Name: xiaozhengzheng reviewed Chapter 1 on Nov 05, 2018 06:26 am
2018-11-5 xiaozhengzheng
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Name: Iliana_r reviewed Chapter 1 on Apr 08, 2010 09:15 am
WAY TO GO GINNY!!!! It was fun, REAL fun. And he deserves it for not getting his facts straight :P
Name: hogwartsismydrug reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 11, 2010 10:35 pm
I think I like.......both.


LOTH: i like this one because it has strong writing, and a strong plot, and a dash of mystery

DMN: like this one cuz it's fluffy and sweet :D


Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, this was kind of my once-in-a-long-while fluffy shot. I normally don't do fluffy, nor do I do dark. I think my medium is more of The Boss's Secretary, where it's not too sweet, but not too depressing either. Anyways, thanks so much for reading and reviewing and for your kinds words!
Name: emenem10 reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 09, 2010 12:41 pm
You wrote "but it was two late." Wrong "too"
After LOVING your "Lady of the House" This was a wonderful contrast. I enjoyed both very much!! Once again, I believe your characters are very well written. As I read different works, it's easy for me to get a . . . tenor on each person's characterization of the characters. With Draco, I can see the two sides, the double sided mask. With Ginny I can feel her intelligence and open emotions. I could rant and rave about how wonderful you are but I'm terrified of saying something and taking away from what I hope to be a feel-good review. I cannot wait to read more from you because from what I've read I cannot imagine how next you'll approach this. Best of Luck to you! Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: Ah! Thank you so much! Haha, both for reading and reviewing and for telling me about the spelling error! I'll try to fix that, so I don't commit one of the worst SPaG mistakes. :) And thank you so, so much for your amazingly kind words! I am so glad that you loved Lady of the House. That one will always have a special place in my heart because it's the first fanfiction I've ever written. However, I did want to explore the fluffiness inside of me. I'm so glad that you thought the characters were well-written. One of my greatest fears and paranoia as a write is that my characters will come off as OOC. *shudders* I've read too many fics where Draco is a total softie. I'm so happy that the characterization came through for you. Thank you so much again for writing such an encouraging review!
Name: Boogum reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 07, 2010 06:34 pm
OH! This was hilarious! I LOVED IT! I cracked up laughing several times, especially when Draco nuzzled into Madam Pomfrey's breasts. How horrid for him.

I hope you plan to keep writing. You have a wonderful style, and I shall definitely check out your other fic when I have time. ^_^

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you so much! It was such an honor to read your review. I love getting reviews from some of my favorite authors, because I feel like they can give me an constructive criticism and feedback based on their own personal experiences of reading and writing! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I did make Draco suffer an awful lot, didn't I? As for my style, haha, I actually tried to channel some of "you"-ness while I was writing this. I kept on thinking back to how funny your one-shots were, like the one with Draco in a strawberry shortcake apron, and the one where he flips up Ginny's skirt with a book, etc. Anyways, I'll stop rambling. I'm so glad you thought it was funny. Thanks again so much for reading and reviewing!
Name: choravenclaw reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 02, 2010 04:47 pm
i wish my life was as exciting as you made it sound!
it has been quite some time since i last went to a party, most parties here are in nightclubs so we can't keep track of who's there[let me explain, we get a special card for the nightclub and it has all our data in it, we use it as a credit card in there to buy drinks and food.].
SO some times[it only happened once to me] we end up making out with someone and have no way of knowing who taht is!
With the quarterback...we got to talk for a few minutes, but mostly we spent 2 hours snogging the other[namely ME] up against a wall and then we went to these couches and i sat stradling him so that we could REALLY kiss, and it was awesome and hot and amazing and it takes my breath away just thinking abuot it...

ok, so back to reality...
I'll give you a few hints about those boys around you through facebook.
Add my other profiel, the girl in yellow.Same name.

