Name: loveisnowhere reviewed Chapter 3 on Dec 20, 2015 11:05 pm
I remember this fic!! I enjoyed it this time just like the last time!

Author's Response: I didn't see this review until now, but if you ever read it.. thanks! :)
Name: Lady Mischief reviewed Chapter 2 on Dec 20, 2015 06:10 am
This story is intriguing yet I was confused while reading it. Especially when the point of view changed.

Author's Response: Well, the next chapter is coming up... see what you think of how it ended. ;) This is so different from what I write now in so many ways, but there are still a lot of things I actually like about it... interesting to see what's changed and what is still the same.
Name: SniperTeamTango reviewed Chapter 2 on Dec 20, 2015 02:20 am

I'd love to focus on the incredibly well written smut but I can't. I must know who or what the things are. Scary almost.

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Well, the last chapter is where we find out...
Name: heizi reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 10, 2015 08:31 pm
So G&D&H?!!!Love your writing

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Well... kind of. D/G and references to PAST D/H. NO current D/H... I promise... really. ;) I don't think I would write it this way now, but at the time, I was very much still experimenting.
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