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Name: chantzdartist reviewed On Fire on Aug 29, 2023 09:25 pm
I feel like I've been waiting forever for Draco and Ginny to just kiss and make up... This was more than I asked for and I love it.... Also hilarious how they were walked in on. Please continue this story... You're doing great!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Ashen on Jun 10, 2023 09:00 pm
I really liked that Ginny brought Narcissa back home. I love their dysfunctional family.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Keep Your Enemies Closer on Jun 10, 2023 08:57 pm
Hey! I hope you are doing well. I got so busy with life that I couldn't read at all.
Anyway, it's great to be back.
Name: quirky_vixen reviewed Ashen on Mar 13, 2023 01:13 pm
This chapter was so superbly crafted. The story keeps getting better and better! Can't wait to see what's next after Ginny's realisation.

Author's Response: Thank you, dear. I am truly honoured by your words. The next chapter is already ready, once it is approved, hope you can enjoy it ;)
Name: quirky_vixen reviewed Keep Your Enemies Closer on Mar 13, 2023 12:37 pm
Really loved this chapter. Your characterizations are superb!
Name: quirky_vixen reviewed Rebirth on Mar 13, 2023 12:14 pm
What a beautiful chapter this was!
Name: msm_2011simonebb reviewed A Longer Visit to Aunt Muriel on Mar 02, 2023 01:54 am
love reading war fic!!
Name: chantzdartist reviewed Keep Your Enemies Closer on Sep 16, 2022 01:28 pm
OMG, I loved this chapter. Finally Draco has his mom back, he basically has his whole family together. I also loved the sarcastic jokes between Ginny and Draco, it was a nice reprieve from all the bickering and fighting. Keep up the great work! d84;a039;🇹🇹
Name: NTA123 reviewed Rebirth on Jul 02, 2022 04:58 am
I would love them to move in together!
And I also wonder how Draco will react if he ever has a daughter?! SO CUTE!!! *heart eyes*

Author's Response: Ohhh, you're giving me ideas! ;) How would Draco react to a little girl? Interesting indeed...
Name: NTA123 reviewed Rebirth on Jul 02, 2022 04:54 am
This is such a beautiful chapter. The wait is finally over and it was all worth it. Thank you

Author's Response: I'm so so so so happy that the payoff was worthy the wait. Thank you for always commenting. It's such a kind attitude. See ya very soon
Name: NTA123 reviewed Rebirth on Jul 02, 2022 04:50 am
The baby birth time (I don't know what I should call it. I am sorry if I am being offensive) was so SWEET. In their own way. In Draco-Ginny way!
Aries is a big baby! I wonder who he would look like more? I mean I heard babies change a lot.

Author's Response: You weren't offensive, not at all haha. I tried to write something that could represent both of them. I'd like to think that is a mix of them both - even though Draco will be pleased in this regard in the next chapter
Name: NTA123 reviewed Rebirth on Jul 02, 2022 04:43 am
Baby Boy!!! Aries Malfoy!!!
Loved the name! Ginny should be thankful that Malfoy jr. 's name is not Scorpius! XD
I would love them to move in together. Dysfunctional family but getting there. You know XD

Author's Response: Hahaha, Scorpius is Astoria's son, another multiverse (hello Marvel) Draco and Ginny's baby should be named as something different, that make sense for the both of them. I'm happy you liked it! Yeah! Next time, moving in together! Haha
Name: NTA123 reviewed Interlude on Jul 02, 2022 04:37 am
And Draco may look annoyed but he lets him get away with anything. Also would do anything to get him out of trouble.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Interlude on Jul 02, 2022 04:19 am
Obviously Draco and James would never be the idealistic father-son!! I mean I myself do not want that! But their connection can be like they may bicker, even insult. But James would always get defensive when someone says smth bad about Draco. Definitely NOT when he is there.
And would always look for him in trouble??
Name: NTA123 reviewed Rebirth on Jul 02, 2022 04:12 am
Hey, I don't know how you want to show
James-Harry relationships in the future. (I'm guessing Harry will wake up...?)
* personal opinion and wish* I want Draco and James to have a relationship that James and Harry could NEVER have.
I mean no matter how epic father-son the Potters may be, James and Draco should always have something really unique.

