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2023 D/G Summer Fic Exchange!

So basically, I'm trying to decide whether or not to have the exchange this year. I'm putting it out there on every forum where people might read it, hoping to get responses. And there actually have been more of those than I thought there would be!! It would be a lot of work, and I'd be the one responsible for all the work involved with the exchange. But I do feel like I can't just let it go. This site and D/G have meant so much to me over time. Thoughts?

Posted by Anise on May 23, 2023 07:48 pm (0 Comments)

2022 D/G Summer Ficfest Fics Are Being Posted!

Hey all, we’re posting fics for the 2022 Summer D/G Ficfest! They are truly great this year. Check them out here, read, and review! Read and review the amazing fics!

Posted by Anise on Aug 12, 2022 08:39 pm (2 Comments)

Time for the 2022 D/G Fic Exchange!

Hey all, it's almost time for the 2022 D/G Summer Fic Exchange! YAY! Last year's exchange had amazing authors and incredible writing, so we're doing it again this year to keep D/G alive and well. 🙂 All the information will be in one place on the Discord channel, but please also post any questions here. If you need a Discord invite, just ask.

The dates are:
-Prompting: May 28th - June 11th
-Prompt claiming and writing: June 12th - July 30th
-Submissions due: August 6th
-Posting begins: August 8th
(stories posted Monday - Friday until all stories posted. Schedule TBD)
-Awards/Reveals: TBD

Posted by Anise on May 13, 2022 11:54 am (4 Comments)
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