Name: KennyOyola reviewed The Fugitive on Jul 05, 2022 10:59 am
Writing a narrative essay is sort of like writing a tale, with some exceptions. First, narrative essays are written round a topic to bypass a previously supposed lesson. Apart from another additives of an essay, the core features are what units a narrative essay aside. These core capabilities include individual, theme, and speak. A narrative essay’s character(s) feature simply as characters in any everyday story. The characters are the actors who act out the actions and feature the dialogues
supplied inside the essay. Whether the essay is an autobiography, a biography, or a work of imagination, characters are important to a narrative essay.

Author's Response: sorry I don't understand how this relates to my story...
Name: bestpostc reviewed The Fugitive on Jun 22, 2022 07:44 pm
I’ve been searching for some decent stuff on the subject and haven't had any luck up until this point, You just got a new biggest fan!..

Author's Response: thank you! I hope you will continuing to like the story <3
Name: Cindywen888 reviewed The Fugitive on Jun 05, 2022 06:58 pm
good, very good!

Author's Response: thank you! I hope you will like the rest of the story too <3
Name: Anise reviewed The Fugitive on Jun 04, 2022 03:16 pm
Thanks so much for posting this here! :) I will r and r after this week-- things are BEYOND insane right now, but I'll start having more time soon.

Author's Response: thank you, Anise! Looking forward to your review. I posted chapter 3 today, hope it'll be approved soon <3
Name: vixenfairy27 reviewed The Fugitive on Feb 16, 2006 10:06 am
I was wondering when I would see this fic in here. Glad you moved from fanfiction to here. Can't wait for the next chapter.

I had forgotten the name of your story but the plot line stuck with me after reading it in the other site and just today I was thinking about it and then I saw the name on this site and it tickled my fancy so I started to read and voila your here.
See you next chapter.

Author's Response: 20 years later nearly, but sometimes, they're back. And here I am--back. probably you don't red HP fanfics anymore, but I wanted to let you know that I've started publishing this story again, a revised version with improved English skills. If you're still interested, I would welcome some feedback! <3
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