Name: Shashi-chan reviewed First on Dec 08, 2005 07:26 pm
This is an amazingly well thought out theory!! i absoulutly love it!
Name: creamtea reviewed First on Jul 23, 2005 06:21 pm
Yep, I'm still on holiday, and nope I haven't read the book yet. However, I have mooched around FAP and picked up stuff. So ... Draco got a backstory and is springloaded to bounce into Book7 as a major charcter. My theory? Either I'm early with it and stuff's coming up in Book7, or it's been slung into orbit along with countless others. IMO Draco is DEFINITELY coming up in Book7, he can't not do. Plus I think he'll be redeemed, or Dumbledore's death was for nothing. Besides, JKR writes from - presumably - a Judeo/Christian background, and that's fundamentally about the lost lamb returning to the fold. The social/religious society she inhabits is all about second chances. Draco's going to get a second chance, and my guess is he won't blow it. If he does blow it then the books are saying 'hey, no second chances, 'cos you can't change anyway, once on the path to Darkness, you can't get off' and these books aren't going to say that. So, can any of it come up in Book 7? Well obviously the HBP was shot to hell, but the rest of it? I have problems with the blood thing as I'm not sure why LV would risk Draco if he knew he needed him - BUT the blood thing was in the past so Draco may have fulfilled his use there already. As to he rest - well actually I reckon it could still happen. From looking at FAP it seems that C+G are still at Hogwarts. My question is WHY? The are academically rubbish - we're shown that time and again (I don't know what their OWL results were, but if they were any good I'd be thinking 'funny business') - so why are they still there? THEN: the whole 'Lucius chooses to sling Draco to save his own skin' thing. IMO this is still DEFINITELY a runner. In fact, even moreso than before. When Lucius gets out of Azkaban (and he will) then he's in deep with LV who'll want some grand gesture of fealty to prove Lucius is still 'loyal' and to thus allow Lucius to live. What could be a greater gesture than sacrificing Draco, who has already proved his 'unworthyness' by not killing DD and so 'deserves' to be killed by the DEs anyway? From FAP I am aware that Narcissa loves Draco (and I am sure she would fight and die to protect him), but Lucius? We know Draco loves Lucius, but I can't see any evidence that Lucius loves Draco. Harry saving Draco. From FAP (and I must stress I have not read the book yet) this is now on with bells-on. Harry knows what happened on the tower - he's the only non-DE who does. We are told in canon that he began to be able to see things from Draco's perspective. PLUS we have the sectumsempra thingie. Not sure what this is but it seems to be some heinous curse Harry flung at Draco which nearly killed him. Well, we have Wizard's Debts from one wizard to another, where the other wizard saved the first one's life, BUT we also have the human element of GUILT between one wizard and another, where the first wizard nearly caused the death of the second wizard. For Harry to feel impelled to risk everything to save Draco he needs a reason. In HBP he's started to rack up a set of reasons. Turning H+D around so that they would actually step up to the plate for each other would be like turning a liner in mid ocean: it takes time. JKR has started the turn in HBP. So ... where am I? In Book7, Lucius gets sprung from Azkaban, Draco ends up in the hands of the DEs, Lucius proves loyalty by sacrificing Draco. Harry etc save Draco. Draco doesn't give a damn not realsising that Harry was actually bent on saving him. BUT then Draco does a lot of thinking, realises that his dad's worthless and that thus EVERYTHING he was brought up to believe is utter rubbish, and then returns the favour to Harry by rounding up the Slytherin troops and plunging into battle at the last minute on the side of the good guys. Draco's motivation: I don't think he'll be mostly motivated by caring for harry/doing the right thing as such, I think a large element of it will be that he wants 'revenge' against LV and the DEs for basically wrecking his whole life up until that point with their poisonous beliefs, and for trying to kill him. That, to me, makes sense and stays in character. Draco's real weakness is Lucius, he loves his father and believes him. He needs to get past that before he can trully become himself. Well, I reckon you Dad throwing you to the wolves to save his own skin would pretty much sort things out for you on the 'Dad can do no wrong' score. C+G being non-human and the Polyjuice stuff? Nice points. But I still love the non-human theory as it's SO SWEET! Wonder of C+G actually spoke in HBP ...?
