Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Chapter 1 on Oct 02, 2012 07:11 pm
It's really nice of you to compile this guide. I'm sure a lot of fan fic writers would find it helpful. One thing that's annoying is that Rowling seems to have a very rabid sector of fans who are keen on proclaiming everything is a copy of HP. I facepalm whenever I see one of these reviewers commenting on another book series as they seem to think Rowling is the originator of just about every literary trope in existence. I think Rowling was great at incorporating common tropes and folklore material into her work and putting some new spins on them with some inventions of her own, but you got to give credit where credit is due. *sigh* ANYWAY, good luck with your Death Train novel! I can't wait for you to prove that woman and her clueless entourage wrong.

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Yep, JKR didn't exactly invent every single element she used, let's just say... and there's nothing wrong with that. BUT, it's what occurred. Death Train really has nothing in it-- NOTHING AT ALL-- that anybody could possibly see as having come from canon HP material. The plot, the setting, the events-- all different. But here's the interesting thing about it: the relationship between the two characters provides the driving force, and it is basically the fandom D/G relationship. It's the relationship that we believe they should and could have had in the books. The main characters (Stetson and Gwen) could be a fandom Draco and Ginny. Once I really understood that, DT began to take off (into disturbing realms.) But that is not the specific expression of any idea, which is the part that's copyrighted. When DT is done, I'll post some excerpts, and I'll see what everybody thinks! :)
Name: Incognito reviewed Chapter 1 on Sep 25, 2012 12:32 pm
Good for you. I already said this on the forum, but it's good to see someone showing some initiative here, and making "best-selling authors" swallow their tripe. Can't wait to (re)read the Portland article. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks!! (Does the Happy Indie Authors' Dance.) I have a lot of plans coming up to provide a space for fanfic writers. More soon...
Name: gidge_8 reviewed Chapter 1 on Sep 24, 2012 09:18 pm
Excellent! Thanks so much for this helpful insight! I *am* taking one of my D/G stories, setting it in an original universe with original character names, and submitting it for publication, so this was very, very helpful.

Author's Response: Thanks! I think you might want to join the fanfic authors' discussion board, coming very soon to a WP site near you... ;)
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