Name: pitzi reviewed Chapter 4 on Oct 03, 2018 02:54 am
Thank you for the new chapter!
It was actually kinda funny to read how Ginny struggles between being proper and rational and her desire to actually do some naughty things with Draco. One moent she's indignant and the other she wants him to demand that of her for helping her brother. But we definitely see more of her impulsive side here - she rushes to Malfoy Manor without knowing if her brother is actually there or if Malfoy will agree to help and she doesn't have an alternative plan. I was sad though that she doesn't think someone could be interested in her because of her personality. Draco seems subdued. I imagine Ginny's arrival just added to his other problems...

Author's Response: Thanks! :) I see this Ginny as being really torn... she can't quite admit what she actually wants. And poor Draco... well, you'll see. ;) More soon!
Name: coneveronica reviewed Chapter 1 on Sep 13, 2018 10:20 pm
Love this! Can't wait to see more!

Author's Response: I'll post the next chapter very soon. :)
Name: pitzi reviewed Chapter 3 on Aug 12, 2018 11:46 am
Thank you for the new chapter.
It's interesting how Ginny was so quickly ready to trust Draco 4 years ago. She believes that he will protect her where he can.
The mystery is thickening. I wonder if Ron and Draco are really at the same place somewhere at the Manor...

Author's Response: Thanks-- I actually didn't see this until now!! I'll post the next chapter soon. The last weeks have been NUTS.
Name: pitzi reviewed Chapter 2 on Jul 11, 2018 10:54 am
Thank you for a quick update!
I think what I sence the most so far is a gloomy atmosphere and the alternations between what happened 4 years before and the present time show that as far as Ginny is concerned not much has changed apparently. She used to stifle or push to the back of her mind her true feelings/thoughts which was maybe understandable when in the middle of war and she appears to continue doing so now. While things are being revealed at a slow pace it looks like the after war world is not really what was hoped for. And speaking in flower terms (I really liked the theme), it looks like Ginny is sort of withering away. I really must compliment you for making the reader feel the atmosphere.
Also here it becomes clear that what drew Ginny to Draco in her 6 year was (at least partly) the fact that he was putting himself in danger to be with her what Harry wasn't ready to do. But of course only a tip of the iceberg was revealed so far.
I'm waiting for a quick update!!!
What happened to Ron? Why do they have to wait for that Grayson guy and what do they want from Ginny?! I'm in suspence...

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! :) I just love your insights... a lot of them are things that I guarantee I didn't see when I was originally writing this. And there will be more soon...
Name: Asuka reviewed Chapter 1 on Jun 29, 2018 05:17 pm
Hi Anise, I'm glad you are still writing your stories. Since you a re so talented, I was wondering if you have ever thought of writing a novel? There are many of your fanfics that can be turned into original works. Anyway, I'm looking forward to see where you are going with this one!

Author's Response: Thanks SO much!! Um... the issue of writing longer works is a loooooooooooong story. ;) More about that later, maybe. And I'll post a new chapter soon. :)
Name: kieraraelyn reviewed Chapter 1 on Jun 27, 2018 07:18 pm
Ack! I thought you had posted your whole fic. Bollocks. Now I'll have to wait for the rest.

I love the flower language thing. Is that your own creation, or did you use sources for that? Could you share those with me, if you did? I mean, I know that there is a flower language, but I was wondering if you played with it any. I find the whole thing fascinating.

As with all good stories, you've dropped us off in the middle. We don't know what happened in the past, what's going on now, or where it's all headed. All of which adds up to a guaranteed reader for the next chapter so that I might find those things out.

Author's Response: No, no, one chappie at a time. ;) I did use a lot of different sources for the flower language. I'll find them and send the links to you. I didn't invent any meanings, BUT I am very very familiar with all of these flowers and pictured the garden the entire time. :) Our family business is landscaping and gardening. Much more to come!
Name: pitzi reviewed Chapter 1 on Jun 27, 2018 12:26 pm
Wow. I'm so looking forward for every new chapter from now on! I liked the idea of Ginny working with flowers and I'm really curious as to everything that happened in those past four years and how Ginny ended up where she is. And of course I'm looking forward to her seeing Draco again... You writing keeps improving and improving and it was amazing to begin with. I'm soglad you are writing here again!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! Yep... I'm not even sure when the last thing was posted here, but it's been awhile. Updates will happen, I promise! :)
Name: pitzi reviewed Chapter 1 on Jun 27, 2018 12:11 pm
You are back!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!
I'll read soon and leave a normal review.
But I had to tell you how extatic I am!!

Author's Response: YAY!!! So glad to see you again! :)
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