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I've always been a loyal Draco/Ginny shipper and had been reading fanfiction for years before leaving for college and stopping post DH.

Now I'm back in the world of fanfic and D/G goodness. It's fun tracking the stories I used to love and discovering new ones and am I ever grateful this site exists!

One other ship I think is interesting is Blaise/Luna. I remember liking Blaise in some stories. I'm a sucker for bad boys.

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Draco was studying some new business proposals when the bell rang. He looked at the clock on his desk. 1am. Now who would come calling at one in the morning?Throwing down his reading glasses, he got up and walked across the living room.

There could only be one person…

With a quickening of his heart, he opened the door. There she stood in a trench, the hood pulled over her head. It covered everything but the glitter of her amber eyes.

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