You're completely right about Hermione, people mistake her for Emma Watson, who i love, but in honesty i can only mistake the 2 when i'm watching the movies, and that's up until the point she opens her mouth.
in fic world, i just hate Hermione, even when she DOES help D/G romance which is OH! so rare!

Guys cooking are a weak spot of mine...i swear i sometimes just wanna jump thier bones!
Especially because the ones who are not gay are REALLY sophisticated, much like Draco or even Blaise, just like what happens with guys who can dance, especially ballroom dancing and such.

hehe, you'll love to learn on how to be sexy in the kitchen, it's a nice thing to do and you can do it without seeming vulgar.

You'll probably be the one who ends up writing the fic, my dear friend who i love very very much is going through a tough phase and the other 2 i wouldn't consider because i know they can't so i quickly thought of you as the second, but i'm pretty sure you'll be the one writting, if you want to of course.

I know!
The cameras make me a bit nervous!
But mostly i forget about them when i'm cooking, so i'll probably not even see them if i'm doing...other things!

i've accepted you and now i'm going there for us to talk a little more!


Author's Response: Ahhh, Brazil sounds lovely. And your profile pic of you in the yellow is so pretty. Guys who cook and can dance formally remind me of class and elegance, and I think itreally appeals to me because of all the D/G fanfics of Draco as a ballroom dancer! And the fic idea would be awesome. I wish you luck on shagging the cute chef, with or without cameras. :) I will definitely be talking to you via facebook a lot more now! :)
Name: choravenclaw reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 02, 2010 11:39 am
ok, so add me to your facebook: Emanuelle Meireles Linhares, i have 2 profils, but the one where i'm holding a baby is just for show[i'm a sweet, innocent thing to my family!].

blonde-haired, blue eyed is NOT usual over here so they get a lot of attention, but in the end is just the body that gets to them and the honey colored skin...

Oh yeah!
the quarterback was a dream!
Plus he had those strong hands and arms squeeshing me and i was all hot and melting...
Playing tonsil hockey was a heck of a way to spend a couple of hours, plus he could REALLY dance!

"I hate anything NOT D/G, ESPECIALLY Dramione and H/G."

I HATE those couples!
I love Ron/Pansy, Hermione/Harry is ok, at least they leave the others alone.

Well, of course a strawberry blonde MUST be a girl.
Can you imagine how awful a guy would look with that hair?

Red haired boys mostly remind me of Ron, althogh there are some hot ones with redish hair that are OH! so hot!
I much prefer blondes!
Especially with the hot body, nothing skinny tall for me.

Hehe, unfortunately they have cameras on the kitches!
But i'll definately have a man pushing me up on one and making me crazy, i had a proposition for that once, but he wasn't hot so it was a no go!
I'm sure i'll find one.
WHEN it happens i'll definately write about it!
Or at least tell every single detail and have one of my great author friends writting it, i'm thinking about one of them right now, but if she's busy or not in the mood i can only think of one other person to be the perfect one to write would you like to be the second one in this list?

You shoud definatelly learn how to cook!
You'll see how hot it can be!
If i ever make it there i'll give you a few lessons on how to be sexy in the kitchen and drive a guy crazy by it.

Draco could be teaching me how to pop someone's eye out with a fork and i'd still want him as a teacher, can you imagine tanglig up in martial arts?

You're not the only D/G crazy, i'm here as living proof of it!


