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Real name: Manu
Registered: Aug 18, 2006
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Beta/ beta-reader/ Avid reviewer, always have a coment about everythign i read, not alwayas nice, but try to be constructive!
I love D/G and romance so i like the fics where in the end everything turns out ok for them. Without one or both dying.

Favorite Authors
1. Boogum
Sweet Kim!
SHe has the most amuzing plot bunnies attacking even in her sleep!
2. CCC
3. dragonsangel68
4. Eustacia Vye
5. Fearthainn
lots of smut
6. Findabhiar Aery
Story Notes:
This is as per a challenge issued by JulieMalfoyZabini, and AirmidM, who are both very talented writers… with a fondness for smut, apparently. Hahahahahha. Enjoy. (The challenge was simple… Draco, Ginny, Healer’s robes, closet…)
7. Flighty Temptress
Bethany is really great and totally worth reading, i've read everything she worte several times!
8. hellogoodbye
9. Incognito
Lia is definately one of my favorite authors, not only does she put up with all my crazy stuff, she also gives me room enough for more!
i absolutely love her!
10. Jade Okelani
11. jessica k malfoy
12. madalene3666
13. MemoriesFade
my bestest author!!!
14. Myanceris
15. Mynuet
16. nela
Manuela, Paris
17. Rainpuddle
18. ReverseBeauty
19. sugarbear_1269
20. twiddlekinks
Great author, should finish the rest of her fics, she's really fascinating!