A Ferrety Response by archirat
Summary: I'm in a pet store, a MUGGLE pet store, and they still find me.
Well, it figures with the way my life has been turning out recently. With my luck I'll end up being Harry fucking Potter's pet ferret. Bugger. --Draco Malfoy
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Wherein the Heroine receives a gift from her adoring brother... by archirat
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"Hermione! Come over here!"

"What is it, Ron? I thought the cat over there would do nicely."

"Check this little guy out."

"Oh, Ron. He's perfect!"

"Hey, Mione. Do you know what it reminds me of?"

Draco looked back at the two pairs of eyes that surveyed him. The blue eyes looked vastly amused and the pair of brown eyes looked shocked and scandalized. He knew who these people were.

I'm in a pet store, a MUGGLE pet store, and they still find me. Well, it figures with the way my life has been turning out recently. With my luck I'll end up being Harry fucking Potter's pet ferret. Bugger.

The little white ferret uncurled himself from the ball he was in and padded over to the two customers. Despite being horrified at the thought of being Potter's pet, Draco was eager to go back to the wizarding world. If it took being in the company of his dearly despised enemies, so be it. After three weeks of ferret food, inane chatter of muggle customers and the fights with other ferrets, Draco was willing to sacrifice anything to get away, even his pride.

"Oh look, Ron, he's coming up to us and putting his paws on the glass. He's so adorable."

"Yeah, I think he'll do just the trick."

"I agree. Come on, let's go to the counter and pay for him."

Draco submitted to the indignities of travel fairly well. He was out of the pet store. Even when Granger made a comment about how foul he smelled, he was elated. True, he would be in constant company of Precious Potter, but that was a small price to pay to be back where he belonged. He curled up in the corner of the box, nibbling slightly on the apple that Granger had put in with him. Wise choice, Granger, Draco thought, for once grateful that the mudblood know-it-all had looked up some basic facts about ferrets and found they could eat something else besides the store"s bulk food. The plain red apple was better than the dry, crunchy, and thoroughly disgusting kibble any given day.

If I don't have to eat kibble, am not subjected to experiments, and I am treated well, I think I could stand being Potter's pet. At least I can bite him. That has to count for something. Draco gave a little whuff of air. He didn't have to like it. The box shifted again and he tumbled to the opposite corner. He could hear a cacophony of voices in the background and he felt his stomach drop. He was in the Weasley household. He was IN THE WEASLEY HOUSEHOLD. Draco began to hyperventilate. He didn"t even try to evade the large freckled hand that reached down and scooped him up. He was too suddenly confronted with a pair of inquisitive pale brown eyes which were framed by dark lashes. Definitely not Potter, and definitely not a boy, he thought, and scrambled to get back into the safety of his little dark box with the apple slice. I can't do this. I want to go back. I want to go back to before I agreed to this ridiculous scheme with Snape. I want to go back to before I even entered Sixth year. I want to go back to before I accepted the Dark Mark.

"Poor thing, it's terrified! Ron, put him down," a low voice said authoritatively. It was a calm voice and feminine; Draco relaxed a little. He still shivered, but he wasn't fighting to get back into the box. Small hands came toward him and stopped a polite distance from touching him. He looked up and saw the pale eyes looking down at him kindly with delight. A full pink mouth was quirked to the side and Draco realized that he was not going to be the pet of the green-eyed git.

Ginevra reached out and stroked the small furry head of her new pet ferret.

"I think I'll call him Draco."


I thought you all might be intrigued by how I perceived Draco as a ferret. He isn"t pure white in my imagination, though he is very close to being an albino. These links will send you to a picture that closely resembles how Draco appears in my fiction.

This one looks like a sneaky Draco"

A Furry Draco eating"
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