Author's Response: Argh, I'm jealous. It sounds like you have such an amazing life. Being a chef during the day in the hot kitchens, and snogging cute football players at night, and having them squeeze you...*sighs* The guys I'm around aren't cute at all. And the ones that are cute are major manwhores who will probably sleep with any girl with two legs. And it's so funny that you got propositioned by a non-cute guy once. Haha, no wonder you turned him down. Hm, I do love guys though. All my friends call me boy-crazy, and Draco/Ginny obsessed. It definitely sounds like the two of us have a lot in common. ;) And as for H/G and Dramione, argh, I could go on and on about how wrong that it. In fact, I have many an epic debate on the wrongness of Dramione. I am firmly convinced that its popularity draws from the fact that Dramione shippers find EMMA WATSON pretty, and they confuse that with Hermione, who is supposed to have big, bushy hair and be quite bossy and practical to the point of being a bit of a prude sometimes. And cooking is so hot, ESPECIALLY guys that can cook. It's pretty rare in my household, so I'm hoping to meet someone who can cook yummy food. If you ever come to the states, we will definitely have fun learning how to be sexy in the kitchen. As for fics about pushing Ginny or Draco up on the table, I would love to be second. And that's unfortunate about the cameras, but it could always be kinda kinky to know that it's there, and still do it in the kitchen, depending on the kind of things that you like. Personally, I don't think I'd have the guts, but if I were to write a D/G kitchen smut fic, I'd probably throw it in there for them. ;) And I'm going to go add you on facebook! I'll probably look very different than how you imagine me. (I'm Taiwanese American, by the way). Anyways, I'm off to add you. Can't wait to see you and the baby!
Name: Dracogirl reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 09:40 pm
I loved it!!! It was just too cute and funny. I love how quickly Blaise was able to get Draco riled up without even knowing it. The scene with Madam Pomfrey's bosom was so funny I will be chuckling about that for days.

I think your Crabbe was just fine. He wasn't nice in this, just inept, which I think can usually describe Crabbe. He tried to do what Draco said, but hell even he knew he couldn't do it right-"I told you not to ask me to jinx you". I could just see him running to the hospital wing to help Draco and then completely forgetting about it as soon as he heard 'pumpkin pastries'

I hope Draco isn't going to be to bad in your future fics. I don't think he was really bad in 'Lady'; he was good to
Ginny and my interpretation was that he certainly wasn't as bad as he was pretending to be when around Blaise and

Author's Response: Thank you so much! The scene with Madame Pomfrey's bosom was definitely meant for comedic relief rather than for furthering the plot, and I'm glad you found it funny. (Because sometimes, I think it might be funny, but I never know without reader's feedback). And I'm really glad that Crabbe wasn't OOC, because I tried to draw inspiration from the HP books, but he doesn't really have a whole lot of dialogue in there for me to work off of. And the pumpkin pastries part was definitely a tribute to the fact that he's always eating and stuffing his face. :) Hmm, as for Draco, he isn't going to be evil, maybe just underhanded cunning. He was definitely not bad in Lady, but Lady's Draco is the one I'm used to writing, so that's my "bad" Draco, I guess. I made Draco kind of wimpy and lighter in this one. I think for my future Dracos, he'll be colder and meaner, but he'll be more open to Ginny. Anways, thank you again so much for reading and reviewing and for giving me tons of lovely words and feedback!
Name: lilactree reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 08:30 pm
Teens will be teens. What can you do? (:P)

Great writing, cute plot, good characterization of teen version Ginny/Draco and great chemistry. Your are most definitely ready for the long story. (I really can't wait!!)

Concerning Crabbe..
He has one finite trait for his teen character: crudeness. Literally 'anything goes' for his portrayal as long as oafishness is apparent (which it most definitely was). So no worries, there was no OOC.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Haha, yes, the teenage drama will always be there, ever fueled by hormones. I'm glad that you like the teen versions of Draco and Ginny. Concerning Crabbe, I'm glad people didn't find him too OOC, since I didn't really know what to do with him, since he just mainly grunts and looks menacing in the HP books. And as for my long fic (thank you for mentioning it, because I'm excited to get started on it), I think I have one more extremely one-shot that I'm submitting tonight onto FIA, so that I try my hand at writing smut before writing the extremely naughty scenes in my long fic. Then, after that last one-shot, I think it'll just be that long fic, the chaptered prequel to Lady of the House, and random one-shot plot bunnies along the way. Anyways, thank you so much for reading and reviewing and for all your amazingly encouraging words!
Name: cherrycolacola reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 07:16 pm
I loved your fic on ff(.)net and this was just so cute. And the ending was pretty hot.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you thought this was cute. This was definitely one of my fluffiest fics that I'd ever written. (I didn't write the ending, but you can just imagine what would happen) And I'm glad you liked my fic on Which one was it? Because I have this one and Lady of the House posted over there, and then I have the Infamous series, which is completely unrelated to D/G. Anyways, thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and for all great feedback!
Name: choravenclaw reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 05:13 pm
Brazilian throught and throught!
ANd i gotta say when i was a kid i used to hate certain things, like not getting to grow up on suburbs and have blond hair and blue eyes...but now i think more like: HEY i'm different! If i ever make it to the states i'm gonna be the latina girl and i've got a body to show around, great legs and butt and a nice curvy waist that i'm really proud of![genetics helped, but i had to work for it as well! HARD!]

