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Name: Emeral_eyes reviewed Chapter 11 on Nov 19, 2012 06:03 pm
What a delightfully happy ending for an Anise fic! I absolutely loved this concept - so many of your fics are like alternate realities of each other, it was interesting to see it all wrapped up into one fic. Congratulations on your novels - I'll be keeping an eye on your blog to see when it's published!

Author's Response: Thanks! (The 80th review, yay!) I couldn't believe the ending was ultimately fluffy, but they insisted on it. ;) And more news about the novels soon. And-- 50,001 WORDS FOR NANO! (runs around screeching.) See the victory cover here. Also baby platypi! :)
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Chapter 11 on Nov 08, 2012 10:28 pm
I'm certainly glad you went with a happy ending. It really wasn't that overly sappy and fit right in with the story. The story itself was excellently paced from beginning to end. The mystery kept building until the reveal. I just wanted to clarify - so because Harry should have died and that last piece of Voldemort was never destroyed, it ended up creating this alternate timeline. But once Voldy was destroyed and Harry went on to the afterlife, that timeline dissolved and everyone was brought back into the original timeline. Is that right? I'm really amazed at your ability to weave all these fairly unique story lines and be such a prolific writer at the same time. I've no doubt you'll easily 'win' NaNo. Best of luck with Death Train!

Author's Response: Thanks! I could NOT resist this ending... this was a softer Draco than the others I've written; he has less of a hard shell, and I think it's the kind of ending he'd like. :) And yes, that's what created the alternate timeline. It went wherever dissolved timelines go. ;) Nobody in the 2nd one remembered what happened (except for Draco, Ginny, and Luna.) And I think I'll make it through NaNo! :) I have 26,998 words as of 11/9. Check out the 30 Covers, 30 days project at my website. A different cover every day.
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Chapter 10 on Nov 08, 2012 07:50 pm
I thought Harry's actions were very fitting for him in this chapter. I was struck by this bit: "You tried to break the rules. But you can’t do that without someone paying the price. Your problem is that you’ve always let other people pay that price." I think in canon, this was especially true concerning the end of the Order of the Phoenix. It was that book that made me not so fond of Harry, especially when he went on to blame Snape for having a part in Sirius's death.

I loved the ending of this chapter. Go Draco! I'm not sure I understood everything revealed in the chapter, but I'll read on to the epilogue first and then ask if I need any clarifications.

Author's Response: Thanks! I do think that Harry had a lot of basic decency and goodness in him, but I also think that even in canon, we saw how easily that could be distorted. I see what you're saying, but I actually liked OotP because it displayed that side of him-- what bothered me so much was the fake, pat way it was all dismissed in HBP and DH.
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Chapter 9 on Nov 08, 2012 06:53 pm
Just when I thought we'd get some answers, the intrigue is still building. So glad I can read on to the end with all these questions bubbling in my mind! Great job on conveying the creepiness that is Voldemort - or of what's left of him that is. Though now, because I have a rather active imagination, I can't get that image of him from my head. Eek.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yep, the mystery did kind of continue to the very end. Sorry about the Voldie image... Death Train has Satan (the one I've written before, of course!) and I think he's much more fun than Voldy.
Name: VioletJersey reviewed Chapter 11 on Nov 06, 2012 04:21 pm
Thanks for another great read, Anise! I gotta admit -- I never thought you'd pull off a "sappy" ending but you did, & I'm so proud of you!

Can't wait for your next crazy adventure... & yes, I do want to read Death Train very badly

Author's Response: Thanks! :) I really like this fic... not because I necessarily think it's the BEST thing I've ever written, but I feel that the plotting and pacing worked well. And Death Train is the NaNo project, so one or another, the first complete draft will be DONE by the end of the month! ;)
Name: cherryredxx reviewed Chapter 11 on Nov 06, 2012 05:09 am
Every once in awhile it's okay to have a sappy ending! We all need that sometimes, I think. I thought this was a perfect way to end this story. They really did love each other. It just had to be. I thought it was just lovely, Anise! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) I don't think I've EVER written such a sappy last line before... but this time, as you correctly pegged, it had to be. P.S.: I'll read your fic very soon! I need a NaNo break.
Name: pitzi reviewed Chapter 11 on Nov 06, 2012 04:09 am
Who says Draco and Ginny can't have a fluffy ending? After reading some depressing stuff on round 4 ofDrabble Battle this was just what I needed.

And I'm glad Narcissa is alive.

Author's Response: I totally agree about that round of the drabbles. Some really good ones, but EXTREMELY depressing! Yep, this was a happy ending. More fics after November, too!
Name: Mag reviewed Chapter 11 on Nov 06, 2012 03:41 am
Aaah, a happy ending. Real life is so dark, a good happy ending is needed, from time to time.

Anyway, I'm relieved that Draco and Ginny remember. I was really afraid that they wouldn't. Now they can begin to build their future.

