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Just a D/G fan practically since I discovered what fanfiction was. The first ff I read was D/G on a site that no longer exists and it was called "Everything about impossible loves" (In Spanish: Todo sobre los amores imposibles) by Deniko. I was thirteen at that time and it literally blew my mind. I mean, it featured a perfect Romeo/Juliet kind of relationship between my two most favourite characters ever (besides Tom Riddle and Ron, of course). Since that day I am a total D/G obsessed (hey, not in a "creepy" way XD), and when I discovered the FIA I felt in paradise! Oh, last summer I almost devoured each one of the amazing stories in here!
So, a little about me: I'm from Argentina, (female)26 years old, voice actress and musician (or at least I try to ), avid reader and (sometimes) writer. I hope I can finish some fics I've been writing... But English is so difficult! (I still love it, though)
I don't use much social media but feel free to follow me on Twitter if you like.
Oh, and the nickname is because I just love physics and nerdy stuff (like nuclear physics)... and bunnies. And rodents. And all animals in the world. Yeap.

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