Do try the hug thing, it's wonderfull!
Some guys really like it so the try to hug us back and get a feel, but really we get all the fun, plus it gives them some room for intimacy like keep holding on to us and putting their arms around or sholders and such...i can't even tell you how many take you breath away moments i had with really hot guys because of it.
including a really hot quarterback i met here during a party in this great night club![great kisser!]

i split my time becaue i'm still in vacation period[ends next week ;/], so whenever FaI has nothing new i read, i'm a fast reader and the cabal hardly works on weekends so i get quite some time to read.

i used to be a goody goody reader, looking for silly books and fluff but then i found out about fic wold and the first i ever read was D/G and i completely fell in love with it!
Then i read Serpent's bride[the first thing i ever read in english, back in 2000, and i would check almost every word in the dictionary].
After that i was just crazy about D/G and eventually smut, talk about early bloomer, huh?

You've got the whole D/G theory exaclty right!
And the first child should always be a boy!
I'm not a fan of Weasley hair for boys, so keep them blond. On girls it looks GORGEOUS though!

The kitchen fic should be like CCC A chocolate covered Draco, from there to hotter!
I'm studying to be a chef so i know how hot a kitcen is, there's this really young teacher that i just wanna push against the table and have my wicked way with him!
Anyway...i like it when they are cooking, especially her and he just starts grabbing and kissing her from behind. Or when she's teaching him how to cook and they end up tasting from the same spoon and all of a sudden it got too hot and eyes met and they just NEED to snog and more...

D/G smut in the infirmary, her arms tied up to the bed by his belt and her legs up in stirrups with locking and silencing spells in the room is a classic, i've seen it only twice though, definately need more.
i have a weak spot for dentist's chairs, but i guess it's my friend's and my cousin's fault they are REALLY hot and studyng to be dentists... i just get hot when i sit in one of those chairs!
Martial arts = REALLY HOT!
What with the throwing bodies and entwined limbs?
plus there's the grab from behind that really gets me crazy!
Get Draco to be the student and then another companion one where he's the teacher.
people MAY complain about not making sense, but i'll love it, defend it and review it!

D/G has taken over my mind since 2000 and completely since 2003 so everything is D/G or D/G related to me.
Very readhead reminds of Gin or her kids, some blond guys are just Draco or his boys.
So if you're crazy you're not alone in it!

You're incorrigible, but yes, i'll try to write one!


