Name: LadyEndymion reviewed Chapter 2 on Jan 28, 2016 06:44 am
Molly is as devious as any Slytherin isn't she? I suppose Ginny gets a lot of that from her. I like that your Molly isn't the stereotypical mother hen / Mother Nature Molly we see so often in HP fics.

I adore George. He reminds me of Draco in some ways, both willing to exploit a situation to their advantage and to swallow something they don't care for if needed. I can see them being allies of a sort - and especially going forwards.

Can't wait to read the next part! Sorry it took so long for me to review.
Name: Ely_Baby reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 24, 2015 07:40 am
Gaaaaahhh! I read this the other day, but while I was trying to comment on it, my laptop decided to upgrade to Windows 10.whatevernumber and then my user account got corrupted and I just spent the whole afternoon chatting with idiots on the Microsoft Tech Support. Ugh.

Anyway, you don't want to hear that! You want to hear what I think about this! So, here it goes.

I love your writing style! I especially love your dialogues and the snarky remarks from both Ginny and Draco. I started cackling at "And may I say that the elf outfit is adorable; I knew it would be." and didn't manage to stop till the very end. Honestly, I don't want you to introduce any other character - even though, I'm dying to know what the reactions of the Weasleys will be when Draco is introduced to them as Ginny's boyfriend - because I just want to read more and more dialogue between the two of them. Love it that much.

Another thing that I love is the atmosphere, properly Christmassy and absolutely lovely. The pictures that you've added (which are adorable and I am in awe of your talents) are just as fantastic at setting the mood. I love Ginny's clothes and Draco's face. LOL! He's adorable.

I also adore the two of them together, I mean, they obviously love each other but they're not cheesy about it, au contraire, they're actually very relaxed and fun to read. And the details you've added are brilliant, I want to steal the collapisable cottage now! LOL!

And now I'm very curious to read your other characters too! :D Especially Molly and Ron and Cho. Oh boy! That's going to be good! I cannot wait for another chapter! :D This is absolutely adorable and fun, love it. Update soon (or as soon as you'd like, no pressure :3). xxx

PS--Also, Happy Christmas! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) I'm waiting to post another chappie until there are enough FB Ficlets to make up another entire chapter... although there WILL be extra things in the FIA version. ;) (For one thing, I don't really need to get in trouble with FB over content... :P If you ever read, Jen has a couple of great stories about FB censorship when she posted pics of turkey cakes. yep, turkey cakes.) More soon! And Happy Holidays to you too!!
Name: pitzi reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 23, 2015 01:49 am
Thaks for posting this. At first I felt sorry for Draco for having to admit his insecurities and for having to give in to Giny's demands but then you made up for it with Ginny admitting to not notifiying her family because she was scared to fo so.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :) There's more coming soon... and I'm working on the next chappie of MiaG, a little bit at a time.
Name: LadyEndymion reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 21, 2015 01:54 pm
Lovely, lovely beginning to a DG Christmas!

One of the things that I've always appreciated and admired about your DG is the bickering and bantering - that seems entirely natural and real. They seem a real couple, but remain true to character. To borrow a phrase from Jane Austen, I believe they are in essentials, much as they ever were. so th you for that. They are how I imagine a grown Draco and Ginny to be.

I love the subtle touches that show the depths of Draco's feelings for Ginny - like his hurt in being her dirty little secret (and it's not about pride).

The twist about racism was perfect and true. This does seem to be the case in the Wizarding world (at least what we see of it). I really like that. And, I like that Draco has the moral high ground for once.

Can't wait to read the next part!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :) Yes, in this fic, Draco and Ginny are grown to an extent... they're a few years out of Hogwarts, and both of them have had to grow up faster than they should have. Sometimes, of course, they think they have more maturity than they do. ;) The next part is coming soon! More art, of course, too. I came up with a perfect Molly (well, I think.) She looks very different from the film version, but she's the way I tend to picture her.
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