Name: Mariah reviewed First on Jul 13, 2005 06:48 am
I have one problem with your theroy of Draco being the Half-blood Prince no matter how much I want to belive it I can't because on August 16th, the door on JKR's site opened giving us the following excerpt of book 6, which describes the Half-Blood Prince: (He) looked rather like an old lion. There were streaks of grey in his mane of tawny hair and his bushy eyebrows; he had keen yellowish eyes behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles and a certain rangy, loping grace even though he walked with a slight limp. Draco does not look like that,but could you please tell me what you think now that I told you this that.Please e-mail me at P.s-the info was from

Author's Response: I emailed but it got bounced back... Hey-- check out Chapter 2 of my Draco/HBP essay (which I actually wrote, unlike Creamtea's. ;)That's where I debunk a few rumors that have been going around, but honestly, the "lionlike character" one is the sneakiest. I really don't know how the rumor got to be so pervasive that JKR's paragraph of description is describing the HBP. The rumor that she is describing the HBP is 100% a fanon creation, with no input whatsoever from JKR's end!! She never told us WHO it describes. But the rumor that she has seems to be everywhere, so a lot of people have gotten (very understandably) confused. If Mugglenet is repeating it, they need to stop, and it would explain a lot if they are (such as how persistent that rumor has been.) Now, that doesn't guarantee that she WASN'T describing the HBP, either, but if I had to guess, I would say it's Aberforth Dumbledore as the new DADA teacher. Anyway, we'll find out soon! Thanks for reviewing! Anise
Name: Emeral_eyes reviewed First on Jul 12, 2005 02:09 am
Creamtea: This is definitely an interesting view point. While I see almost everything argued as possible, whether or not it's actually plausible rests on the nature of Draco's character. He's been established since the beginning as Harry's rival and enemy, and his actions (at least through the Harry filter) have done nothing to let us think otherwise. You've offered a lot of insight and some very interesting interpretations of things that could otherwise be seen as 'throw-away' scenes, but a lot of this rests on how JKR intends to use Draco - basically, is he just a spoiled bully following in his father's footsteps, or is there something more to him? I'm hoping for the 'something more', myself, but I'm glad to see that in your interpretation, you didn't fall into the "Draco will be reformed into a Slytherin version of Harry, all heroics and self-sacrifice" because I'm pretty sure that no matter what happens, Draco will always be a self-interested and selfish person (it's just who he is), even if some of your conjectures do play out. With only a few more days to go, your theories have increased my excitement and impatience for the 6th book.
Name: Sue Bridehead reviewed First on Jul 11, 2005 04:32 pm
Loved it! Very interesting stuff with many good points. I never considered C&G being 'non-humans', but security trolls...that does make sense. (But I still wonder could Harry and Ron have 'changed into them' with Polyjuice if they weren't really people? It's supposed to work only for human transformations - look what happened to Hermione - but we don't know all the of the potion's properties.) Moving on, the idea that Draco is fascinated with dragons sounds very plausible. And I really liked your views on this part: "'you were late, we had to use Neville instead (not Draco related, but crucial for the prophecy/endgame I think)." This struck me as a clue as well, since I personally suspect that Neville was the one the prophecy was about, not Harry. I have also wondered about the theory that Draco has a crush on Ginny (I have a similar 'theory' in my D/G essay as well). I really hope some of your theories are correct; they give us D/G shippers some hope-! :D
Name: Sarah reviewed First on Jul 11, 2005 02:09 pm
I can't decide if this is brilliant or nuts! He he...Seriously, I could never string that many coherent thoughts together about canon!Draco. I just hope you and Anise are on to something. And I really, really enjoyed reading this. You picked up on things that I just overlooked. One thing, in the PoA movie, which JKR herself said there are foreshadowings, Hermione tries to tempt Buckbeak with meat, saying "Here's a nice, dead ferret!" That may be too obviously Draco, but then, it may not be. I'm definitely not saying JKR caters to the fangirls, but I think we'd all be pretty upset if she killed off our beloved ferret!
Name: K reviewed First on Jul 10, 2005 02:55 pm
My god....that was incredible!!!!!!Way to go, I hope she's right about some of that
Name: No Stranger reviewed First on Jul 10, 2005 03:14 am
I LOVE your theory! I fully understand and respect fact I'm sorta hoping for it! *crosses fingers* I hope the HBP will be Draco! Can't wait 'till the 16th!
