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Real name: Samantha M.
Registered: Jun 20, 2004
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Updated January 22, 2008: Hi, I'm Samantha, also known as SunshineFanFics, SunshineSamantha, and Sugarbear_1269.

Thank you to the readers and the Library team for seeing fit to put four of my stories on the Classics list. Especially Hold Me, Heal Me, as it has sat unfinished for 18 months or so.

Receiving this honor has made me rethink my HP defection. It wasn't so much defection as it was a lack of interest. When I started getting some reviews out of the blue, I went and re-read the stories and reviews that many kind people had left.

It reminded me that while I haven't been in the HP arena for about two years now, a few people still follow me. And I owe it to them to finish what I have started.

Bear with me as I get back into the swing of things. I am going to try my best to finish my in-progress stories and bring closure to those readers who very politely asked for it.

Thanks again, and thanks for reading.

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