Name: Akt5us reviewed Chapter 2 on Mar 23, 2010 09:48 pm
I'm interested in when Draco and Ginny actually start conversing a bit more. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: They do that very soon...
Name: Nutmeg44 reviewed Chapter 2 on Mar 23, 2010 09:47 pm
Poor Ginny. She's definitely the funniest, raving lunatic ever. LOL. Fun chapter. Colin must have a hard time keeping up with her mood swings.

Author's Response: I love writing Colin in this fic. He's so often a creepy character in my fics that it's fun to make him a friend here.
Name: hp42 reviewed Chapter 2 on Mar 23, 2010 09:43 pm
Great chapter, but I shall blame you for my exhaustion tomorrow since I stayed up late to read this. :P
One thing I noticed, though:
"But spreading enough ready cash about to all and sundry who can whisper an encouraging word for him into the court’s ear can only help, and his heartless-*hottie* good looks certainly can’t hurt"
Don't you mean haughty instead of hottie?

Author's Response: No, actually Rita Skeeter can't get over the "hottie" thing as applied to Draco, clearly. ;) I wouldn't give much for her chances, considering the "bugger off" reply.
Name: GoldenFawkes reviewed Chapter 2 on Mar 23, 2010 09:00 pm
Pride and Prejudice and Flobberworms - I love it!

Even better: "A consummation devoutly to be wished." Heheheheheheheeee.

Author's Response: Thanks! :)
Name: dancingonstars reviewed Chapter 2 on Mar 23, 2010 08:44 pm
the plot thickens. i was happy draco made an appearance. but i'd be happier with more draco and ginny interaction lol either way cant wait for the next update.

Author's Response: There will be more! I promise.
Name: crazinessishappiness reviewed Chapter 2 on Mar 23, 2010 08:17 pm
Great chapter! I'm really enjoying it so far, please don't keep us in suspense for long waiting for the next chapter!

Author's Response: See above...
Name: shezachica85 reviewed Chapter 2 on Mar 23, 2010 08:13 pm

Author's Response: And above...
Name: crazinessishappiness reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 23, 2010 02:22 am
This is a fantastic story so far! I'm really enjoying reading it, and I'm excited that you've got chapters read for us to read! And no worries, everyone likes long stories. =] Hope to read more from you soon.
Name: shezachica85 reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 21, 2010 11:45 pm
sounds good. i am excited to read it. i dont care if its long just post frequently and i will be happy
Name: dancingonstars reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 21, 2010 06:11 pm
what a cliffie for a first chapter. always leave them wanting more huh? well i'm hooked. since you mostly have this whole story written, is it safe to assume that updates will be relatively sooner rather than later? can't wait to read more. and i'm really looking forward to seeing present draco and ginny interaction, not just from her memory.
Name: TwistedPixie reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 21, 2010 06:10 am
I LOVE YOU!! Man, I love you and your stories, even if they are "tortuously plotted, unbelievably convoluted, endlessly endless, and very, very long" it just makes them so much more worthwhile!

And to hear that you've already written some of it! It's like icing ontop of a cake :D But a brilliant start to what seems like a very funny story. I can't wait for more, please dont leave it for another month till we get another chapter 0:)

Good luck!! xx

Author's Response: Thanks!! Mm... chocolate icing, of course.:)
Name: GoldenFawkes reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 21, 2010 03:16 am
Ooooo! I'm so excited about this new one! I loved the first chapter. And I'm going crazy trying to figure out what word starting with the letter "M" Draco might use regarding Ginny.

"Mrs Malfoy," perhaps? Nah. Knowing you, we won't find out for another, say, 20 chapters? And it's going to be a word in a different language that's related to Draco's dark and sinister heritage and she's going to find out about it from an immortal Malfoy ancestor. Or Ziggy, maybe.

I'm SO looking forward to more!

Author's Response: (peeks at chapter list) (20 chapters?) I neither confirm nor deny anything, although we find out more very soon. ;) A couple of clues, though: it isn't in another language, it IS related to Draco's past, and no Malfoy ancestors involved in the process. I have a special guest in this fic who I just couldn't resist putting in here, but he's none of the above.
Name: Januarybaby reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 20, 2010 06:06 pm
What does he keep trying to say to her? We have an 'm' and an 'a' so far. I'm all excited- this was wonderful. Keep up the good work and post regularly, pretty please with sugar on top.

Author's Response: It's so cool that readers are picking up on this clue. It will be very important...
Name: msm_2011simonebb reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 20, 2010 05:12 pm
i like this plot!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad. :) There is a very good plot, I think-- complex, but TAMED, for once. A pet plot bunny.
Name: hp42 reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 20, 2010 12:21 pm
Very interesting so far! I'm eager to see where you take this story. :)
Name: darkseeker116 reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 20, 2010 05:33 am
I love the first chapter. Will the entire fic be from Ginny's POV? Can't wait to read more. Have you planned an update schedule since you've written a great deal of the story already?

Author's Response: Glad you like it, and re: the update schedule? Kind of, yes. :)
Name: Akt5us reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 20, 2010 12:42 am
I really want to know what Draco keeps trying to call Ginny! I can't wait to see how Draco interrupt's them! I can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: You've picked up on something very important about this fic with the issue of what Draco keeps trying to call Ginny. Very smart!
Name: Jack Tamara reviewed Chapter 1 on Mar 20, 2010 12:35 am
Oh, this is so good already! I really loved that you used movie lines and interpreted as Ginny worrying about Draco. I have always felt that H/G had a really awkward romance thing in the movie, anyway. I'm really glad that you've written most of this story, though, because now I really want to read more! Hopefully, this means that you update soon. *winks* And quite possibly with more about Ginny and her sex drive and Draco. :) Great job, and please update soon!


Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, my fics are kind of always using movie canon now ever since HBP. OH yes, more about Ginny and her sex drive, no worries. ;)
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