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Anything Could Happen by ghostpixie
Prologue and Chapter 1 by ghostpixie
Anything Could Happen


Draco had been watching Ginny. Not in a creepy “I’ve been watching you” sense, but just in a… well, he’d had his eye on her. She’d grown from a tiny, heavily freckled eleven-year-old into an extremely lovely sixteen-year-old, her bright red hair flowing down to her waist and her freckles now not quite so prominent.

In fact, Draco had found himself thinking about Ginny Weasley more than he’d like to admit. He’d be lying in bed, trying to fall asleep at night, and suddenly there her face would be behind his eyelids. Her coy little smile, the curves of her body, her big brown eyes- no way he’d be able to fall asleep after that, and even if he did, her face just so happened to haunt his dreams as well.

Heavens forbid that anyone found out about Draco’s secret. After all, Ginny was a Weasley. Draco Malfoy was not allowed to fancy a Weasley, not even an extremely good-looking one at that. Sure, Ginny Weasley was a pureblood, but her family was… well, poor. Draco couldn’t be seen with the likes of her, now, could he?

But perhaps that was what made her all the more alluring. Knowing that she was supposed to be off-limits, and all.
Draco wasn’t the only one with a crush, however. Ginny, too, harbored a bit of a “thing” for a certain blond-haired, grey-eyed boy. It had started when Ginny saw Draco shopping in Diagon Alley years before- Ginny had been with her mother and brothers, and Draco with his parents. They’d caught each other’s gaze quite on accident, and since that moment, Ginny had been unable to shake the feeling that Draco’s stare had penetrated her very soul. She’d felt a shiver roll down her spine, her breath suddenly caught in her throat as their eyes locked, and couldn’t quite bring herself to look away. Draco had been the one to break the gaze, his eyes widening before he suddenly whirled around and ran off to catch up with his parents, who were walking away.

That moment spawned years’ worth of dreams and daydreams for the both of them. But when Arthur Weasley, Ginny’s father, died just weeks later, the Weasleys relocated to France, and Ginny began attending Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, while Draco remained at Hogwarts, never able to tell Ginny what he truly thought of her.

That is, until the Weasleys returned to Scotland. When they returned, Draco happened to spot Ginny (once again in Diagon Alley), and his crush magnified tenfold at least. She’d grown to be so beautiful, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that he needed to know her.

And so, ever since the Weasleys had returned to Scotland, Draco had been watching Ginny. But yet, he still figured he’d never be able to tell her what he truly thought of her. Little did he know, all that would soon change.

Chapter One

“Ginny? Ginny Weasley? Is it really you?”

The redheaded girl turned towards the voice that had just said her name twice, eyes wide. No- it couldn’t be him. Not here, not now.

But… it was. She turned and found herself face to face with the object of her desire, none other than Draco Malfoy. He looked so different, yet much the same- just older and, well, more handsome.

And she couldn’t control herself. She surged forward and pressed her lips against his as hard as she could, arms flying around his neck as his arms looped around her waist. He kissed her back, of course- what else could he do? There was nothing else he’d want to do but kiss her back.

Draco groaned softly against her lips, both pairs working and sliding against each other in an urgent rhythm. His hand slid up the front of her shirt- one advertising some Muggle music group- and fondled her gently, as her tongue slipped past his lips and caressed his own…

And then… then he woke up.

Draco cursed under his breath at the sudden (and quite harsh) realization that it had been just another of his many dreams about Ginny Weasley. They came quite often- in fact, he’d had at least four such dreams in the past week, and those were the ones he actually remembered. Who knew if he had any more that his subconscious, for whatever reason, wiped away upon his awakening?

He rolled onto his stomach and groaned at the uncomfortable feeling between his legs. Damn dreams and the things they did to him. Damn Ginny and her breathtaking beauty. Draco rolled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom with a heavy sigh.

After taking care of his problem, he walked back into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed, throwing his arm over his eyes dramatically. Something needed to change in his life. He needed for something to happen. He was tired of the life he led- it was summer holiday, and all Draco did day in and day out was mope around the house and pine for Ginny. Ever since the second time running into her in Diagon Alley, he’d had the feeling that he absolutely needed to know her, one way or another.

He sat up and chewed on his lower lip a bit, still thinking. It hadn’t struck him before now that there had to be a reason Ginny was back- because of course she was back. Why else would she and the other Weasleys be shopping in Diagon Alley? They must have moved back to Scotland from France, and that could only mean one thing- that Ginny would be returning to Hogwarts come September first. And oh, how Draco could not wait.

