Author's Note#1: Inspired by my first weasley100/malfoy100 drabble. I've been Grad School-ing, and I've also been snagged by a Malfoy/Diggory mix of a man, so time's been rather fleeting. However... I do have over half of the next chapter of "Online D8" written, so enjoy this for now!


Singing in the Rain
by twiddlekinks


"Doo doo doo doo doo do...doo doo doo doo doo doooodoo..."

Draco Malfoy could not believe his ears. Fervent caterwauling was clashing with the determined drops soaking his best robe. Muttering about his infernal duties as a prefect and glaring around, he spotted a flash of red. Ah. A Weasley. That explained it.

"I’m siiiiiiiiinging in the rain..."

Draco Malfoy could not believe his eyes. It was the Weaselette, drenched and twirling, arms open wide to welcome the water. Her eyes were dancing and shining and happy, and for a second -- a mere second, mind you -- he envied her smile.

Draco Malfoy could not believe his mind. He’d definitely lost it somewhere. Rousing himself out of an arbitrary stupor, which was primarily due to sogginess and rain and not remotely related to redheads -- of course -- he realized that he had yet to take points from the blatantly -- happy? charming? carefree? -- disrespectful display on Hogwarts grounds.



Ginny Weasley barely heard her last name as it was -- reluctantly? -- drawled out. But, being the curious sort, she turned her head anyway, just in case. Her chuckling chocolate eyes met silent silver ones, and for a second, her sunshine glow dimmed. A fleeting look passed over the boy’s face, only to be replaced with a wary distrust.

In spite of herself, Ginny smiled. "Hello, Malfoy," she said. "Care to join me?"

A look of stricken surprise jolted across his features. "What?"

She pushed her heavy wet hair out of once-again-twinkling eyes. "I'm certainly having fun. And you look like you could use a little rain dance. C'mon, try it."

"I most certainly will not."

She laughed. "What’s the matter? Scared?"

He looked appalled. "Scared? Scared? Malfoys are never scared." He sniffed. "It’s simply beneath my station to be out here, traipsing about in the rain with a family who’s got hardly anything to speak of, and divides that among an unbelievably large number of redheads."

She looked at him ruefully. "Leave my family alone, Malfoy." With that, she brushed past him quietly, trudging towards the castle, climbed the steps, and put her hand on the door. Nonplussed, Malfoy stared after her. Suddenly, she suddenly looked up at the sky, dashed back down the steps, spreading her arms wide again, mouth open and smiling. "I’m siiiiiiinging in the rain!" With a fervent song and a joyful yelp, she gave a final vibrant twirl. Then she walked back to the door, wrung out her hair, and smoothed her skirt. She looked back at Malfoy once, gave him a calm nod, and walked into Hogwarts.

Draco Malfoy could not believe himself. There he was, standing outside of Hogwarts, drenched in the gloom of precipitation, having chastised a -- lively? beautiful? profoundly disorienting? -- an unruly weasel-girl. All he could remember was her song. And all he could feel was a warm glow. Sunshine, singing in the rain.


Author's Note#2: I actually came up w/ an alternate (and somewhat silly) ending, as well -- to be continued in a longer fic. I'll post that if people are interested. If you want a preview, see this entry in LJ: :)
To Be Continued.
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