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Here to satisfy the impeccable affinity for white-blond-silver meets red-chocolate-freckles. :) If you'd like to see my fics, art, recommendations for fics and authors, or general HP-related links and etc, please check out the Memories section of my livejournal. I'm currently working on a few stories. The more feedback a fic gets, the more swiftly the inspiration flows, and the faster I'll put up a new chapter. I also love alluding to cool people, especially enthusiastic reviewers. (For a mortifyingly apt example of this tendency, check out the fifth chapter of "Ginny Weasley and the Online Date.") Nerdiness is uber-cool. :oD

Hey, Baby -- how can I know so many digits of pi and not the digits of your phone number?

Favorite Authors
1. Adelagia
2. Alexandria Malfoy
3. Anise
Definitely some weird stuff, but also some fascinating stuff. And great sex.
4. CliodnaHPFan
5. Dee
6. distempered
7. Echo
8. Embellished
9. Emeral_eyes
10. Eustacia Vye
Lots of smut, some angst, make up smut
11. gidge_8
clever, in a practical sort of way
12. Hearts Cadence
13. HumbugGirl
Really good w/ smut.
14. Jade and Sarea Okelani
15. Jade Okelani
16. KateinVA
17. Lirie Halliwell
18. Maleficent
19. megh
For once more into the breach?
20. Mourning Broken Angel
21. Myanceris
22. Mynuet
23. Peki
24. Pipperstorms
Really great descriptions of love, especially bleak angsty love.
25. Rainpuddle
haha I agree!