Author's Response: Haha, I used to wish that I was blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Practically all my best friends are, so I always feel like the odd one in the group. And then I realized that blonde-haired and blue-eyed people were (not all of them) very...normal. I mean, you can go out onto the street and spot about a dozen blonde-haired and blue-eyed people. Sometimes, it even gets hard to differentiate them at my school, lol. And yes, I will definitely try the hug thing as soon as I can and let you know how it works out for me. (That quarterback was a great kisser, yes?) And I actually just got into D/G fanfiction on my birthday last year, and I joined the community shortly after, so I'm still relatively new. I am in that obsessed, will-read-anything-D/G state where I hate anything NOT D/G, ESPECIALLY Dramione and H/G. As for the Malfoy heir, I'd feel weird if he didn't have the trademark blond hair, grey eyes. Red haired boys make me think of Ron, and I can't imagine strawberry-haired firstborn males. And, I get what you mean by the kitchen fic now! So, it's all pushing-onto-tables and spreading the chocolate and whipped cream for you, huh? If you every have your wicked way with that chef, you can convert it into a D/G experience. ;) Personally, I'm jealous of anyone who can cook, since I'm completely lost in the kitchen. And as for D/G infirmary and D/G martial arts, that Draco as the teacher idea is sounding pretty nice...I wouldn't mind having a Draco-look-alike teach ME martial arts. It would definitely increase my motivation to do well. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one out there going crazy for D/G. I used to spend all my time on facebook, but that has now changed. (And do seriously think about writing that kitchen fic! I'm off to find one like that now.) :)
Name: moliosi reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 04:56 pm
*giggle-snort* *shakes head* Poor misdirected Draco... He really should check the facts before doing anything drastic... I really wasn't expecting that they were already an item. This was a very sweet story. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And Draco really does seem to luck out quite a lot in this one, doesn't he? In the beginning, I wanted it to write it as they were just friends, but I ended up going back and changing that to fit the ending I had in mind. Anyways, thank you so much again for reading and reviewing, and for all your nice words!
Name: dancingonstars reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 04:47 pm
hahahaha i was literally laughing out loud for like 5 min straight. that should be a lesson fro draco to always open his eyes when he's about to get close to someone. cute story and very funny!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so, so happy that it made you laugh. I wanted this fic to be humorous, but I never know if other people will find it as funny as I did. And yes, Draco should've checked before stuffing his face into...random things. Anyways, I'm so glad that you enjoyed my first truly fluffy fic. Thanks again for reading and reviewing and for the compliments!
Name: choravenclaw reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 04:35 pm
thank you!
*pushes your handshake away and goes for a quick hug and a peck in the cheek while pulling away*--> What can i say? That's just how we do it in Brazil and i absolutely LOVE it!
By the way, got a little wicked maneuver for you: If you're anything like me and have a weak spot for quidditch players' body[football,soccer, and volleyball will do that for a guy by the way]. This is a great thing to do! They offer the hand you pretend not to see it or use it to pull yourself up against them. really great thing to do! Just say you have a brazilian friend and you got used to do it.

thank you on your coments about my reviews!
I make sure they are very...unique, i just want to make sure the author is apreciated!

i have noticed your reviews in the same fics as mine!
Although i would prefer for you to stick to writing and then reviewing in your time off, you're really good at writing!

No smutty biscuit!?
Ah well...a girl had to try, right?
I'll do my best to pick up a book from my shelf and find a scene with a blowjob by a hospital bed.

i loved the idea about the boss/secretry relationship!
it's he kind of fic i would ask to be dedicated to me, but obviously you must have someone to dedicate it to by now!

Hehe, i'll leave writing to the writers for now. Someday i'll start my own fic, I like big ones like Dragon and Angel, or even beter, Rainpuddle's series. Something that goes from Lucius/Cissa to their grandchildren's marrige and possible greatgrandchildren
I guess i just like the idea of continuous things.

I'm a shameless, prod smut lover!
You gotta see my book shelves on facebook...lots of cheesy sexy romance!
And my kindle?
Talk about HOTTTT!!!!

You have absolutely right theories!
if they are together, married and in love then a boy-Draco clone and a younger Gin-clone, then a mix between them.[i just wrote this on a review this week]
If they are not together[like in Buttercup] then a perfect mix between the two as the first child so they can be recognized anywhere!

They shall always be together, no deaths allowed, especialy one of them dying.
Lucius may die, but i really love a wife-whipped Lucius, and a Cissa who loves Gin.
Molly can ALWAYS die, i really don't care for her.Arthur may die as well, i guess i just love Lucius and Cissa playing parents to Gin and the fact that Draco gives her a whole family.

