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Poor Draco, it was so obvious that he wasn't talking about Luna back there....
Name: DaisiesButterMellow reviewed *** fourth wish *** on May 05, 2010 01:45 pm
"Sorry to disappoint you – and I never thought I’d ever be forced to say this – but I’m not a god.”

*gasps at horror. Malfoy is not a got blessed with the good looks of a million sacrificed virgins?*

These chapters are quite cute, and have great one liners. They are entertaining me and leaving a smile on my face.

I love, how apart from the first wishes she never asks anything for herself. Very noble and Gryffindor'ish.

I am also enjoying the way you 'paint' and develop her character, her excited innocence and at times naiveness contrasts with Draco's sarcastic retorts and subtle tones of madness.

& this is even better because you put LunaxBlaise on the sidelines. ;)
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Name: sweetpop reviewed *** fourth wish *** on Oct 20, 2008 11:02 pm
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Horoscopes are brilliant sometimes.
The one on is bril too, because it comes up with the funniest things.

Anywho, I love the story so far. You have D/G, of course AS well as Blaise and Luna! Yay!
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One comment: I think you mean "She owns the paper" as opposed to "owes". So many cute scenes!!! hahaha And it's especially whimsical to imagine Blaise collecting butterbeer corks. Great idea! :)
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I fell in love with this story immediately. Your Malfoy is perfect and so are all your other characters. I can't wait to read more!

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hi, i absolutely love your story!!! amazing plot, funny and witty banter! pls update soon
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Speaking of Ginny and Draco, yay! They're finally having dinner! I love that Draco made her stay, hehehe he likes her!

Good chapter!
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One slight thing in this chapter...a red in the fridge? Maybe Draco was referring to one of those wine cabinetsyou keep in your kitchen. Because reds aren't chilled, unless it's some Wizard wine maybe?

I think that Draco might have a slight issue with Ginny's virginity being needed for his ambitions and his desire for her. Which sounds like it will be an interesting scenario to read about as the story progresses.

Thanks again for another great chapter.

Author's Response: All right, you're the second person to mention wine and now I just feel bad about it. *goes to edit*
Name: Mistress of Potions reviewed *** fourth wish *** on Jun 27, 2008 06:24 am
I realize this is a bit picky, but red wine in the refrigerator? Eew.

Author's Response: My Uncle is a wine freak and he always drinks his wine cold. I wouldn't know since I prefer other alcohol, but I always assumed everyone drink it cold. I should've researched, I guess =\
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