The wizard dating scene is utterly boring. Tired of the same old stuff, Ginny Weasley turns to the Internet, specifically online dating services. Whom does she find?
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Chapters: 10 | Word count: 38476 | Read count: 5798 | Published: Aug 23, 2005 | Updated: Nov 24, 2006
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1. In Which Ginny Takes A Test (Reviews - 16) 2651 words

2. In Which Ginny Gets Her Test Results (Reviews - 6) 1194 words

3. In Which Someone Else Takes The Test (Reviews - 17) 3440 words

4. In Which Someone Gets His Results (Reviews - 12) 2085 words

5. In Which Ginny Creates A Profile (Reviews - 14) 4391 words

6. In Which Someone Creates His Profile (Reviews - 21) 2529 words

7. In Which Ginny Gets Exasperated (Reviews - 16) 5796 words

8. In Which the Two Have a Meaningful Conversation (Reviews - 9) 6576 words

Chapter 8: In Which the Two Have a Meaningful Conversation. 

And Draco quantifies his sexual tendencies.

(Please see the end of the chapter for Author's Notes.) For the test, Draco's answers in bold, with his thoughts in italics.

9. In Which The Two Meet At A Party (Reviews - 24) 4445 words

10. In Which the Two Enjoy Some Food for Thought (Reviews - 29) 5369 words

I'm trying various formatting, and, at the end of the story, I'll probably edit everything so that it's uniform. Which format do you think looks the best? For this chapter, messages and comments are in italics, Ginny's IMs are in bold italics, and other people's IMs are in bold.