Reviews For Angel's Trumpets
Name: soundspretty reviewed Angel's Trumpets on Feb 02, 2016 09:31 am
Name: leighla reviewed Angel's Trumpets on Jan 01, 2006 12:49 pm
A wonderful story. It was so sad :(. I had a good cry from this
Name: Draco Luva reviewed Angel's Trumpets on Oct 09, 2004 11:12 am
I'm having serious trouble typing because my keyboard is soaking wet from my tears. This story is so sad! It's actually quite similar to mine, Sad story writers rock!

Author's Response: Thanks. :)
Name: Funnykido reviewed Angel's Trumpets on Oct 09, 2004 06:11 am
Thats so sad! You made me cry!! I dont understand how people can write this kind of stuff, because it would make me cry the whole time I was writing it! But it's really good! Did you cry while you wrote it?

Author's Response: I didn't actually cry while I wrote it, but I was in a rather depressy mood, hence the depressy fic. Thanks.
Name: CrazyFoxForever reviewed Angel's Trumpets on Oct 08, 2004 06:49 pm
That was soooo sad *gushes tears* it was really good though *sniffs* I'm gonna go bury myself in my pillow and have a good cry. Is there going to be another chapter, or was it a one-shot deal?...please say another chapter *pleads w/ u*

Author's Response: Thank you very much. However, I wasn't planning on adding to this one. I think it's better left alone. But thanks again! I love it when people review....
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