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A newbie to the world of D/G...but I've made up for all the time that's been lost ;)
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Fire Fall by musedepandora    (Reviews - 19)

Ginny Weasley has fallen before but now, there’s even more at risk. A game of Quidditch takes an unlikely twist. For once, Draco Malfoy will better Potter though both make the catch. *Finished*
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Chapters: 1 | Word count: 7196 | Read count: 1878 | Published: Jul 12, 2005 | Updated: Jul 12, 2005
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Reviewer: Kammy Signed
Date: Jul 15, 2005 Title: Chapter 1: Fire Fall

“Ginny Weasley has fallen from her broom,” Jordan found his tongue, “and the opposing team’s seeker, the Slytherin captain, the leader of her team’s greatest foe, enemy in a blood feud spanning back innumerable generations, Draco Malfoy saved her from a mortal fall. Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you, perhaps –just maybe -, mistaken; a Slytherin may have a heart. Hell hath frozen over. The apocalypse is upon us.” ---------------------------------------------- That's it, I am now officially in love with Lee :) Great story, one which was so in character. It wasn't one of those Draco catches Ginny because as he see's her fall, he realises that he's in love with her *rolls eyes*. Instead, you made it something that could really happen in the books. Great job, and I hope there's a sequel.