You're most welcome and thank you for the long response.I really apreciate it!
I'll read and review your next fic, for sure!
I just love the idea!
If you ever write a kitchen hot fic i deifnatelly will want that one deicated to me!
Yes, i move quickly and i just love it.
I'll tell you more abot this when i review The boss's secretary!
And learn about your smut writting!


Author's Response: Oh, that is amazing! *pulls you in for a hug too* I never knew you were Brazilian! I was actually looking through an old, random magazine, and it was featuring Brazilian guys. And they are so effing hot! *sighs* Brazilian people are so beautiful-looking...And I will for sure try out your tip! It will give me an excuse to feel all those nice abs and muscles. I would definitely be one of those girls who would go for the jock/Quidditch guy types. And as for the boss/secretary fic, it might be a little different than what you're thinking, but I think (hope) you'll like it anyway. And I will of course dedicate it to you. I already had the fic idea in mind, but it wasn't until you started talking about naughty fics that I decided to crank it out sooner rather than later, like I'd originally planned. And I am a shameless smut reader. I didn't used to be, until I got into the world of fanfiction, so my books are sadly completely not naughty, since I get all my naughtiness from fanfic, and haven't really touched actual books since I'd discovered D/G. And we are totally on the same page for D/G kids. I like the oldest to be a guy, who looks exactly like Draco. Any other guys should look more like Draco, but can have Gin mixed up in them. Then, I would like a girl who looks like Ginny, or at least has Ginny's hair and grey eyes. And I admit that Narcissa always seems to be portrayed to be extremely likeable in D/G fics. I like it when she's rooting for the D/G relationship, and giving Draco a good knock on the head when he's being stupid and stubborn. And what is this I hear about a kitchen fic, haha? Would it have anything to do with D/G smut on a table, or is it something else completely? I was thinking about D/G smut in a medical room, where they have all sorts of interesting gear like stirrups, and D/G smut in martial arts positions (since I take martial arts and there are some weird maneuvers that could be turned sexual. I'm telling you, D/G has taken over my mind) I've never heard of a kitchen smut fic, though. You should enlighten me, or even better, write a kitchen smut fic and post it on FIA, so I can read it. :)
Name: singin_in_da_shower reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 02:35 pm
Very cute, although a bit too fluffy for my tastes, and I am a D/G sugar junkie. Crabbe's so one-dimensional it's really impossible to be OOC with him. Crabbe was very funny, though!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad Crabbe wasn't too OOC. We never really get much from him except grunting in the HP books, so it was hard trying not to make him seem too intelligent while still furthering the plot. Anyways, I completely agree with you. This will probably be my fluffiest fic. I don't normally write Draco like this, and I prefer some things that are kind of angsty, but have a happy ending. Rest assured, my future one-shots will probably be more like Lady of the House--not too angsty, but not overly fluffy/cheerful. In fact, I'm working on the prequel to Lady of the House, and that should counteract the fluff in this one a bit. Anyways, thank you so much for reading and reviewing and for your kind words!
Name: Akt5us reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 01:28 pm
I really like this! I can't wait to read more of your stories! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm trying to get a prequel for Lady of the House done, so I can tie up all the little vague bits, and I'm also working on an extremely naughty one-shot, and an extremely naughty long fic as well. It's been so fun getting into writing for the D/G fanfic world that random plot ideas are just turning. This story will probably be the fluffiest I will ever write, so the rest of my D/G fics will probably be less sugary. Anyways, thank you so, so much for reading and reviewing and for your amazing, encouraging words!
Name: choravenclaw reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 07:32 am
“It turned out that there was a group of them, and they were all wielding clubs. I’m pretty sure the one that attacked me from behind was carrying a knife, too.”
“Well, I managed to get back on my feet, and fight off a couple of them before I was clubbed in the head. And when I came to, they were already gone, and I was in the Hospital Wing.”

