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Real name: Chloe
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I am an 18 year old girl who lives her life in southern california...

Let me just start out saying that I love Harry Potter. Which is obvious given the site and everything, however I just thought I should be honest with you.
And if we're being honest, I also have to say that I can no longer read any story that is not Draco/Ginny, because I'm so used to them together now it's just weird. It also breaks my heart a little bit.
I love writing. I always have. I haven't written any stories for this site as of yet, all my stories are on fanfiction. And you will never find me on there because the penname is not the same. Muahahaha.
But to further this whole honesty thing, I HONESTLY have about two pages full of titles and summarys of stories. I have thought of soo many. BUT I am TOO busy READING all the stories I have missed out on by not being on this site EARLIER! haha.

Here's hoping you hear from me soon... ;)

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