Name: Courtney reviewed Essay on Apr 10, 2006 10:09 am
D/G is my favorite ship, and it totally CAN happen in canon, sadly though, it won't. Not even a chance. Why do I seem so pessimistic? Because of what Jo said about Draco in one of her interviews, that she doesn't understand why there are so many fans of Draco Malfoy because he is not a nice person and never will be (I have to agree with you that he can still be "not-nice" and still have feelings for Ginny). With such an outlook on a character from the writer herself, we have to accept she wouldn't pair him up with any of the main good characters. So as much as I'll write fanfic (though haven't posted any yet anywhere) that allows this ship to sail after HBP and that uses as much canon material as possible, Jo herself will never write it. *Sign*
Name: PixieSkull reviewed Essay on May 01, 2005 06:15 am
I like the comparison of Draco/Hermoine and Draco/Ginny. The fact that they are way too alike in goals could be a stumbling relationship where neither could be truly happy living under each other's coattails alternating careers or whatever. I could see Ginny letting Draco be great as seeker and a shrewd wizarding business man and Draco being fine with Ginny becoming an auror or an agent for the order doing undercover work. They have a lot of different interests and enough common interests to keep coming back to the other for a great conversation and a great time. One iffy thing about fanfiction is that since it's from the imagination, you could make ANY pairing you wanted to. If you'd like to ship Ginny with Pansy Parkinson, it could work with enough thought put into it, but that doesn't make it realistic. Draco and Ginny is realistic, because people can change their minds. Beautifull supported :)
Name: chuya reviewed Essay on Jan 15, 2005 05:37 am
Good job Baby_Pan, nice essay ^^ DG in a nutshell.
Name: Duckie reviewed Essay on Jan 11, 2005 11:47 am
Okay yeah i agree... I mean look at the fifth HP book and how they said Lily and James hated eachother it could totally happen... Its really not all that hard to imagine...
Name: Sorriane reviewed Essay on Jan 08, 2005 08:04 am
Totally agree with you !!!! Go you mate !!!! Just gonna show that to my friends who are all against D/G ship, not fighting alone anymore lol
Name: deedee reviewed Essay on Dec 22, 2004 02:46 pm
how about draco/pansy? that's more likely to happen isn't it?
Name: mary reviewed Essay on Nov 30, 2004 12:01 pm
beautiful, you have really outlined why a d/g ship is great to write about but have also included some ideas of what makes a good fic. good job.
Name: ltnaconejita reviewed Essay on Nov 30, 2004 10:22 am
i didn't sign in yet, but gooooooooooo you! some friends say to me, why do you like D/G, it's never gonna happen, but now i can tell them to read your essay, and they will bow down before me! hee, now im gonna check if you have any stories......
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