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Name: hippoclit reviewed Missing on Dec 17, 2007 08:52 am
ah, i got to the story by jimmying the url. god i'm clever.

intriguing story. a whole lot of somewhat esoteric things going on that made me feel like i was missing out on a lot of understanding. interesting nonetheless.

but now i've underlined the sandman and added the 10th kingdom to my long list of things to watch/read.

Author's Response: It will definitely make much more sense once you've seen those. :)
Name: hippoclit reviewed Missing on Dec 16, 2007 06:01 am
'missing' is an apt title.
the link for the chapter doesn't work?

(in case you haven't noticed...i'm working my way through everything you've written. :) )

Author's Response: rnThat's the first time I've heard of this story getting messed up. Usually it's "Points of Authority." I think it's a one-parter. I'm able to see it when I click on it, so I'm not sure why it's doing that.
Name: Qweene_of_Argylle reviewed Missing on Feb 18, 2006 06:21 am
so...a T10K fan, huh?
cool story...but I wish there was more D/G...this is a D/G site, after all..
but well-written, nonetheless...

Author's Response: This is how it turned out. Not exactly how I was expecting it, but they all don't turn out how I planned.
Name: Tracey reviewed Missing on Dec 13, 2005 11:58 pm
I really think it was a rather interesting (for lack of a better word) story. It's not something I've seen much of before. Normally I don't like stories in Harry's POV, but I really enjoyed your fic. I especially enjoyed Dream, Desire and Death, I thought they were beautiful characters. It was a really heartwarming story, but I also thought it quite mystifying and fantastical, it really kept me on the edge. Thanks for writing such a story!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I like trying to keep things interesting. :)
Name: Betz reviewed Missing on May 18, 2005 12:04 pm
That was an odd little fic. I'm not sure whether I like it or not. I'll have to sleep on it and think about it before I decide, but it was an interesting tale.

Author's Response: You know what? I'll take "interesting" any day. The fact that I made you think makes me happy, since the point to stories is exactly that. Some touch you emotionally, but they always make you think. So thanks. :)
Name: annapotter reviewed Missing on May 16, 2005 05:13 pm
hmmmmm not as much gin draco but whatevs. liked it though cool ideas

Author's Response: thanks! The problem with the fic is that it's kind of from Harry's POV. and Harry is clueless, so even tho I tried to work in some subtle detail, the boy wouldn't see it! :)
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