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Hi, there!

Name: Stefani K. (as previously stated)

Gender: *says sarcastically* Let me sleep on it and get back to you tomorrow, 'k? Haven't quite figured it out yet.

Ships I sail:
SS. Lily/James (Very crowded ship, you know!)
SS. Ron/Hermione
SS. Draco/Ginny
SS. Tom/Ginny
SS. Tom/McGonagall

Ships I'd like to sink:
Well, JKR's beat me to pulling down the anchors on Harry/Hermione and Draco/Hermione, so what's left for me? *looks around gleefully and devilishly*

Sirius/Arabella (She-is-an-old-lady-not-Lily's-best-friend! Get it through your HEADS, people!)
Albus/McGonagall (She's, what, eighty years younger than he is? Gross!!!!)
All Slash, Femmeslash, adult/child, teacher/student, incest, and twincest fics

My fics:

My first Draco/Ginny is being worked on as we speak, and will be up v. soon! Hope you all R&R it! ^___^

Disclaimer: I am NEVER going to write a disclaimer on this site, save for this one - I shudder at the very thought of typing them out now. Just so you'd like to know, I live in America, far away from Britain and it's resident genius, JK Rowling, the wonderful, gifted, fantastic author of Harry Potter. I don't own any song lyrics, characters, places, etc. unless I say so, and, unfortunately, Draco and Ginny and all relatives, friends, and associates, are not mine. Otherwise, they'd have gotten together in the fourth or fifth book. *sighs* All dreams can't come true, I guess.
Sites I strongly, STRONGLY recommend: (You name it, it has a category) (the ultimate Harry Potter fanfiction website. Here, you'll meet fantastic people and, after a while, it'll feel like an online home. I also recommend visiting it's forums, we have some very helpful mods. Also, if you do stop by, check out the work of "Mistress Of James" - that's me - and "LunaJ" - my favorite author, reviewer, and one of the best L/J authors I've seen yet. Better, they're even...ORIGINAL. *gasp* *shocked silence*)


Bending The Bars by Ginevra M W Malfoy    (Reviews - 4)

The typical Draco/Ginny story, with a hint of originality...
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