The 2023 Summer D/G Fic Fest Fics are UP!

Hey all, the 2023 D/G Fic Fest is now complete! :) We will have until October 13th to read and review. Then voting begins. The winners of Best Fic Overall and Most Prolific Reviewer will both get Amazon gift certificates. So read, review, and think about your votes! The fics are:

A Bad Break

We All Have Our Secrets

The Malfoy Mask

True North

Practically Married

State of Grace

What Lies Ahead

And just for funÖ.

The Official Test of the 2023 DG Exchange

The 2023 D/G Fic Fest Test Continues

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2023 D/G Fest Fics Are Going Up!

Here are the fics that are up so far! Check them out, read, and review.

What Lies Ahead

The Malfoy Mask

We All Have Our Secrets

True North

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2023 D/G Fest Fics Start This Week!

Hey all, so the fics are in (most of them, anyway,) and they will start to be released this week! The first one comes out on Thursday, the second on Friday, and then you can start to read and review over the weekend. :) Watch for more info soon.

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The 2023 Summer D/G Fic Fest is HAPPENING!!



**WHAT:** The Draco/Ginny Fic Fest 3.0 is the Nth annual writing fest devoted solely to the romantic pairing of Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley! Look, TBH, I donít even know how many there have been. But itís a big number. And I really want to keep this exchange alive. Our fandom ship has been sailing for a long time, and I want us to keep it afloat!

**WHO:** Anyone can join! Current, former, or even brand new writers are welcome as long as you have an AO3 account! Donít have an AO3 account? Contact mod Anise to receive an invitation to join. Donít want to write but still want to participate? We seriously need prompters and readers/reviewers too!

**WHEN:** The fest dates are as follows:

- Prompt submissions: June 21st-July 5th
- Prompt claiming and writing: July 6th -August 20th
- Submissions due: August 26th
- Posting and reading begins: September 11th, new date (posting schedule TBD)
- Voting begins: Mid-September
- Awards/reveals: TBD, but going by the new extended date, October 11th

**WHERE:** The #draco-ginny-fic-fest channel on the Draco x Ginny discord will serve as the hub for fest rules and announcements. Msg me for an invite! Stories will be posted on AO3.

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2023 D/G Summer Fic Exchange!

So basically, I'm trying to decide whether or not to have the exchange this year. I'm putting it out there on every forum where people might read it, hoping to get responses. And there actually have been more of those than I thought there would be!! It would be a lot of work, and I'd be the one responsible for all the work involved with the exchange. But I do feel like I can't just let it go. This site and D/G have meant so much to me over time. Thoughts?

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2022 D/G Summer Ficfest Fics Are Being Posted!

Hey all, weíre posting fics for the 2022 Summer D/G Ficfest! They are truly great this year. Check them out here, read, and review! Read and review the amazing fics!

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Time for the 2022 D/G Fic Exchange!

Hey all, it's almost time for the 2022 D/G Summer Fic Exchange! YAY! Last year's exchange had amazing authors and incredible writing, so we're doing it again this year to keep D/G alive and well. 🙂 All the information will be in one place on the Discord channel, but please also post any questions here. If you need a Discord invite, just ask.

The dates are:
-Prompting: May 28th - June 11th
-Prompt claiming and writing: June 12th - July 30th
-Submissions due: August 6th
-Posting begins: August 8th
(stories posted Monday - Friday until all stories posted. Schedule TBD)
-Awards/Reveals: TBD

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Time to Vote on Fics!

So all the fics are up, and it's time to vote! If you're seeing this here, you PROBABLY already saw it on Discord... ;) but it's a reminder. Voting goes through the 13th.
Don't forget, the whole list of fics is here.

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Time for the D/G Summer Fic Fest of 2021!

ETA: Prompt claiming time has opened!! I'm not going to give the link to the prompt doc here, because, well, spammers, but if you want to see it, just tell me in a comment and I'll get it to you. :)

YES! It's happening! The mods have met, and it's almost ready to go! :) Here are the dates:

Submitting prompts:: June 7th - 15th
Prompt claiming: June 16th - August 9th
Submissions due: August 16th
Posting begins: August 17th
Awards/Reveals: TBD

We're discussing the fic fest on a Discord channel, but because of spammers, I'm not going to provide a link to it here. So here's what you do if you want to find out more. Go to the FIA FB group: click on the pic "FIA On FB" link in the lower left hand corner of this page. We'll share more info there. I hope that everyone checks this out and thinks about getting involved with the fest, because we're starting it up again for the entire D/G community, and we need YOUR help. Maybe you can write, but if not, you could submit a prompt. Let's make this work for US! :)

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The FIA T-shirt...

You all aren't even going to believe this, but I looked in the back of a closet in a bin... and I found THE FIA t-shirt. I seriously still have this t shirt from 2006. Did anyone else buy it? I think there was a coffee mug too. I'm actually designing a t-shirt right now for a different group/fandom, and once the design is set up, it would be easy to do another one... so I was thinking... would anyone have any interest in a new FIA t-shirt this summer?? Anyway, here it is!

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So many fics! :)

Hey all,
I don't really know why, but we've been getting SO many fic submissions lately. And it's really cool. And I wanted to thank you all! I am really committed to keeping this site alive, and it's amazing to see that we continue to get creative works from great writers. So to the entire FIA community, a huge thank you and a virtual chocolate cake!

Also, I'm posting a new poll question about the idea of an exchange. I really, REALLY want to keep the exchanges alive.

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Some site issues...