THis is one lying prick if i ever saw one!
He's sooooo gonna get busted if Gin ever finds out the truth!
I can't believe he can just lie through his teeth like that!

“Wait. You got beat up from behind by a faceless attacker?” she asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow doubtingly.
“Which group of people hates you enough to gang up on you?”
“So, did you get a good look at your attackers while you were fighting them off?” Ginny asked, and Draco felt like strangling her by the strands of her red hair. Why did she always feel the need to ask questions? His story might have had some gaping holes, but he was still woozy from his knockout. He was allowed leverage on things like this.

Smart girl!
If she keeps on asking he's gonna end up mixing his lies and she's gonna get to the ottom of this.
Better fake a migraine now and get her to leave you alone Draco!

"Draco, I’m sorry!” Draco heard Crabbe’s blubbery voice from the doorway.
“What are you doing here?” Draco asked in a panic, as the big Slytherin waddled into the room nervously.
“I told you not to ask me to jinx you,” Crabbe ignored him, oblivious to Draco’s rising distress. “And, I asked you if you were sure, remember?”
“No, I don’t,” Draco snapped meanly, not liking the shrewd look in Ginny’s eyes.
“What are you talking about?” Ginny asked Crabbe carefully, even though Draco was pretty sure she’d already pieced everything together.
“I cast a Bruising Jinx on him, so that I could bring him to the Hospital Wing to get checked out, but only because he asked me to! I swear I—“
“Get out!” Draco ordered furiously, knowing that Crabbe had just ruined everything.

*SNORTS! and Cackles*
Oh Man!
Draco is in so much trouble now!
If he didn't get beat up and had a reason to stay in the infirmary before now he sure as hell will have one!
I can't believe Crabbe could be this stupid!!!
Sure i knew he was a, order following fool, but never would i guess he would just go about babbling like this and in front of a GRYFFINDOR no less!
His stupidity did shock me this time.
i can't wait to see how much grief Gin will cause Draco NOW!

“So. A group of faceless attackers wielding clubs did this to you, eh?” Ginny pursed her lips tightly to keep from laughing out loud.
“Yes, well, if it weren’t for the fact that my girlfriend was too busy playing nurse to Potter to even see me, I wouldn’t have had to resort to such drastic measures,” Draco sneered.

How sweet...completely unexpected, i sure didn't see this one coming, but WOW!
It was truly sweet!

“But, Blaise said that there was a pretty redhead down at the Hospital Wing, nursing that scar-headed freak.”
“Are you sure he wasn’t talking about Natalie McDonald?" Ginny asked him, frowning in thought. "She’s Madame Pomfrey’s new aide, and she has red hair, too.”
Draco looked at her silently for a moment before he realized just how much had gone wrong. Now that he thought about it, he realized that he’d never bothered to clarify with Zabini who the pretty redhead had been. “I could’ve saved myself from all this?” he asked in outrage, breaking the silence; he raised a bandaged forearm in example.

Poor Drakie-poo!
He went all got himself all bruised and hurting just to be near her and all because of a wrong information!
Poor guy, now he really deserves to get something from her!
Make up for him Ginny!
You silly girl, how could you possibly trade such a wonderful boyfriend for a smelly, humid dungeon?
Especially when you have a boyfriend who's pratically a master in potions himsefl!
Silly silly girl!

“Hey,” she said kindly, grabbing his chin and turning it towards her. “You may have managed to completely mess up, but you can still try to take advantage of your state, you know, and ask me to help heal you.”
“I thought you just said you were shite at healing spells?” he asked, suspicion clouding his gray eyes.
“I am,” Ginny said, playing with the palm of his left hand. “But I can think of more creative ways to make you feel better. Just tell me where it hurts.”
Saying so, she placed a tiny kiss on the mottled bruise near his collarbone.
His eyes lit up and his frown slowly disappeared as he watched her press her deliciously pink mouth along his arm.
“Everywhere. It hurts everywhere, Gin,” he told her excitedly when she slid a warm hand underneath his shirt and ran it up and down his abdomen softly and soothingly.
“In that case, I think I better fully examine the damage,” she said. She locked the door behind her with her wand and climbed on top of him on all fours, unbuttoning his shirt skillfully.

