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Hello all. I'm into writing, reading and breathing D/G, among other things. I'm a college student.

My fic history:
Been writing for about 5 years, and got turned on to D/G through this site. Though other fics of mine are posted at, I figured I needed to join up here as well, simply because it's the best out there.

"The Apple of My Eye" Has won the "Best Fic that Nobody Seems to be Reading but Everyone Should" Award here at D/G! Thank you so much for everyone that supports this story!

Anything you're curious about? Contact me.

If you read anything of mine, I'd really appreciate feedback. Thanks!

The Apple of My Eye by ThisBurningHeart    (Reviews - 184)

I'm just going to be honest. He's good looking, alright? That thought doesn't scare me. But sharing a moment with him? Now that was scary...

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Chapters: 12 | Word count: 37699 | Read count: 10687 | Published: Nov 13, 2006 | Updated: Mar 07, 2007
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