Hey all, as you may have noticed, we are having some issues with the site. At some point, it might be necessary to put everything into maintenance mode while we work on them. The basic problem is that the underlying platform for FIA is eFiction, and eFiction has been abandoned by the original creators and is almost certainly never going to get updated again. So... that means a lot of security issues. If I could just throw money at the problem, I would have an expert tech web developer code-y person completely move the site to another platform, probably something related to Wordpress. Since the winning Powerball plan didn't work out, though... that isn't happening at the moment. :P

A tech friend is helping me through the issues, and he's doing everything he can, but he's primarily an electrical engineer and totally admits that he has no amazing web expertise. So... right now, I can't give you all any clear news. I wish I could. But what I CAN say is that I'm going to fight to keep this site going in some format. I do not want to see us just close down. A lot of sites that used eFiction have done exactly that. They've moved all of the fics onto AO3, which means that the original work survived, but the site just could not keep going on anymore. I REALLY don't want this to happen. I just don't know enough to say exactly how it can be avoided right now, but I'm determined to find out. This site has meant so much to so many people for so long.. and I want to keep it alive. :) (Maybe once we know more about exactly what would need to be done, a GoFundMe project could happen!! I just don't know yet.)

Anyway, that's about it for now... further updates when I know more!!

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Believe It Or Not...

Hey all, you're not going to believe this (well, anybody who actually remembers this fic won't believe it,) and I don't think I believe it either... ;) But I'm revising *Keeping Christmas on the Death Train*, and a new version will start posting soon. It's a long story as to WHY this is happening, but it is. More updates soon!

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Tech Friend To the Rescue (Possibly)

Hey all,
So as you may have noticed, the site has had reliability problems for a while, as in, it goes down without any warning and comes back the same way, and it all depends on which browser and connection you're using. I've finally convinced an IT friend to help with this project!! (we hope.) He's taking a look at the site now, and we may be able to do something about the long-standing problem and have really reliable connections to FIA. More updates as events warrant.

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The Very First Official FIA Write-In!

Hey all,
Today, weíre going to have the very first Official FIA Write-In at 4:00! 😊 (Thatís PST, so 5:00 in Denver... 6:00 in Chicago... 7:00 in NYC... 11:00 in Tristan da Cunha... and so on. ) Itís at the FIA FB group, with an announcement also on the FIA page. Come on over and join in for writing, sprints, cookies, and fun!

Hereís the FIA group, please head on over and join!

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Updates on the D/G Fic Exchange

Hey all, so the fic exchange is underway, and the fics are all due on Sept. 22nd. I'm working on my fic, but I can't say anything else... because they're supposed to be anonymous. ;) Not sure when the fics will actually be up, but my guess is around mid-October.

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2019 Summer D/G Exchange!

Hey all, we're talking about the summer exchange over at the FFN group! I think it's going to happen, yay! :) More details about exactly how, when, and where coming soon.

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Lots of stuff coming soon!

Hey all,
So there's lots of new stuff and exciting things coming soon-- just a head's up. :) The best place to keep up with this will be on the FIA FB page, but we're also going to start posting regularly on the Twitter account again. Check it out and sign up. Yep, FIA has a twitter account.

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Holiday Break

Hey all, it's time for holiday break again! So we'll be closing fic submissions for the 2018 season on December 15th and reopening on Jan 5th. As always, the archive itself will still be open. And if you're authorized to skip the queue, you can still post fics. I will be posting the rest of *The Secret Language of Flowers* and probably a few other odds and ends. Happy Holidays and best wishes for a great 2019!

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Hey all-- YES, there will be a summer D/G fic exchange, YAY!! Here's the original post by idreamofdraco-- head on over to the links!

Hey guys! idreamofdraco here. I just wanted to let you know that signups for The DG Forum's Summer fic exchange have begun and will close on May 13th! If you would like to participate in this year's exchange, you can find more information about it HERE: More Info!

To participate, you just have to be a member of the forum by filling out the questionnaire HERE: Forum membership

And then submit 3 prompts that you would like to receive a fic for HERE: Submit the prompts here

If you have further questions, feel free to message me (idreamofdraco) or leave a comment on this post!

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We're open again, yay!

The archive is officially open again. :)
In other news, I'm thinking about starting a new Youtube channel... more updates if this actually happens.

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Holiday closing

Hey all... So we will be closed to new submissions December 15 through Jan 1... The site will still be open though. Happy Holidays and watch for holiday art on the FIA Facebook page.

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The spam is officially under control!!

Hey all,
So.... it's been over a week, and it really looks like the Spammers of Doom issue is under control. YES and YAY. The glitch seems to be.. .and this is weird... that if a spammer has registered before, their new spam registration will sometimes go through. I really don't know why this is happening, but at least it means that the problem is SO much better than it was before. But I'm going to keep dealing with every issue as it comes up. So everything will be okay. I can't guarantee that everything in the WORLD will be okay... there's only so much that D/G fanfic can do... ;) But in this little corner of the universe... yes.

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Cautiously Optimistic

Hey all,
So this is the kind of thing I almost don't want to announce because it seems too good to be true, but it SEEMS, seems, like we have the spam registrations a lot more under control for now. That doesn't mean that the problem has been solved once and for all, but it's a big improvement. So, yay! :) And thanks for hanging in there!!

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Some AntiSpammer Ideas

Hey all,
So I've done a thing where new members will have randomly generated passwords emailed to them rather than being able to choose their own. According to Lyndsie, this will help to weed out spammers-- believe me, we're still working on a more elegant solution. Real members will need to submit a support ticket to get their correct password. It's NOT an ideal or complete solution by any means, but for now, this could be a good stopgap measure. Because I will not, OH HELL NO I WILL NOT, allow this site to turn into a spam review graveyard like some other fanfic sites that have been around awhile have done. NOT here. NOT now. NOT on my watch. No no no. ;) More updates soon.

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