Name: Anise reviewed First on Jul 09, 2005 06:02 pm
Heh, I think I'll leave a review on here too (keeping in mind, once again, that I can't take credit for writing this essay!!) The comments have been great, including plenty of things that I didn't catch when I read it. I honestly don't know if the fact that Ron and Harry DID turn into C & G when they took the polyjuice potion means that C & G have to be what they appear to be. It COULD be that Polyjuice potion just causes the person taking it to assume the appearance of the person that the hair or whatever came from. For instance, if someone had pulled out some of the fake Professor Moody's hairs and used THEM in a Polyjuice potion in GoF, what would have happened? Would they have turned into Moody, or into Barty Crouch? When I originally read that, though, I did think of how Hermione turns into a catlike thing. Not that I think Millicent Bulstrode is actually a cat, but I wondered if it could be foreshadowing of C&G's non-humanness. Also, the vampire thing interested me a lot. Imelda, I think, mentioned that the Snape vampire theory seemed so convincing, and yet turned out to not be true. That's true, and yet maybe the people who formulated the vampire theory were onto something. They correctly perceived that vampires had been foreshadowed somehow, but incorrectly thought they foreshadowed something to do with Snape, not Draco. It's possible, anyway. The thing is, when I think about what we've seen over and over again in the series, the presence of blood is a remarkably constant theme. The idea of purebloods vs. mudbloods, of Draco losing blood in PoA, of Harry getting blood taken from him at the end of GoF, of unicorn's blood in SS/PS, Voldemort's mention of drinking the blood of small animals in the same book, Dumbledore emphasizing that Lily Potter's blood kept Harry safe while he was at his aunt's and uncle's house... it's a pretty constant theme. To me, that lends more support to Creamtea's theories than anything else, actually. That being said, where Creamtea and I differ, well, a LOT is in the fact that I don't think Draco will be redeemed. At all. JKR has indeed warned us not to get too fond of him (and that's usually misquoted as "too attached," which irritates me whenever I see it-- good job getting it right. :) There's such a difference between those two words. To me, "too fond" says that he's going to be dark, but probably important; "too attached" means that he's going to die unimportantly in a ditch while Harry steps over him on the way to kill Voldemort. I think that Draco is indeed going to go very dark, but will be vitally important. However, there are other paths that he could have chosen, which is what makes his redemption believable in fanfic IF it's well done. It's very difficult to really do well. That's probably why my Dracos have been getting darker and darker and DARKER. I think he's hit bottom in QatD, though-- he has nowhere to go but up! ;) Anyway, I'm really glad that people have enjoyed this essay, and I'm sure that Creamtea will be, too.
Name: johanna reviewed First on Jul 09, 2005 05:28 pm
re-read that, and I dunno how to edit these so: "create who story plots", who=whole. otherwise that doesnt make any sense. Also, I agree COMPLETELY with imelda.
Name: Johanna reviewed First on Jul 09, 2005 05:23 pm
You see, the problem is that Crabbe and Goyle MUST be human- otherwise the polyjuice potion wouldnt have worked. Plus, wouldnt the teachers have known if they werent? It seems that a lot of these theories are made by choosing a bias (Draco isnt evil), and finding "evidence" to support this bias. (If Draco really IS friends with Crabbe and Goyle, then he cant be the tormented hero you want him to be, therefore he is FORCED to hang out with them all the time, and he is REALLY close friends with a boy who, as of yet, we have no characterization of.) Ideally, theories should be created after sorting through information and finding links, whether or not it supports your ship/fanfiction view of a character. Painful to do, I know. But if I searched through the book and found sufficient and believable evidence that Dudley and Lucius were carrying on a torrid affair, I would write an essay on it. I refuse to, however, write an essay on how professors sprout and flitwick were secretly dating, even though they would obviously be PERFECT together, because the only way to do that would be to create who story plots from simple, unrelated sentences. (Eg. "he was paler than usual." Then, 50 pages later, "his collar was high necked." Therefore, Draco has been drained of blood by VAMPIRES who are using his blood to strengthen Voldemort again because he is like the unicorn. Possible, of course, but Im not seeing enough evidence that, when reading, would lead ME to come to a similar conclusion. Look, I love the idea of Draco being tormented and misunderstood, but you overlook crucial evidence. For example, if all this time his mean comments were merely WARNINGS to Harry because he's really good inside, then why would JKR repeatedly say that the public is becoming too fond of him?
Name: Virginia reviewed First on Jul 09, 2005 06:44 am
I don't usually read essays, But I'm so gla I've read this one! It's just! A few moths back, while re-reading the books, some of the scenes you've mentioned came to my mind, and while I tought of Draco trying to help the trio as well I didn't get ever *near* your theory. Now I'm going to cross my fingers as well and hope your trught 'cause that's one hell of a plot!
