Name: Desertisle reviewed A Night (Not) To Remember on Mar 25, 2017 10:33 am
Love this! Thanks for writing this one shot. Hope to read a new DG fic you soon.
Name: GingerBaby28 reviewed Fallen on Jan 28, 2015 05:38 am
Oui, please!!!
Name: msm_2011simonebb reviewed Fallen on Jul 21, 2013 06:42 am
love the endearing piece of work!! can feel the emotion roll out in waves.. beautifully written.. I might shred a tear or two.. bravo!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it. :)
Name: Silvryn reviewed Fallen on Jul 13, 2013 12:29 pm
a prequel would be divine!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I've played around with getting a prequel together, and hopefully it'll eventually get in good enough shape for posting.
Name: Silvryn reviewed Disaster on Jul 13, 2013 12:27 pm
This would be a nice one to see continued for sure :)

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know! Seems like this one definitely had the popular vote for a continuation. It's not a formal sequel, but if you haven't read my "Why I, Draco Malfoy, Have Clearly Fallen off the Deep End" you might consider checking it out. I had this Ginny and Draco in mind when I wrote it. :)
Name: idreamofdraco reviewed Fallen on Jul 07, 2013 10:39 pm
Super sweet! This actually got me wanting to write something about Draco because I wonder how he became so sweet. ;_; I mean, I can see him being capable of it, once he stops thinking about what everyone else thinks about him. The third to last paragraph was really beautiful and struck a chord with me. I would love to see how they arrived at this point in a prequel!

Author's Response: Haha, yeah - he definitely is sweet here, possibly too much so, but at the same time like you said, with the back story I had in mind, I could see how he and Ginny got to this point. I have two chapters of a prequel to this written that will hopefully someday see the light of day. Thanks for the review!
Name: msm_2011simonebb reviewed Impasse on Jan 04, 2013 06:58 am
Love the prompt, to pieces.. Great job! The emotions (its flow thru the one-shot, like river with a strong current harsh wind, and flow down stream that end or continuous at the waterfall...)

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely and poetic review. :)
Name: msm_2011simonebb reviewed Breaking Shadows on Jan 04, 2013 06:41 am
Looking forward to seeing your future one-shot fiction!

Author's Response: Thank you, and I hope *crosses fingers* that it won't disappoint.
Name: msm_2011simonebb reviewed Disaster on Nov 15, 2012 06:36 pm
this is a wonderful one shot.. this would be a great story, if it was multiple chapter fic..

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know and happy to hear you enjoyed it. I am a bit surprise that Disaster caught so much interest for a continuation because I believe the premise has been done before so I would have to think of a way to not make it so stale if I do write something more in that storyline. I did just finished a loose, follow-up to it though, which should be posted soon as a separate one-shot.
Name: msm_2011simonebb reviewed Caught on Nov 15, 2012 06:27 pm
like the story...

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. :)
Name: Kitty Lupin reviewed Disaster on Nov 13, 2012 04:00 pm
I LOVE disaster, but honestly if you continue any of them I will more than gladly lap it up like a starved kitten! Great writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope my future works won't disappoint. Disaster now has a loose follow up to be posted soon with a glimpse of what the future might be like for the DG from that story. Not a strict sequel though, but you might still like it.
Name: Anise reviewed Disaster on Oct 23, 2012 11:09 pm
Sorry it took me so long to review, but here it is! Better late than never. :)

The last drabble was really enjoyable, and part of the appeal is that we see Ginny at her absolute worst-- but Draco is drawn to her anyway. Each one of the drabbles is great in its own way, of course. But I have to agree with the Sort of) majority opinion in that Caught has the most potential. The ending is more open than any of the others; we're left very curious about the range of possibilities for what's coming next. And yes, of course the forced marriage thing has been done, but EVERYTHING'S been done at some point. There is nothing new under the sun! What really matters is the personal slant that you bring to the writing. So that's my vote!

Author's Response: Oh no need to be sorry! Thank you so much for your reviews. I always appreciate hearing from you. I've always wanted to try my hand at writing a forced marriage scenario, so Caught definitely appeals to me for a continuation. Thanks for the input!
Name: ginnywitch reviewed Disaster on Oct 20, 2012 05:44 pm
I would love to see more of this story line in chapter 5.

