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I hope you update soon! I can't wait to see them get to know each other better.

Author's Response: Thank you!  I'm glad someone likes my Draco, I'm still desperately trying to shape his character right now and I've re-written so many parts trying to get his character where I want it to be.
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Author's Response: Thank you!  I'm doing my best, I've been hit pretty hard by Irene so I can't write anymore on 9 right now but I'm writing chapter 10 with pen, paper, and candlelight!
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Author's Response: Eh, I'm a redhead too and I look awful in purple of any shade.  Depends on the shade of red, I suppose.
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And I totally sympathize with the long wait-school is really kicking my butt right now :)

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Author's Response: Haha, thanks.  I really have no excuse, I was only taking one class last semester and then I graduated and I'm still stuck working a little part-time job, so absolutely nothing exciting has been going on here.
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Author's Response: Thank you!
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Author's Response: I'm trying!  I'm finishing up chapter 9 and waiting to hear back from my beta to see if she's able to continue with this story.
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Author's Response: I am. >.>  I just need to get off my lazy butt and polish up chapter 8 and send chapter 9 to my beta... both are mostly done.  Thanks though!
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Author's Response: Thank you! Lucius' comments were some of my favorite parts to write, I giggled the whole time so I hope you like them too. I've been trying to update more quickly, but seeing as how it's the beginning of the semester we'll see how long that lasts...
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Author's Response: Thanks!  I'm actually working on the next two chapters right now, so no worries there!
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Another favourite part of mine was ginny's answer to this letter specially the way she adresses him as mr malfoy when he had signed the letter as Draco, I like how you showed she was still mad and is not going to give in easily, an awsome way to contrast his attitude. Kinda rebellious:)

I love how your sort of leading them to have a bit of banter between them, I can't wait till they have to spend more time together;)

I'm liking your narcissa as well. She's pushy but well meaning.. Would like to see her and Molly having tea after the wedding discussing grandchildren with a very ackward couple wanting to be anywhere else but there:p

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Author's Response:

Holy crap!  Thank you for what has to be the largest of my reviews ever!

I hate it when Ginny and Draco all of a sudden are all lovey-dovey, so I'm trying to make them become friends first.  I'm glad that that's coming through.  No more letters in the near future though, they'll be seeing each other in person far, far too much.  ;)

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Author's Response: Thank you!
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Author's Response: Aww, thank you!  Your review made me grin too so it's a good thing all round.  :D
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Author's Response: Soon, soon, never fear.  Thanks!
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Author's Response: The next chapter is with my beta so hopefully it'll be up soon.  Thanks!
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Author's Response: Thanks!  You'll see what happens when they meet in the next chapter.
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Author's Response: Oh, you'll see her reaction soon enough!  Thanks!
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