Name: imelda reviewed First on Jul 09, 2005 04:27 am
Well, here I go again, being contrary. Let me start with the D/G connection..which I still can't agree to. 'Utterly stupid' that Ginny beats Draco in a duel? I certainly think not, as this book was really Ginny's coming-of-age, and as Anise says in her essay, Ginny's really proud of beating him, and I think that was JKR setting up Ginny as a capable witch. Moreover, I don't think she did poorly in the DoM; her injury was one of the more minor ones sustained. Now, a lot of people hopefully read Draco's big-mouth threats as warnings to the Trio, but I see those as proving more that he would make a poor DE, as someone in another essay pointed out. He's clever, but he's not truly savvy--he loves attention, throwing his weight around, besting his enemies, and he'll do anything to succeed at it. His boasts, I think, really are boasts--like, at the beginning of both PoA and GoF: 'You mean you don't KNOW?' in regards to both Sirius Black and the Triwizard Tournament. His knowledge of things is one of his favorite ways of besting Harry, who, as we see clearly in OoTP, is often bitter about his lack of knowledge. OK, as for your comments on the school motto ad the Remembrall, I thik they're really cool. The latter in particular, because JKR's pulled something like that before--think Snape/Quirrell. As for the motto, it IS a bit ridiculous for JKR to put Draco's name there, isn't it? But my question is whether she would really put such a blatant hint in--after all, she can't have EXPECTED her readers to ignore it the way we have. Now, I'm very curious about the Nott thing. The problem with JKR is that she gets us all curious about the possibilities that are supported by evidence in canon--say, Snape as vampire, Ron as DD, Mark Evans--and then shoots them down. I hope that's not the case with all your Draco evidence, or with Anise's Malfoy theory, because they have SO MUCH potential. We shall see.
Name: Jez reviewed First on Jul 08, 2005 11:51 pm
If this ends up to be true, I will be cheering my heart out. There is no way that I would've been able to link all of this together and made it into an essay. This is amazing. It really is. Well done. -Jez
Name: Morrighain reviewed First on Jul 08, 2005 09:03 pm
(...interpret ‘hungry for me please? Intent? Anxious? What?) Going with your theory, I'd interpret 'hungry' as anxious for Harry to see what he (Draco)'s doing to help. First the hints he's been trying to throw, and then by getting them caught by Umbridge while trying to use her fireplace. I was rather confused by that scene in Umbridge's office when I first read the book; something just seemed off. It came to me, though, that Draco might actually have been trying to *help* rather than hinder the Trio by keeping them away from the Ministry. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought so. Your theory on Draco is *fantastic*! It makes me triply excited for the HBP release. And if it doesn't happen, well, it's just so darned intriguing an idea that I'll always wish it had.
Name: tory reviewed First on Jul 08, 2005 08:07 pm
all i can say is wow, im so impressed you could think of all these links and therories, i hope most of them show up in canon
Name: Jaylene reviewed First on Jul 08, 2005 03:14 pm
Wow. Just..... wow. Never have I read such an insightful essay on .. well, anything. I only hope when the time comes, I shall be able to write a thesis paper packed with as much thought as this. I am absolutely blown away, I'd never paid attention to any of these things before (of course, when I read the books, I wasn't much of a Draco fan) but now it makes so much sense. If you're right (and I'm certain at least one of your predictions is true), I have far more respect for JKR as a writer, to write something that is superficially quite simple, when it obviously isn't the case. Again, wow. Have a rum cake.
Name: mary reviewed First on Jul 08, 2005 03:05 pm
wow! GREAT WORK! what a great theory, i do hope it is true. whether good or bad, i do think there will be more to draco than everyone thinks. and ur essay showed some very interesting peices of evidence. especially harry's dream, i wonder why nobody ever picked up on that? but he had a similar dream in book 4 where the mermaid held his broom, what about that? if it follows his dream pattern than there must be something more to that as well.
Name: Adelagia reviewed First on Jul 08, 2005 01:58 pm
Thanks for posting this, Anise, and thanks to Creamtea for allowing it to be done. First off, whoa. Kudos on the very complicated and intricate detective work - I feel I must go back to all the books again to check out everything you said, particularly about Crabbe and Goyle (the thing about transposing the first letter of their names - cooool...). I love your predictions and cannot help but feel a wee more optimistic about Draco's future character development, though if things go the way you've described, JKR will have a heck of a lot of backstory and explaining to do. Regardless of what JKR has in store for Draco, I am in awe of the thought and work that went into this essay. Well done; it was an extremely interesting, pleasant, and occasionally gasp-inducing read.
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