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Great chapter! Well done. I can't wait for more, good luck!
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As always, beautiful writing. Just one thing. There are many inconsistencies in this story. I've been noticing for a while & just thought you'd like a heads up.
Name: cindy reviewed Chapter 112 on Mar 05, 2009 07:02 am
i m so glad that u finally updated..good chapter!hope u update soon..
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Name: ash_of_the_rose reviewed Chapter 110 on Mar 01, 2009 08:57 am
Name: Enigmatic Eel reviewed Chapter 110 on Mar 01, 2009 07:31 am


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i loved the 'devils advocate' he was a funny guy. Aww completely worth the wait. Thank you.
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Draco has to kill Harry to destroy Voldemort once and for all...
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