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Some site issues...

Hey all, as you may have noticed, we are having some issues with the site. At some point, it might be necessary to put everything into maintenance mode while we work on them. The basic problem is that the underlying platform for FIA is eFiction, and eFiction has been abandoned by the original creators and is almost certainly never going to get updated again. So... that means a lot of security issues. If I could just throw money at the problem, I would have an expert tech web developer code-y person completely move the site to another platform, probably something related to Wordpress. Since the winning Powerball plan didn't work out, though... that isn't happening at the moment. :P

A tech friend is helping me through the issues, and he's doing everything he can, but he's primarily an electrical engineer and totally admits that he has no amazing web expertise. So... right now, I can't give you all any clear news. I wish I could. But what I CAN say is that I'm going to fight to keep this site going in some format. I do not want to see us just close down. A lot of sites that used eFiction have done exactly that. They've moved all of the fics onto AO3, which means that the original work survived, but the site just could not keep going on anymore. I REALLY don't want this to happen. I just don't know enough to say exactly how it can be avoided right now, but I'm determined to find out. This site has meant so much to so many people for so long.. and I want to keep it alive. :) (Maybe once we know more about exactly what would need to be done, a GoFundMe project could happen!! I just don't know yet.)

Anyway, that's about it for now... further updates when I know more!!

Posted by Anise on Mar 02, 2021 04:29 pm (9 Comments)

A Very D/G Holiday

Happy Hoiidays!
tree of lights

Posted by Anise on Dec 18, 2020 08:20 pm (1 Comments)

Believe It Or Not...

Hey all, you're not going to believe this (well, anybody who actually remembers this fic won't believe it,) and I don't think I believe it either... ;) But I'm revising *Keeping Christmas on the Death Train*, and a new version will start posting soon. It's a long story as to WHY this is happening, but it is. More updates soon!

Posted by Anise on Aug 25, 2020 09:38 am (12 Comments)
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