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my name is becca. i am sixteen years old and i love to read and write draco/ginny stories. if anyone wants to get to know me, my email address is spoiledlilkristianbrat13@yahoo.com

Truth, Lies, and Betrayal by DrAcO_N_GiNnY_4_LiFe    (Reviews - 33)

"Stay away from her Malfoy! She's mine!" "Potter, is that so? It didn't seem like it to me a few minutes ago when she crawled away in fright!" Draco has secrets. Ginny has secrets. What will happen when the two cross paths and learn the history of eachothers pasts?
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Genres: Romance, Horror, Angst, Smut
Warnings: Blood, Sexual Violence, Graphic Violence, Character Death, Non-consensual sex
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Chapters: 2 | Word count: 1911 | Read count: 1712 | Published: Jun 04, 2005 | Updated: Aug 02, 2005
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