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Author's Response: It won't be too long before he wakes up and starts to fancy Ginny. :P Thanks for your review!
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Author's Response: Yeah, I thought it would be pretty cool to have their first date in Vienna. :D Thanks for your thoughts on the beginning and thanks for your review!
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Author's Response: *blushes profusely* Thank you so much for your lovely review!! :D I'm grinning from ear to ear right now. As to an update, I still have my fic for the exchange to finish, and I have 3 - 5 WIPs that I am juggling, so hopefully, chapter 7 will be coming along shortly. Thanks again for your review!! :D
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“Well, then,” I began, rather surprised at the influx of tension amongst these supposed best friends. “Would anyone else like to continue?”

Daphne shifted uncomfortably in her seat. It was clear that she wanted to leave and go see if Tracey was okay. And probably whinge and complain about myself and Pansy while they were at it; with Theo sitting there, staying perfectly silent, just looking moody and pensive and serious, like he always does.'

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Author's Response: Thank you so much! Oh, for that part I was saying that Theo would be sitting with Tracey and Daphne as they complained about Ginny and friends. Sorry about the confusion! And thanks again!
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