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Never Leave Me by Burgosdamasco
No More Lies by Burgosdamasco
Chapter 9

“Out! Everyone Out!” Harry rose to his feet knocking over the glass of wine that he had been drinking.

A young ministry official that looked to be barely out of his teens, tentatively approached him. His voice wavered as he spoke, “Mr. Potter we were given clear orders to keep you within our sight at all times.”

Harry’s face was a glowering mask of rage as he spat, “I don’t care who gave you that order, get the hell out of here and leave me alone with my, my,wife!”

Ginny suddenly felt weak and vulnerable in the face of Harry’s anger. Ginny watched helplessly as Harry paced the room her eyes meeting Dean Thomas’ before he and the other Aurors exited out the door.

“Is it Thomas or Finnegan??? Maybe you’re Mrs. Longbottom now. What other surprises are you hiding from me Ginny?!”

Harry ran his fingers through his hair, his green eyes watering as he slumped back onto the sofa. “Do you have any idea what it was like to spend 6 years in a cell no larger than a cardboard box?! The sun -” Ginny saw his tears start to fall, tears that had been accumulating for those long years spent apart, “the sun Ginny,I didn’t see the sun for 6 years. Can you imagine what that feels like? CAN YOU?!”

Ginny closed her eyes. Her heart aching with the pain Harry was sharing. There was absolutely nothing she could say or do to make things right. All she knew now was that her heart was shattering with his. She let him rant and rave, silence on her part was the best option.

“I wanted to die Ginny but I loved you so much… …so much that I held out hope that I would see you again. But it was for nothing! I should have died in that gods forsaken place.” He covered his face with trembling hands and gave vent to the agony of everything he had lost.

Ginny couldn’t bear the sight of him without breaking down herself. His chest heaved in pain but Ginny was not afraid. Harry would never hurt her. She reached out to Harry, placing her hand over his.

Immediately he flung her hand away from his as if it burned. “Get away from me!” he seethed pushing himself off the sofa.

“Harry, I’m sorry.”

“I DON’T CARE TO HEAR YOUR APOLOGIES GINNY!” Ginny jumped, as Harry with his back turned towards her punched his fist into the wall over and over leaving his hand bruised and swollen. “DAMMIT!” he sobbed leaving an indentation as pieces of the wall fell to the floor.

“Stop Harry! Please!” Ginny pleaded as Harry fell to his knees cradling his injured arm. Carefully she walked towards Harry, kneeling next to him. “Let me heal your hand.”

“Who made you forget me?” he whispered, his voice barely audible as he held his arm even tighter against his chest.

“I never forgot about you Harry.” Ginny fingered the ring around her neck. Harry’s ring hung there suspended on a gold chain. Draco’s ring may have been on her finger but she had never rid herself of her first husbands ring which lay even closer to her heart. Tears slowly found their way down her cheeks. “I never forgot you!” she cried.

“She waited for you Harry.” Ron said softly as he closed the door behind him. “My sister couldn’t eat or sleep. Ginny was close to dying herself until Mum admitted her to St. Mungo’s.”

Harry kept his voice steady but there was still an undercurrent of anger, “You knew all this time Ron and you didn’t tell me.” Harry voice was laced with hurt. Not only was he betrayed by his wife but his best friend as well. He avoided looking at his friend, instead turning his reddened eyes up towards the ceiling.

“It wasn’t my place to tell.” Ron remarked.

Harry laughed hoarsely picking up the drawing that had fluttered to the ground. “James said this was your angel Ginny. He said the angel took care of you while I was away.” Harry traced the outline of the stick figure. “How stupid of me not to realize your angel was real.”

“Stop torturing yourself Harry.” Ron remarked walking towards his friend and putting a comforting arm on Harry’s shoulder.

Harry shrugged it off, “You.” he rose to standing face to face with Ron , “You were promoted after I left. Ron Weasley - Head Auror. That should have been me!” Harry poked a hard finger into Ron’s chest, “Without me you would be nothing! Absolutely nothing!”

Turning his attention to Ginny he brought up what they had once promised to bury forever, “Without me you’d be dead in that chamber!”

“This isn’t helping you or Ginny.” Ginny eyes filled with more tears as she meet the gaze of her brother. How long had she tried to put that horrible episode behind her? Numerous taunts she had suffered from her fellow students, Draco Malfoy included. How ironic that it was Draco who would comfort her when her mind couldn’t forget but Harry who would remind her.

Suddenly Ginny felt Harry’s hands drag her to her feet. “Whose bed have you been sleeping in while I’ve been away?!”

“Harry, I know you’re upset but there’s no need -” Ron’s eyes darted from Harry to Ginny then back to Harry.

“Stay out of this Ron!” Harry held out his wand , and for the first time pointed it at his best friend.

Ron held out his hands in mock surrender, “Don’t do something you’ll regret Harry.”

Harry kept his wand pointed at Ron waiting for the answer he didn’t want to hear. Harry pursed his lips, his green eyes welling with more tears, “Answer me! Who have you been having your fun with while I’ve spent the past 6 years being tortured?”

Ginny swallowed, her chest aching for what she and Harry had once shared. “I didn’t mean for it to happen.” Merlin only knew how she tried to push Draco away.

