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Real name: Julia
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kewljules is known as Julia by her friends, and 'that henious wench' by her enemies. Among other things, she enjoys Elton John, being silly, being a feminist, long walks on the beach*, random useless facts, Han Solo, coffee ice cream, films, reading, Pink Is The New Blog, snarky boys, sarcasm, and the New England Patriots.

Julia is a die-hard R/Hr shipper, and also enjoys H/G in canon. She thinks it's nice, although a bit plain and boring; kind of like vanilla ice cream. D/G, however, is her second favorite ship, a close second only to R/Hr. Julia finds D/G to be exciting and sexy and interesting and snarky and wonderful, like chocolate peppermint ice cream.(H/L is another favorite fannon ship. It reminds Julia of black raspberry ice cream.)Julia harbors a secret crush on Draco Malfoy. (And you'd better not tell him.)

Julia's muse is named Audrey, and she is very tempermental. She is known to often run off on holiday with rich playboys at a moments notice, leaving Julia high and dry.

If you want to know any more about Julia, she suggests you click on the link to her livejournal above.

*Julia was just kidding about the walks on the beach. In fact, Julia finds the large amounts of sand found at most beaches to be annoying.

**Also, Julia relaizes she may have a slight problem with relating ships to ice cream flavors. She has decided not to seek professional help as of yet.

The Island by kewljules    (Reviews - 11)

The war cost many people many things, not the least of which, in a certain Slytherin's eyes, was the loss of his family stronghold, Spungen House, on the mysterious Malfoy Island. When a strange, brown haired girl with orange high tops buys the island and moves into Spungen House, he really, REALLY isn't happy.
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Chapters: 1 | Word count: 1118 | Read count: 251 | Published: Jun 17, 2006 | Updated: Jun 17, 2006
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