Name: strawberrie24497 reviewed Third on Jul 30, 2005 05:12 pm
I loved it. I've read each installment faithfully, and although I must say that they are a bit farfetched that you support your theories 100%. The only problem that I had with this one is that you sort of made my darling Sevvie out to be a bad guy. Which he isn't.
Name: mycenae (on lj) reviewed Third on Jul 27, 2005 04:04 pm
When I first started this essay I thought, "Isn't it counterintuitive to argue a possible D/G future by saying that Draco dosed Harry to be in love with Ginny?" But then of course it all made sense in the end. ^.^ I agree that there was A LOT about love potions in HBP, but I'm not entirely convinced it was all meant to set up the reveal that Harry had been given one. For one thing it seems odd that it would not come to light at the essential end of that plot- the end of Harry and Ginny's relationship. I have to say that when I read through HBP, I accepted Ron's accidental ingesting of the potion to be the culmination of all JKR's mentions. I guess my main counterargument would be that I don't see any logical reason for JKR to continue hiding a Draco-doses-Harry subplot beyond the end of this book. Certainly with Draco gone from Hogwarts there would be no way for that plot to continue (from a logistical DE standpoint). Aside from affecting the future of H/G or D/G, I'm not sure what significance a love potion plot could have for the main plotline in Book 7 and thus what the justification for continuing to conceal it would be. In your essay you concede that the H/G in HBP could be meant to only metaphorically seem like the effects of a love potion, and I think that's more likely as well as a fairly astute analysis. Their relationship certainly seems unrelated to the powerful, evil-defeating love that Dumbledore claims Harry possesses. Now I'm going to completely leave behind my point and add a few comments regarding the train compartment scene. I noticed you ascribed Draco's reticence to discuss Ginny to Pansy's presence, however, I think JKR makes it pretty clear that Draco realizes Harry is there from the start. ("...for one horrible moment [Harry] thought he saw Malfoy's eyes follow his trainer as it whipped up out of sight." 149) And then he makes sure he's the last one out of the compartment and goes right to petrifying Harry. Thus it seems likely that if he is guarding his words from anyone, it's from Harry. Certainly his expressing interest in Ginny would stick in Harry's mind, which could be... inconvenient if he did have love potion plots afoot. This is not to say that he would not also want to hide such plans from Pansy as well, just that Harry would be more important. Even if Draco doesn’t immediately know it’s Harry who’s spying, the fact that he’s aware of someone there makes what he does and doesn’t say all the more interesting, just in general. Why does he drop hints about his doing a job for Voldemort? Harry’s descriptions convey that he feels Draco is performing for the Slytherins (“forced out a…laugh”, “yawned ostentatiously”, “clearly relishing the effect he had”), but is it possible that Draco is also performing for Harry? What purpose does raising suspicions about himself serve? What I find interesting about this scene is that it’s not all just childish bragging on Draco’s part. The last thing he says about (possibly) working for Voldemort is, “‘Maybe the job he wants me to do isn’t something that you need to be qualified for.’” Considering that his task does require a fair amount of ingenuity and skill, this statement seems a bit odd. Of course this requires a more detailed analysis of what he means by “qualified”, but I do find it interesting that he not only mentions the existence of his task but also expresses doubt about it when he realizes an outsider is listening. It seems to suggest that even at the beginning of the year, he’s not 100% committed to the ideal of evil. Anyway, that wandered waaaaaay off-track. I do enjoy your essays very much! (And as you can see they inspire me to take off on my own analytical tangents.) I look forward to the next one!
Name: Anonymous reviewed Third on Jul 23, 2005 05:57 pm
"It’s very hard to avoid the conclusion that if Draco really couldn’t have cared less about Ginny, he would have answered Pansy’s questions carelessly, which is what Blaise did. The extreme care that Draco took points, in itself, so something more going on. We aren’t ever told in HBP exactly what this is, of course, but the most important thing about this scene is that Draco seems to be hiding a great deal when it comes to what he thinks about Ginny." -I don't really think that the scenario in the train compartment is significant, except when it comes to possibly foreshadowing the H/G for HBP. It is just a scene that shows Pansy’s possessiveness in my opinion. I truly think that Draco at this moment doesn't really care about Ginny at all... except possibly for her looks. Just because he's not commenting on her doesn't mean he's hiding something. He just may have different methods of action than Blaise, plus he may not even want to justify her statements by adding his own commentary. I do support D/G... but I really think that this scene is not good evidence for D/G in the future. I hope you will understand my differing opinion.
Name: krista reviewed Third on Jul 23, 2005 11:13 am
it's funny how everything had to boil down to draco malfoy, i guess it is because you are a d/g shipper so everything had to point back to him...i think jkr has very specific ideas and reasons as to why the h/g ship came about in hbp, it's official now that it's cannon, didn't jkr once say that the problem with the people rooting for a d/g ship is that because they like tom felton the actor and not really draco malfoy...draco malfoy is an evil, smarmy bastard, if he wasn't then she'd have ensured to leave us clues to a future d/g ship. but since she didn't be content that at least in the eyes of harry, draco malfoy is still somewhat redeemable.
Name: Sarah reviewed Third on Jul 22, 2005 10:00 pm
As a "militant" D/G shipper, this essay did comfort me a lot, especially since I believe that the H/G relationship did come on extremely fast. I mean, what did you think of that whole thing about Ginny suddenly telling him that she had always had feelings for Harry? It seemed to me a little too convienent. Maybe trying to cover something else? Your revelations about the Draco-train ride does make good sense now that I think back on it. I remember being a little confused myself on why D. didn't rant on Ginny like he does to all the rest of the Weasley family. He is incredibly secretive even though he has his weak moments (the crying scene w/ Myrtle), so it's a good bet he could hide her just like you said. Anyway, can't wait to hear what else you've got next. Anything might seem a bit farfetched but remember that even though you didn't get the HBP, you nailed the "pureblood? maybe not..." aspect of it. ^_^
Name: music_of_the_night reviewed Third on Jul 22, 2005 07:35 pm
Ehh... Like Tracey said, a bit farfetched, but I did enjoy you're theory about the train and Draco's reaction. I was thinking that myself, so it's good to know that I'm not the only one thinking that (my friend won't talk to me about D/G cuz' she's a die hard H/Hr fan and so she hates Harry Potter and JKR right now). But as for the love potion, I don't know if that's exactly what happened. But then again, JKR left the ending of HBP soooo wide open, that I guess anything could happen.
Name: Tracey reviewed Third on Jul 22, 2005 03:15 pm
Wow! VERY interesting theory. Tad farfetched I must admit, but awesome nonetheless. I (like LOTS of other HP fans) also felt that the whole H/G deal was WAAAAYYY too sudden. I dunno if Draco was behind it, but the whole explanation of Draco keeping silent during the Ginny discussion on the train was like a whole new revelation to me! You're definitely right, if he felt nothing towards Ginny he would've had the perfect chance to bash her, like Blaise did, and also to appease Pansy, but he didn't! We don't get to hear anything about his expressions either, so I guess he must've purposefully tried to show no emotion of something...definitely something that I, as a D/G shipper, find comforting!!! :) Thanks for the great essay!
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