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This is fanfic, not brain surgery. We do our best to have a good site, but we're doing this on our own time out of love, and we don't actually owe anyone anything. Except JKR, for creating the world we all love and play in.

Now, that being said, there's rules anywhere. First off, before you submit a story, you're expected to read the submission rules. They'll show up when you first upload a story, or you can view them at the link above.

In terms of rules for other behavior while on this site, I expect you to act like civilized and adult human beings. If you want to say something negative in a review, do so respectfully, or your account will be deleted for flaming. Hatespeech is not allowed, and the use of "gay" or "retarded" as pejoratives definitely count as hatespeech. Don't believe that I won't find out about it, or that I'll give you a second chance.

If you use Hotmail, you will have trouble getting email from the site, which includes your password. Check your bulk mail folder, and then add dghbic at gmail to your contacts. Or, the method I recommend, get a better mail client - I recommend, and am willing to hand out invitations like candy at Halloween.

Do NOT make more than one account. We are currently winnowing out duplicates, and if we find more than one account per person, all but one will be deleted. Do us all a favor and help the archive run more efficiently by preventing cruft in our database.

Lastly, please check the help page if you have a question about anything. If you don't find your answer, then contact me, or any member of the Cabal - but check the help page first.

That's not so hard, right? So welcome aboard, and enjoy your stay.

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