Author's Response: Thanks for commenting and letting me know! I'm happy you liked it enough to want to see a continuation.
Name: Erica T reviewed Disaster on Oct 19, 2012 06:23 am
This last one is my favourite. It's got the potential for expansion before and after.

Author's Response: This was my beta's favorite as well. Thanks for letting me know!
Name: Marinka reviewed Disaster on Oct 19, 2012 03:50 am
I like all of them but Caught would be my preferred option for chaptered story.

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know!
Name: wiccawitch reviewed Caught on Oct 12, 2012 05:35 pm
This is a great set-up! If you feel like it you should keep going! I'm a bit disappointed not to know how this will play out! I want to know if Ginny will be wiser than he thinks and realize the situation he is in or if she will be the high tempered angry girl Draco imagines here. Would love to read more!

Author's Response: This one is definitely up there in terms of story ideas I'm considering continuing at a later time, but I have so many, it's hard to say when or if I will. Thanks for letting me know your interest though! Readers' input does help tilt the scale when I'm considering new projects. :)
Name: Anise reviewed Caught on Oct 02, 2012 09:52 pm
Yes. I really think that it does. And if this were continued (which would be great... but I know that you can't continue everything), then Draco would have some very difficult times ahead of him, let's just say. He's right about that! ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! This one is definitely up there on my list of ones to continue as I've always wanted to try to write a DG force marriage scenario, but we'll have to see.
Name: Marinka reviewed Caught on Oct 02, 2012 02:54 pm
it does come across as believable set-up, i would love thisone as chaptered story as well:) The usual scenarion is Draco loves Ginny, and she is resisting. This could be both of them are resisting the fate:)

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I've always wanted to try my hand at writing a forced DG marriage story, but there are a lot of those stories written already, so I would have to find some angle that hasn't really been done before so as not to bore myself or the reader.
Name: penfold reviewed A Night (Not) To Remember on Oct 02, 2012 07:14 am
Heehee! So great, and so totally Draco and Ginny. Love this, thanks!

Author's Response: And thank you for the review! I'm very happy you enjoyed it.
Name: Anise reviewed A Night (Not) To Remember on Sep 21, 2012 06:15 pm
I really liked this one! Clearly, this was a marital argument that had been going on for *quite* some time. ;) Really sweet that they finally both decided it didn't matter.... and Ethan has quite a future as a marriage counselor, if he really wants to go that route. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Anise! Glad you liked it.
Name: silver rose reviewed Breaking Shadows on Sep 14, 2012 02:53 am
wow. i havent read a short fanfic as satisfying as this in a while. great job! i look forward to more stories (hopefully longer ;) ) from you.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and commenting! My stories tend to get away with me, but this one did manage to wrap itself up succinctly. I hope you'll find my future works enjoyable too.
Name: Anise reviewed Breaking Shadows on Sep 12, 2012 07:14 pm
Oh! I LOVED this one. You got the emotions across so clearly and exquisitely, and most fics with this type of theme just don't manage it. We can understand *why* Ginny ended things, and we can see why she was willing to start them up with Draco again. Nothing feels forced.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! So happy to hear it didn't come across as forced. This was one of those stories that just flowed as I wrote it, so I'm glad it worked out.
Name: Marinka reviewed Impasse on Sep 11, 2012 01:57 pm
I really, really want Draco to choose her, or for something (like Ginny finding out that she is pregnant) to happen so he is swayed her way. Or Lucius released but can't use magic.. some compromise. And i know Ginny doesn't want to compromise but somebody from outside may make them see that it is possible? I love it otherwise, and i think this one would be great as a chaptered story:)

Author's Response: Lots of possibilities for how this could play out. I could see the pregnancy one being one hell of a complication. Thanks for the story ideas! You might have just sent a plot bunny running. Thanks for reading and reviewing!
Name: penfold reviewed Impasse on Sep 11, 2012 07:24 am
Aaahh, what will he choose? I'm almost dreading what's to come!

Author's Response: There's multiple ways for this to play out, but for now I'm leaving it as an open-ended one-shot. Thanks for commenting!
Name: Lady Mischief reviewed Breaking Shadows on Jul 20, 2012 03:37 pm
I am definitely interested in seeing prequel or sequel or both. I loved the part where Draco swooped over the red and gold mob... It would be interesting to have this told from another member of Slytherin House.

Author's Response: That would make a fun companion piece, and you also gave me an idea for a D/G fic told from multiple viewpoints...hmm plot bunnies are running rampant. Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment!
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