Author's Response: I agree with you. Yeah, James-Harry will have a relationship, it's inevitable and it's fair with Harry. He deserves to have this kind of love. But love is not excludent, right? James will love Draco as well and their relationship will definitely be something special and unique!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Interlude on Jul 02, 2022 04:05 am
The step father-son duo have a different chemistry. It is sweet, funny and very logical.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you could go back and read the missing part of the previous chapter! I looooove writing interactions between Draco and Ginny! Hope you continue enjoying!
Name: chantzdartist reviewed Interlude on Jun 18, 2022 08:12 am
This was a very sweet as can be tender moment between Draco and Ginny. I hope you haven't forgotten this story because it's been a little while and you're doing great with writing this story. Keep this story going please, I'm anxious for a chapter update.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! Something weird has happened, part of the last chapter was not published. I dont know why, and it was a part with more Draco/Ginny conversation, I AM NOT AMUSED haha. As soon as the new chapter is on, please go back to the previous one to catch up! The next one will be here soon. Hope you can read and review it! ;) See ya
Name: NTA123 reviewed Interlude on May 11, 2022 10:53 am
P.S. I hope you are well and planning to continue. I am sorry I took such a long time to read this chapter! But I am back and I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you will be too!
Take care!

Author's Response: I AM BACK hahahaha I'm planning to continue, yes, but will depends heavily on feedback because, let's face it, life is too demanding and we have to prioritise things Anyways, the next one is almost here! Hope you can enjoy it!
Name: NTA123 reviewed Interlude on May 11, 2022 10:51 am
But...Goyle had to come and left a foul taste.
Is he planning something evil? Will Astoria join hand with him?
I am not liking this. Though actually loving the plotline!

Author's Response: Indeed! I believe Goyle is the real villain of this story - and I like it, as someone so obtuse and selfish can still represent danger and bad things. He is planning, yes. Just did not realise it hahaha. About AStoria... She is not a bad person, but she will indeed give him a hint - even unintentionally.
Name: NTA123 reviewed Interlude on May 11, 2022 10:49 am
I missed this last update! Too many things happend in life. Took me long enough.
He is such a sweet child. I loved Draco and him together. We are getting there slowly.
Draco's inner thoughts about their baby was real as well as touching.

Author's Response: Oh, I missed you hahaha I really like your comments. Oh, something weird has happened! Part of the last chapter was not published! I dont know why!And it was a part with more Draco/James interaction, I'm so frustrated haha. As soon as the new chapter is on, please go back to the previous one to catch up! Thank you, my dear
Name: fidomach reviewed Life Goes On on Apr 17, 2022 11:20 pm
Name: derfishsquiggi reviewed Interlude on Mar 07, 2022 08:54 am
YAY!!! I loved this chapter! I was hoping to see Draco warming up to James and my heart just melted from their interaction. Really dreading but also excited for this storm haha. Hoping to see these two sharing more romance and ACTUALLY TALK but we all know how stubborn they are ;)

Hope things calm down for you soon and thanks so much for updating! Brightens my day and can't wait for the next one!!!!

(tried my best to not spoil lol) ALSO OMG THAT TWIST AT THE END HAS ME ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT!!! :O can't wait to see what comes of that!!

Author's Response: Oh, something weird has happened! Part of the last chapter was not published! I dont know why! I'm so sad because it was a part where Ginny and Draco TALKED hahaha. As soon as the new chapter is on, please go back to the previous one to catch up! Well, at least is more content haha. Thank you for your words, they mean a lot to me! See ya very soon, my dear!
Name: cintu reviewed Interlude on Mar 03, 2022 01:31 am
Really loving this story.. you are doing an amazing job.. Draco Ginny interaction are so much in their character.. hoping to get more romantic scenes between them before the baby arrives..

Author's Response: hey dear! thank you for your words. I'm already writing the next chapter with some more moments, haha. Hope you can enjoy it. See ya soon!
Name: mene reviewed And Baby Makes Three on Feb 06, 2022 02:11 pm
Hanging out for another chapter!

Author's Response: Don't need to hang out for too long! Thank you for commenting!
Name: app reviewed And Baby Makes Three on Jan 16, 2022 11:20 am
please continue, I've read so many stories that were left incomplete and this is such a great one, I always look forward to the next chapter 🥺

Author's Response: Oh, dear! As long as I keep get feedback, I have no intention of leaving this story behind! I don't like unfinished projects haha Thank you for the encouragement! Means the world to me! See ya verfy soon
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