His heart leapt with the excitement of seeing Ginny at school. He usually did not look forward to the beginning of the school year like this, but if returning to Hogwarts meant seeing Ginny regularly, well, he’d take it.


Summer vacation went by in a haze after Draco’s realization that he’d be seeing Ginny at school. Before he knew it, it was September first, and time to board the Hogwarts Express. With his father’s help, he loaded his trunk into the luggage compartment, then hugged his mother goodbye before stepping onto the train himself. It was strange, indeed, to think that this would be his last time ever boarding the Hogwarts Express. His last first day of school. If he’d been a more emotional sort, perhaps he would have felt a twinge of sadness at that thought. But no, all he could think of was searching the train for Ginny Weasley.

He went compartment by compartment, peeking in the windows to see if she was inside. With every passing glance, his heart sank a little more- she was not, it appeared, on the Hogwarts Express. But at the very last compartment, he finally found what he had been searching, hoping, longing for. None other than Miss Ginny Weasley.

He bit his lip and stared at her for a long moment. She had her face buried in an issue of the Daily Prophet, and was alone in the compartment. Her long red hair fell about her face, obscuring it partially from his view, and she wore Muggle clothing- a green top that offset her hair and a pair of tight jeans that hugged her curves wonderfully. She was barefoot, he noticed, and he wondered why.

Draco let out a breath he didn’t even know he’d been holding and looked toward the ceiling for a second. He was trying to drum up the courage to go in there and sit with her, say something, anything, just… he needed to talk to her. He needed to.

But he couldn’t. Not here. Not now. He had been waiting for school to start all summer, and now that it was finally here, he found that he had wasted so much time waiting when what he should have been doing was to make a plan for when he finally saw Ginny.

Since there was no way on earth Draco was prepared to speak to Ginny at this moment, he returned to his own compartment and sat down. Crabbe and Goyle were trying to talk to him, but Draco was in his own little world. He thought once again about his reoccurring dream of Ginny kissing him, that dream that always ended before it got any further.

Finally the train arrived at Hogwarts. Night had fallen of course, and Draco had wasted away the ride in thoughts of Ginny. He hadn’t even gotten anything off the food cart, and it suddenly struck him how very hungry he was. His thoughts miraculously turned from those of Ginny to thoughts of the feast that he would soon be enjoying.


After the feast was over, Draco was making his way out of the Great Hall to his dormitory. He kept his eyes on his feet, trying to hurry before Crabbe and Goyle caught up with him. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see his friends, but he was getting tired, and the faster he got to the dormitory the faster he could get to sleep. And, of course, the faster he got to sleep, the faster he’d be able to dream about Ginny.

But as he was making his way through the throngs of people exiting the Great Hall, Draco felt someone bump into him from behind.

He turned to see who it was- and found himself face to face with none other than Ginny Weasley.

“O-oh, I… I’m sorry,” she stammered, her cheeks reddening to match her hair. She was clutching a piece of parchment in her hand, and didn’t seem able to meet Draco’s eyes. She looked scared out of her mind, for some reason Draco couldn’t quite pinpoint.

“No, no, it’s quite alright,” Draco murmured, voice quiet. His heart was beating a million miles a minute, feeling like it was up in his throat and about to choke him.

“I… I should be getting upstairs,” she muttered, glancing up at Draco and then back down at the ground. “Classes in the morning and all.”

“Yeah, okay,” Draco said, chewing the inside of his cheek nervously.

“Okay. Well. Um. Nice seeing you,” Ginny said, before dashing away towards the Gryffindor tower.

When she had gone, Draco stood there for a moment, trying to catch his breath and calm down. He’d been so close, but still so far. He’d actually talked to her, though- less than ten words, but still. It was more than he could say he’d done before then, and he’d take what he could get as far as Ginny was concerned.

But as he started to head to the dormitory once again, his eye caught a glimpse of something on the ground- apparently that same piece of parchment Ginny had been grasping in her hand. Draco looked around to see if anyone was looking, before bending over and picking it up swiftly.

He unfolded the paper and scanned it with his eyes- and couldn’t believe what he was reading.

Dear Draco,
Please make your way, somehow, to the astronomy tower at half past midnight tonight. I’ll be there.

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