NOW we're talking!
THAT's how you should react when your boyfriend gets bruises because of you!
Way to go Gin!
Take full advantage of a bound to bed Draco!
I know i would!
Plus his response was very enthusiastic!

Ok, i gotta give it to you J.T., it was very very good.
pitty it's a NOT naughty fic, as i would have loved to see what happens after the door is closed...
Draco was kinda OOC but in a good way and if you check, it wasn't that much, i mean he went through some pain to get his way but in the end he did it, right?
things turned out the way he wanted and even better!
you should definately consider writing a naughtier fic, maybe a smutty biscuit for this one.
i dunno how you feel about writting them, but i've read some of your reviews and i know you like reading them.
It would really be great to see Draco's efforts paying up!

congratulatinos, you did a very good jobs on this one.
Always try to keep on the fluffier, or at least more romantic side.
Avoid drama, unless it leads to something great, and most important of all: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EVER! kill Draco or Gin on your fics, i'll personally tongue-slash them all and chop it's liver, heart and all other organs for it.
got it?

Amazing as it may seem,that was meant to be constructive criticism.


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I will admit, I was REALLY excited when I saw that you'd reviewed. You leave such wonderfully long and detailed reviews. We've reviewed a lot of the same stories, but I never really talk to you directly, so I'm going to do this right. Hello, choravenclaw. My name's Jack Tamara, but you can just call me J.T. I am a fellow reviewer, and D/G lover. How do you do? *extends virtual hand for handshake* Anyways, I had so much fun reading all of your commentary, and finding out which passages you liked. I agree that Draco is OOC in this one (I made him a bit wimpier than normal, didn't I?), but rest assured, I will be writing him my regular way from now on, just like I did in Lady of the House. And yes, his pain did pay off in the end. :) I don't think I'll write a naughty smut biscuit for this one, just because it'd be too hard handling D/G smut while Draco's all bruised. (You can imagine Gin giving him a blowjob, though). However, I am in the process of writing an Extremely Naughty one-shot called The Boss's Secretary, that I want to get submitted either tonight or tomorrow night. Also, I hope yo start an Extremely Naughty long D/G fic soon, as well. And you are absolutely right, I am a shameless smut-lover! (And you are too, right?) I've never written it before, but I have read a lot of nice, D/G smut. And as for Draco and/or Ginny dying, I don't think I would ever do that to them! I might add in drama, but I don't think I could bear to write a D/G ending where they do not end up together and have beautiful Draco-clone and Ginny-clone and Draco/Ginny-mix babies. In fact, whenever I start a finished fic, I admit to going to the very last chapter, and making sure that they end up together and do not die. I rarely read fics where they do die. In fact, cinnamon badge's Draconis and Ginevra is the only one that comes to mind. Okay, I think I've rambled on enough, but it was nice meeting you. Thank you again for reading and reviewing, and for your amazing words!
Name: WolfStar reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 01, 2010 05:54 am
Ha ha, oh it was so funny!

In his opinion, there was nothing more terrible than having to get up after a relaxing weekend, only to realize that there were still five more days to go until Saturday.
So true!

As for criticism, where Ginny laughs and talks about her being "shite with healing spells", I'd have probably used hyphens instead of all those ellipses.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I definitely agree with that line too. I hate Monday mornings. And thank you so much for pointing out that grammar problem to me! I always have a difficult time correcting those...Oh, and I just wanted to say that you have really pretty hair. I was looking through the pictures on "forums" and you have such gorgeous, long hair. That's a bit random, but I just felt like I should tell you. Okay, I'm going to stop being so creepy now...Anyways, thanks again for your feedback, and for all your kind words!
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