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10 Inevitable Draco/Ginny Clichés by maybeseptemberxx
Chapter 1 by maybeseptemberxx
Author's Notes:
I'd like to thank my betas who are fabulous, quick, perverse, perverted, and witty.
10 Inevitable Draco/Ginny Clichés (which we all love to love)

We are all well aware of the ever true and ever loved Draco/Ginny clichés. No matter how you try to escape them, they’re simply inevitable. No matter how many author may try to run and hide from the clutches of the D/G cliché, no one is safe. Many authors, even those who don’t realise it, fall victim to at least one of the clichés below. Right about now, some of you must be sitting there with a Malfoy-worthy sneer on your face thinking, “Why should I believe anything that she writes?” (I know I would be). Well, dearest readers, I have read a ludicrous amount of D/G fan fiction. In the few short months that I’ve been a member of this site, I have read--and perhaps re-read-- most of the fan fiction that the 10 Most Favourite Authors have written (not to mention others). As well as the fics that I have written…and yes, I fall prey to the clichés as well. So, dear reader, after conferring with fellow D/G shippers and some perceptive reading, I have compiled a list of the most common D/G clichés.

In no particular order:

1. Draco confesses his love in:

a) A fit of rage.

We all know the scenes, and we all secretly indulge in them. These are the scenes that could virtually take place anywhere. Though my personal favourite is the Great Hall. Blah blah blah, Ginny and Draco get into a row, (perhaps over her lack of overall trust or his blatant jealousy of her friendship with Creevey). Everyone in the Hall is listening, of course, because they can hear the shouting from their tables. Ginny says something to the effect of ‘You don’t care about me; I’m just a conquest…’ and that’s when Draco drops the bomb: ‘I love you!’ This, of course, has all of the girls (and maybe some of the boys!) swooning and I’m pretty sure you know the rest.

b) In the middle of intercourse.

This one is the cliché of clichés because I am almost positive it happens in more than half of all the Harry Potter fics. The tale is tried and true, but ever faithful and has every Fan Girl biting her lip and holding back a squeal. Admit it, girls.

c) When Draco realises (usually after some earth-shattering event) that he cannot live without her.

Again, this scene is common; it wouldn’t be a cliché otherwise. Usually this happens before the war begins, and Draco goes to fight bravely for the light. He, usually, takes her up in his arms and tells her he loves her before passionately kissing her goodbye.

2. The phrase, “That girl should have been a Slytherin…”, in some form or another, is used at least once.

No one, and I do mean no one, can deny me on this cliché. This one is usually used after a particularly witty, and/or deceptive stunt or phrase on Ginny’s part. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to go back and look. It’s there. I promise you.

3. Ginny is sick of following The Trio around. (Who wouldn’t be?)

This wave of frustration usually hits after fifth/sixth year (where a vast majority of fics take place). After 6 years of following the ‘Golden Trio’ around, but never actually getting a chance to be part of them, who wouldn’t be fed up? Besides, what else would drive the youngest Weasley into the arms of a Malfoy?

4. Ron tries to kill Draco upon finding out that Malfoy is shagging his little sister.

Again, this is inevitable. It is Ron we are talking about here, people! He’s a short-tempered stick of dynamite who loathes anything Malfoyish. It’s only natural for Ron to blow a fuse over this tidbit of information.

5. Ginny is a virgin.

Does anyone really want to think about the littlest Weasel (who is usually 15 or 16) having sex prior to Draco at that age? No. It’s wrong. Ginny isn’t the Sex Goddess--Draco is (which would be a good premise for a fic if the roles were switched). I will make an exception for this though because several fics are set with Ginny bearing Draco’s children; however, if you go back, or ask the author I’m guessing he/she will reply saying ‘Draco was her first’.

6. Draco is ‘changed’, or is hiding behind a ‘mask’.

Draco, usually after his fifth year and with his dad in Azkaban, seems more sullen, quiet, reserved, and doesn’t pick on Harry as much. Has he lost his evil flair? No, he’s merely no longer affected by his father’s abusive and oppressive hand. Again, I challenge you to find a fic where Draco isn’t mentioned as ‘changed’ or ‘hiding behind his impassive smirk.’

7. Draco suddenly realises Ginny is hot. (Taken from Potter Puffs?)

This, in the books, is highly unlikely, so it’s good that this is our world of fandom because in an alarming amount of Fan Fiction have the ever classic ‘Draco suddenly realises Ginny is hot’ theory. It happens in fifth/sixth year, usually while they are at the lake or some nonsense. Draco will look over at her, take her in, and be like ‘Well, shoot! That Ginny girl is hot. I love red hair’. You know it’s true.

8. Draco does not have the Dark Mark.

This is pivotal, because it’s usually when Ginny gains respect for our dearest Draco. She usually gasps, cries, hugs him, and all that rot. However, sometimes, in Fics set at a later year, Draco does have the dark mark. In situations like these, he has reformed and when he shows it to Ginny she usually gasps, cries, hugs him, and traces it.

9. Draco Malfoy is a Sex God.

Do I really need to explain this?

10. Bill and Charlie are always the first to come around.

No one in the Weasley family takes kindly to Draco--not that anyone can blame them. However, after seeing that Draco would go through the humiliation of Christmas at the Burrow for Ginny, Bill and Charlie try to take him under their wings…You know, after the occasional death threat to keep him in line.

Remember, these are only my opinions and there are exceptions to every rule.

There are definitely more clichés. I may update this list if the public demands it, though I doubt it.

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