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Halfway There on Fundraising!

Hey all,
Yep, it's true, we are HALFWAY there!! YAY!!! We just have to push a little harder to reach our fundraising goal for the year. There are some really exciting things in the works... I can't tell you all of them because I don't know for sure yet... but trust me, they're exciting. ;) If you haven't donated yet, please think about contributing whatever you can... because remember, FIA couldn't exist without YOU!

Posted by Anise on Nov 25, 2015 09:24 pm (0 Comments)

It's fundraising time again!

So... it's that time again!

Yep, the yearly hosting dues are due soon, and we need to raise just $100! This is less than we’ve EVER had to raise before, and if everybody pitches in, the fundraiser will go fast. I love this site, I keep coming back to fanfic no matter what else I’m writing, and FIA will always be important to me. Help us keep it going for another year. We have a lot going on… the Allfics FB page just opened, we’re getting lots of new fics and new members, and I’m *tentatively* thinking about the next fic exchange in February or March of 2016. So let’s keep FIA alive and make it happen!

Here's the Paypal address to send donations to: dgfics @ gmail.com The reason it's not clickable is that this is just ASKING to get spam. So, once again, cut, paste, and remove those spaces, and send $ off to Paypal... dgfics @ gmail.com Paypal accounts are easy to set up, but if you don't want to, we'll figure out something else. Just msg me here.

And thanks again for being an FIA member!

Posted by Anise on Nov 13, 2015 08:41 pm (8 Comments)

The Allfics Facebook Page-- Open At Last!

Here’s the announcement: after unavoidable delays, I am opening the Allfics Facebook page!

WHAT: A new FB page for the community of fanfic writers and readers sharing and discussing original writing. Fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, cookbooks… we cover it all. And yes, fanfic writing too. That’s why it’s allfics. ;)

WHERE: The Allfics Facebook Page

WHY: Because lots and lots and lots of fanfic writers are also writing ofics. We find something special in the process of reading and writing fanfic, and for our community, it’s D/G, although a lot of us are also in other fandoms. But our original stories also need to be told, and we need to support each other in our original writing (and reading).

OKAY, BUT WHAT IF I’M NOT A WRITER? This is for readers, not just writers! I would LOVE love love to see original writing from the best fanfic writers. This is how to find original writing by authors where you already KNOW you like their writing because you like their fanfics. Also a good way to encourage authors to finish fanfics... ;) WAIT, WEREN’T YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS LAST YEAR? Yes. We also have a complete Allfics Wordpress page and forum set up last year, and those will be open eventually too. I spent *untold* amounts of time on them, so believe me, they will. But because of the issues with members not being able to join from certain email addys, I kind of got discouraged and put it all on the back burner for a while. Then I realized that FB could be the way to go. You really can’t break FB.

WHAT DO I DO NOW? Come on over to the page! Like and start posting and reading. Personally, I’m going to start with my NaNo project, but you can come over and discuss whatever you’re working on! See you there!!

Posted by Anise on Nov 08, 2015 10:16 pm (0 Comments)
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