to head on over and check it out if you haven't already. :)

There's a link in the lower left hand corner of the screen, but here it is again: FIA on FB!

Posted by Anise on Jul 26, 2015 09:56 pm (1 Comments)
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