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Well I'm nothin other than your simple 15 year old girl who loves Harry Potter, I am a HUGE Draco/Ginny shipper but if I wasn't why would I be on this wonderful site. Well I'll try to start writing I have many stories but I haven't got them typed up yet. I am currently in the process of getting my website to actually look decent. If you would like to IM me on AIM, MSN,Yahoo then do so my. AIM: Sarah29457 MSN: Lisa_5350@msn.com Yahoo: Missypie_55@yahoo.com

Never Leave Me by Missypie55    (Reviews - 15)

Harry doesn't want to let Ginny go, even though he knows she doesn't love him. He also knows she's been cheating on him, but he doesn't know with who...yet. Yes, little Ginny Weasley has been sneaking away to be with the infamous Slytherin Sex God himself.
Category: Works in Progress
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Genres: Romance, Drama, Smut
Warnings: Non-consensual sex
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Chapters: 1 | Word count: 1309 | Read count: 1105 | Published: Jan 30, 2005 | Updated: Jan 30, 2005
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