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Author's Response: Thank you and you're welcome!
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Author's Response: Haha! Thanks so much! And don't worry, I've already got another story all ready for the posting! I'm so glad you enjoyed this!
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Author's Response: Good luck! ;) I put off actually posting it for about four days (partly because I did a major rewrite that added almost two whole document pages) because I just couldn't believe that it would actually be the end! And I completely understand about Narcissa and Lucius. Their relationship ought to be sweet and loving, it's only Voldemort that turned it upside-down. That's what fanfiction is for: to fix everything that went wrong. I have another story all ready to go, so it's not like the absolute end... I'll still be writing. :D
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Author's Response: I know, right? Bittersweet. My next story is completely finished already, so I'll be able to start it soon and keep it going. Thank you for reviewing!
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Author's Response: Thanks so much! I hope that I can write a sequel, I would love to explore this further! For now, though, I'm moving on. I'll start posting my next story soon!
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Author's Response: Thanks! I was feeling a little emotional when I wrote this chapter (second to last is a big thing), so Draco kept wanting to go all sappy. Silly Draco! I gave him a bit of leeway with his mum, 'cause I always felt that there was some sort of attachment there. After all, he did let Death Eaters into the school (not in my story) to save her. Anyway... rambling. ;) Thanks for reviewing!
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Author's Response: Haha! There's only one chapter left. I'll post soon!
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Author's Response: Haha! I'll try to post today, but chances are it'll be tomorrow. But I can guarantee that it'll be no later than that. Thanks for reviewing!
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Author's Response: Thanks so much!
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I'm kindda sad & happy at the same time - the next chapter will be the last... boohoohoo...


Author's Response: I know! I can hardly believe it! I have another story all ready to go, though, so the adventure won't be completely over! ;)
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Author's Response: Lol! Thanks so much! I enjoy your enthusiasm; it's inspiring!
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Author's Response: Haha! No need to beg, I plan to update very soon indeed!
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Author's Response: Thank you! I'll post again soon!
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Author's Response: Hahaha! Coming at you!
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