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The 2024 D/G Fic Fest BEGINS!!

Hey all, I don't know if ANYBODY is still reading this and isn't on discord, but just in case.... the 2024 D/G Fic Fest is ON!!!

**WHEN:** The fest dates are as follows:
The prompt form is here and open until May 16th, so please submit some prompts. Because of spam, I'm not going to post that link here, but just comment on this post and I'll send you the link!

The dates are:
Submit prompts May 1st?May 16th
Prompt claiming and writing May 17th?July 17th
Submissions due July 23rd
Posting and reading start July 29th
Voting starts August 4th and goes through August 11th, maybe later
Awards/Reveals: TBD, likely mid to end of August

This year, we?re also doing fan art! Please join us, whether as an author, prompt submitter, reviewer, or general supporter. YOU have made this fandom what it is, and together, we can make it even better. 😊

**WHERE:** The #draco-ginny-fic-fest channel on the Draco x Ginny discord will serve as the hub for fest rules and announcements. Stories will be posted on AO3.
So if by chance anybody actually is reading this, just msg me for a discord invite. :)

Posted by Anise on May 06, 2024 04:57 pm (2 Comments)

FIA is having some issues, but join our Discord server!

Hey all, unfortunately, we?re having some issues with new passwords being sent out. We?re working on the problem and hope to have it solved soon! We also have a very active Discord server. Please let me know if you?re interested in joining, and I?ll send you a link. 😊

Posted by Anise on Mar 19, 2024 11:39 am (1 Comments)

The 2023 Summer D/G Fic Fest Fics are UP!

Hey all, the 2023 D/G Fic Fest is now complete! :) We will have until October 13th to read and review. Then voting begins. The winners of Best Fic Overall and Most Prolific Reviewer will both get Amazon gift certificates. So read, review, and think about your votes! The fics are:

A Bad Break

We All Have Our Secrets

The Malfoy Mask

True North

Practically Married

State of Grace

What Lies Ahead

And just for fun….

The Official Test of the 2023 DG Exchange

The 2023 D/G Fic Fest Test Continues

Posted by Anise on Sep 24, 2023 03:26 pm (1 Comments)
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