Author's Response: Thanks! :) I agree... there are times when we truly all NEED a happy, soppy ending. :) More fics coming after NaNo!
Name: Marinka reviewed Chapter 11 on Nov 05, 2012 10:38 pm
Well, what can i say.. only you can twist and untwist at the same time:) I love this ending, personally i like angst but! together ( and may be not too fluffy happy) but together nevertheless. May be you can finish Jewel if Train is too dark?:)

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Actually, I took a couple of days off from DT, and I think I see how it needs to work now. So it's going forward! But it's weird... I can't believe anybody still remembers JotH. Someday, I guess I WILL have to finish it.But it'll need such a reboot... it'll probably pick up a lot closer to the actual harem. ;)
Name: Mag reviewed Chapter 10 on Nov 05, 2012 12:38 am
Ouah! It makes sense, now. Harry should have died and because he didn't... that's so Doctor Who. Like when Rose saved her father when he should have died, it almost destroyed the universe, because that was a fixed point in time. Kind of the same, here.

I get now why Ginny and Draco were dragged into this mess. Ginny couldn't give her virginity to Harry, it would have given him power, a power Voldemort didn't want him to have. And Draco, well, Draco could be of used as a back up plan, if plan A didn't work with Harry, for Voldemort?

Now, I really hope that Ginny and Draco won't forget this disappeared universe and will remember what they were for each other.

Author's Response: ALL questions will be answered in the epilogue. :) Thanks so much for being such a great reader and reviewer!
Name: SniperTeamTango reviewed Chapter 10 on Nov 01, 2012 03:22 pm
An excellent yet minorly confusing end to a great mystery. I will be back to this one! STT

Author's Response: Well, it's not REALLY done. That would be a very strange (not to mention mean) place to leave it. Loose ends will be tied up in the epilogue. Oh! And here's my NaNo project. 30 Covers, 30 Days. I don't think I can make it clickable in the author's notes...
Name: Marinka reviewed Chapter 10 on Nov 01, 2012 12:46 pm
Well done :)) i hope you can finish it soon, i still hope that our couple will be together, but need to know for sure *feels faint trying to join the dots*

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, there's much more in the epilogue, and I will NOT make people wait until December to read it. ;)
Name: cherryredxx reviewed Chapter 10 on Nov 01, 2012 10:07 am
You put this up so fast that I didn't even get a chance to read chapter 9! Hah.

I really thought this idea was genius. It makes sense; the universe is all give and take, and Harry did take when he chose to remain alive. It's only logical that something would happen as a result. This was just a brilliant story, and I cannot wait until the epilogue! Hopefully you'll get a chance to post it soon ;).

Author's Response: Thanks! :) The epilogue won't be up as fast as the rest, but it won't be another month, either. All the loose ends will be tied up soon... ;)
Name: pitzi reviewed Chapter 10 on Nov 01, 2012 02:42 am
1. Good luck with NaNo!!!!

2. Well, I liked that Harry chose to die and not let Ginny and Draco take his place. I think that's really what he wuld have done in the end.

3. Where's Draco going??!!! Tell me he's going to be all right and Ginny will be there with him!

4. I hope Voldy finally died.

Author's Response: Thanks!! :) The first write-in was today. Lots of screaming kids were there, but I got a lot done anyway. I agree about this Harry, and what it was realistic for him to do. I do think that Harry is a character with a lot of genuine goodness, but it's very capable of becoming twisted, which is what tends to happen in the other Anisefics. ;) And he doesn't show that goodness to Ginny, either. And yes, Voldy did die, and that's the last anybody will ever see of him in this fic. All the details will be cleared up in the epilogue! :)
Name: mchen reviewed Chapter 9 on Oct 30, 2012 09:46 pm
Star Wars *and* The Walrus and the Carpenter?!? Nice. Very nice, indeed.

Have to admit, you got me with that chapter -would not have imagined your little scene there. But what a great, strange, tense little scene it is!

I'm dying for the big reveal - it had better be soon, grrr.

Author's Response: Thanks! Patience is a virtue... :) And the truth is coming VERY soon. I'll be extremely interested in how people react once they know it all (although there's a bit of reveal in the epilogue, too.)
Name: humaira reviewed Chapter 9 on Oct 30, 2012 07:26 pm
i LOVE your stories...but i can't help but cringe every time you make harry out to be a bastard...but that's expected since you don't like him. i've been reading all your chapters and love the premise of it! this is sooo suspenseful. i wonder what's going to happen.

Author's Response: I know; I'm not very nice to Harry, but I think that this fic in particular represents something might have been a logical outcome, given the canon we have. And Harry actually isn't as bad as you might think here... maybe. It will all become clear... ;)
Name: SniperTeamTango reviewed Chapter 9 on Oct 30, 2012 02:34 pm
I've read unforgiveable how did I not see this coming grrrrr. Voldy is in the dream world with harry still, and voldy's been getting stronger and attacking the real world to get something to attack potter with! I think, I hope, I, I haven't a clue. Just, sheesh. >.> The epilogue praying on the epilogue. :)

Author's Response: Very good guesses! :) I think you've come closer to the truth than anyone else... but nobody's really hit on it yet. I HOPE the big reveal will be one of those "aha!!" moments. More coming soon...
Name: Marinka reviewed Chapter 9 on Oct 30, 2012 12:19 am
Aaah, this not clear at all.. I hope Draco behaves for Ginny's sake.