After Harry was believed dead she wanted to die with him as well. Nothing was worth living for. Never again would she share the strong connection with another that she had shared with Harry. You could only have one soulmate, one true love. This is what she had grown up with. It was myth in the muggle world and fact in the wizard world. Harry had been the piece that was missing. One breathes in and one breathes out. That was the saying her mum would say. Take half of your soul away and it would lead to death. But she didn’t die. Ginny defied the odds by falling madly and deeply for Draco Malfoy, the most unlikely man had connected with her on a level that she didn’t believe was possible.

His voice choked as he shook her, “Who?”

Tears gathered in her eyes, “Draco Malfoy.”

With a pop, Harry was gone.

“Hello Narcissa.” Bellatrix smiled at her reflection, her now raven locks charmed a brilliant blonde. “Back from the dead and more beautiful than ever.”

A knock at the door diverted her attention, “Room service, Miss.”

“You may enter.” She said pinching her cheeks which added a bit of color. The young man who couldn’t have been more than eighteen flushed red as Bellatrix walked towards him in nothing but a flimsy red negligee. He looked away quickly, pleasure instantly rising within her to know she still had that effect on men.

“For you and your husband.” The young man croaked spinning himself around and heading for the door. The bellboy struggled with the knob. Frustrated he shouted, "Alohamora." Icy laughter met his ears as he turned to face her.

“I have no husband. He has long since died and left me a very, very lonely widow.” Bellatrix lay sprawled on the bed beckoning the poor boy who had no recourse but to follow. “Come, have breakfast with me. Do a good deed and keep this poor widow company.” While reserving the room she had spotted the boy. What Bellatrix wanted she got. Always. This was no exception.

With great trepidation the trembling young man made his way to the vixen that was bewitching him. He sat at the edge of the bed with his back turned towards her. “I-I really n-need to get back to w-work.”

She could feel him stiffening at the feel of her breath on his neck. “Don’t be scared.” She whispered as she ran her hands through his blonde hair. Hair that reminded her so much of Draco.

The young man soon was upon her, his will power melted. She screamed and in turn made him scream as he entered her, rocking back and forth wildly. He didn’t know her name and didn’t care. What a story he’d have to tell his friends tonight. The only part he’d leave out was the name she kept calling him.

“Draco.” The blonde woman had moaned. “Draco.”

“We go on as scheduled and have the press conference without him.” Ron stated to the Ministry officials, “In the meantime I am sending Aurors Thomas and Finnegan to locate Harry Potter.”

Ginny watched as her brother shouted out directions. No longer was he the trusty sidekick relegated to the sidelines. He had grown in the years since Voldemort’s death. The turning point had been the Battle of Lestrange. Faced with death Ron had pulled through and emerged a very different man.

Ginny asked although already knowing the answer, “He’s going after Draco isn’t he?” Harry was a smart man. He had kept himself alive for six years. Finding Draco would be an easy task for the man who was still considered the world’s greatest Wizard. She’d be damned if Dean and Seamus left without her. There would be no more coddling and protecting. “I’m coming with the both of you.”

Dean started to open his mouth in protest, “Shut it Dean, I’m coming and that’s that.” She said grabbing her broom.

“Oh no. You are not leaving this room Ginny.” Ron blocked the door preventing his sister from exiting. “He’s much too volatile.”

She glared at him, “You can’t hold me here like a common prisoner! I’m your sister for Merlin’s sake!”

He tried to reason with his sister, “It’s for your safety Ginny. His psychological profile isn’t exactly stable.”

Ginny was confident of one thing, Harry wouldn’t harm her. Yell- yes, that was expected. Cause her pain? That was a definite no. “Ronald Weasley, Harry would never hurt me and you know that!”

Ron rubbed his hand over his face in frustration, “There are still a lot of sick people who would like nothing more than to see the great Harry Potter dead. We need to locate him for security reasons. If you were with him and something happened……..” Ron paused, his eyes full of worry, “Ginny please just stay here. We will find him, I promise.”

Fear and anger knotted inside her, “How about Draco?! What about his safety or have you forgotten?”

“No, I haven’t. I’m having one of the junior Aurors owl Mcgonagall and Neville as we speak.”

She wasn’t raised with George and Fred for nothing. “Fine,” she lied, “I’ll stay but promise that you’ll keep me informed.” Ginny even handed her broom to her brother sealing the pact and ensuring his trust. There was no need to look for Harry. Ginny knew exactly where he was headed.

“You’ll be the first person we notify when we hear something, Ok?”

Ginny nodded in false agreement. She would bide her time for the next few minutes and wait. Watching the last of the Aurors and ministry workers file out of the room, she wasn’t the least bit surprised when Ron ordered another Auror to keep watch over her. As if she was in need of a babysitter! The Auror looked young and gullible enough to believe anything.

“I really need to use the bathroom.” Ginny asked in the sweetest voice she could conjure up. It didn’t work. Her face fell as he emphatically shook his head no.

“Why not?” she demanded.

“Auror Weasley -”

Ginny didn’t let him finish his sentence. She might be the youngest Weasley but she was no longer the twelve year old in need of protection.Ginny only hoped that what she was about to do didn’t get the poor kid fired. “Petrificus Totalis.” Immediately the young Auror became stiff as a board, falling onto the soft carpet. “Sorry” She whispered, “But I had no other choice.”

Taking out her wand she flicked it, disapparating in her quest to find the two men that shared her soul.

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