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Name: Rinney reviewed Chapter 1 on Sep 10, 2013 02:52 am
It is hard to say which of the two had it the most difficult. I can easily say that it was Ginny if I wanted to go from strict story perspective: being ordered to kill Draco and the pressure of losing her reputation, her family, and at the end, her life at the hands of a man she had came to love.

But then I cannot help but think about Draco and what it must possibly feel like to know that the woman you love will one day take your life for the sake of the 'good' guys. Its like a dangerous survival game between the two of them, and the only thing sparing them from the ultimate end is this thickening tie and undeniable attraction that's between the two.

But theeeen, I start to think "What if Draco was just playing a trap and waited until the moment where Ginny was the most vunerable to take advantage?" It would be so much like Slytherin!Draco, the Dark Wizard progeny, to wait until his conquestor was honestly broken and stripped of everything before making that Checkmate at the end and claiming the title of victor.

But theeeeen, I wonder exactly how did Ginny become so bewitched in the first place. Did something go wrong? Was she attempting to seduce the darkly, dangerous Malfoy first and the tides turn? Was the sex so great in between them that it made her objective no longer worth it? What was the driving point that made her change her mind in such a dangerous situation? Love is strong, but Ginny is usually stronger.

It leaves me wondering which of the two really had that breaking point. That point that said "I will/will not kill her/him."

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! This story was so so fun to write. As a reader, you're never really meant to know exactly why this whole thing happened, and I'm so glad that it was thought-provoking enough for you to sit there and really wonder about it. Means I did my job. ;)
Name: Anise reviewed Chapter 1 on Sep 07, 2013 03:18 pm
Okay, you are officially the New Queen of Angst. (offers a selection of crowns. I like the one with tanzanites...)

But yes, this is a realistic way that the D/G relationship could end, given the large number of negative ways that both of their characters could go. I do think that Draco had the same problem she did; he couldn't bring himself to kill her... until he could. Kind of hard to get sympathetic! Draco out of that one. Sometimes, your Dracos just go too far into darkness to be redeemed, but I think the most important thing is to always make sure they at least retain that capacity. He really might have chosen to let her live, to go away with her... but he didn't. She might have chosen to kill him before this point... but she didn't. Maybe it wasn't much more than chance that set each of them on their separate paths.

Anyway, I might have to read some sickeningly fluffy fluff after this! ;)

Author's Response: Coming from a fellow Queen of Angst, I take that as a high compliment! :) I don't know why, but I think that this is my favorite thing I have ever written. Because it is just so different from why I normally write. And in a lot of ways, neither of these characters are redeemable. They were both guilty. Draco was just slightly guiltier. Although Ginny was very stupid here, and that adds to her guiltyness. It is all one great big ball of guilt and deception. Neither was honest with the other, and it is hard to sympathize with either, and I meant it that way. :P I need to write something fluffy now, hehe. I have been angsting constantly.
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