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Real name: Emily Frampton
Registered: May 31, 2006
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I love Harry Potter fanfiction, although I'm not a great fan of the books. And a huge D/G shipper (well who isn't on this site?!)
I also draw Harry Potter on occassion, but mainly fantasy, fairies, illistrations from my own books I write and my fanfictions.

Dungeons and Draco by Alyra Black    (Reviews - 18)

A series of one-shots of the students of Hogwarts playing Muggle role-play games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Is Does Gryffindor valour translate into Lawful Good or Chaotic Neutral? Does Slytherin cunning prevail in the realm of thrown dice? And just how on earth did Draco get involved?
Category: Completed Short Stories
Stories: 2
Characters: Blaise Zabini (boy), Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Other Characters
Compliant with: HBP and below, OotP and below
Era: Hogwarts-era
Genres: Crossover, Humor, Romance
Warnings: None
Open: Closed

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