Author's Response: Oh, you'll see (cackles evil-ly, thinking of Chapter 10)
Name: pitzi reviewed Chapter 9 on Oct 30, 2012 12:18 am
All right, I'm still confused even after this chapter.

It was predictible that Harry would blame Ginny for everything. But why all this Voldemort's ploy started happening right after Ginny came to Harry? Is it because Voldie wanted her for himself?

Poor Draco.

Author's Response: Everyone's still confused! That means my evil plan is working. :) It will all be answered, never fear...
Name: Mag reviewed Chapter 9 on Oct 29, 2012 11:17 pm
I thought that the story was taking place during DH, that scene between Voldemort and Harry, but it has already happened and Harry has killed him. But a piece of him has survived, right?

Hmmm, so it's post DH, but how on earth did it manage to... destroy the wizarding world? Or how did it create this fake world, to attract Potter? Because I assume that it's that last piece of Voldemort which is the cause for that coma like world. It or he wanted Harry. Why take Harry before he has sex with Ginny, though?

And did Draco play a part in "it" getting Harry? Even unconsciously?

Author's Response: Okay, which questions can I answer, and which ones would give too much away... Yes. A piece of Voldy survived, just as it did in canon. The thing that always struck me, though, is that we never actually saw anyone kill or destroy that last piece. There's no way to say what actually happened if we don't take the ridiculous epilogue of DH into account (which I don't think we should, not only from the POV of the tragic lack of D/G, but also because it just does not fit into the rest of the narrative at all.) A lot of other questions will be answered in the last chapter (and a couple in the epilogue.) But I WILL say that Harry chose not to take what Ginny was offering, and that this was important.
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Chapter 8 on Oct 29, 2012 08:34 pm
So I've finally had a chance to catch up, but now I have to wait for the continuation, alas. Will you be updating this through next month or will you be focusing solely on Death Train? I loved how in this chapter you aligned their coming together with essentially the climax of the story - at least it feels like it was a climax as I'm not sure how long you planned this story to be - but regardless, that parallelism made the scene quite impactful. Looking forward to the next update!

Author's Response: Nope, it's all going to be posted by Nov. 1st. After THAT, I doubt there will be anything new until December. (Although I guess you never know.) There are two more chapters, and then an epilogue. And the biggest surprises are yet to come. ;)
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Chapter 7 on Oct 29, 2012 08:05 pm
Wow, what a chapter! Revelations that just churns out more questions - that's always a mark of a good mystery. I get the sense that Harry's talking about going on to the afterlife, and now we have that bit about different realities as well. You're just doing an amazing job at building on the intrigue with each chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! :) This one is definitely in the mystery genre. And your guesses are very good...
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Chapter 6 on Oct 29, 2012 07:47 pm
“I don’t think I’ve seen you since that time I was locked in the dungeon at your house for ever so long.” -Oh Luna, I found this bit funny in a dark way. I have to admit though that the part where Draco is babbling does seem slightly out of character for him.

Didn't expect Ron to show up. I wonder if he'll end up disappearing too? Ginny's reaction when she talked about Harry is also very interesting. I wonder what their story is, but I guess we'll find out eventually. Again, I can't predict where you're taking us but I'm certainly enjoying the ride and looking forward to the destination.

Author's Response: I do love Luna. :) This is a really different Draco from the one I usually write... much softer and more vulnerable.
Name: SunnyStorms reviewed Chapter 5 on Oct 29, 2012 07:24 pm
Another great chapter, Anise. I'm so glad you're still an active DG writer. So many other great DG writers have moved on, sadly. Anyway, back to the story.

I love the banter between the two and, as expected, you're fabulous at generating unresolved-sexual-tension. I have a couple wild speculation as to what is going on, but really can't tell anything for certain, so you're doing a great job with making things not so obvious. I was glad to see that they found Luna, and I laughed at how Luna-like she sounded - mentioning the walking shoes bit while normally people would be freaking out about not being able to find their house.

Author's Response: Thanks! Basically... I was completely ready to quit D/G and starting to write BBC!Sherlock (still a Sherlolly shipper, btw) and classic ACD Holmes fics. Then a number of things happened... and I realized that I really did NOT want to quit D/G writing-- I wanted it to EVOLVE. That's what really is happening with Death Train. But as far as new, long D/G fics... not so much.
Name: cherryredxx reviewed Chapter 8 on Oct 27, 2012 07:47 pm
This is so intriguing, Anise! I love the connection to them getting closer causing the world to disappear. It feels very symbolic, and it's so very interesting. I love that by the time they were done having sex, the whole world was gone around them. I am very curious to see what's going to happen next and how Harry is going to tie into it. I'm guessing there is something different about Harry because his disappearance was different because people still remembered him. Can't wait for more! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Yes, there's something different about Harry here, which just MIGHT be a clue. I'm really interested to see what everyone thinks of the final reveal-- there are two chapters left, and then an epilogue. So we'll find out EVERYTHING very soon. Well, almost everything. (When it comes to particle physics, y'all are on your own.)
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