Lonely Night by Pipperstorms
Summary: Draco walked slowly, his head turned towards the ground. The snow was falling heavily now and he knew he should go home, but he didn’t want to. This was her favorite place to come on Christmas Eve, and even without her, this was where he wanted to be. (inspired by Blue Jupiter's Lonely Night)
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Christmas Eve by Pipperstorms
Author's Notes:
I own nothing. This was inspired by Blue Jupiter's "Lonely Night" It's a beautiful, but heart breaking song. For those who cry easily, you may want a tissue
Draco walked slowly, his head turned towards the ground. The snow was falling heavily now and he knew he should go home, but he didn’t want to. This was her favorite place to come on Christmas Eve, and even without her, this was where he wanted to be. He looked up to see a couple kissing on a bench and his heart clenched painfully.

Just last year that had been them. They’d stayed out in the snow all night, kissing and laughing and dancing. They had done crazy things, things only she could have gotten him to do. They made a snowman and snow angels, even ice skated on the ice she’d begged him to make. They had both known that if they’d been caught by any Muggles they’d be in trouble, but her honey colored eyes had melted even his heart on that freezing cold night.

Draco hurried quickly past the couple. It hurt too much to think of her. But tonight it was too hard not to think of her. Christmas had always been her favorite time of year. She had taught him what the holiday was all about. He had tried his hardest to find her the most beautiful gifts, and while she had loved them, she’d made him take half of them back. She made him promise that he wasn’t cross with her after that. And he hadn’t been; only she had had that kind of power over him. She had explained to him that Christmas was about being together, not buying things. He’d never known that before, had never been taught that part of the season. She had only laughed at him and dragged him out to the park near their flat.

The whole night Draco had pleaded with her to allow him to perform a heating charm on her cloak, but she had refused. She had told him that she’d rather have him hold her close. So he had, blocking out as much of the cold as he could, until she’d run off again prancing around in front of him, begging him to chase her. He couldn’t believe what he was doing at the time, but he’d race off after her, catching her in quickly. And each time he did he’d kiss her. Kiss her so hard and so passionately that it felt as if the world stood still for only them.

Closing his eyes Draco imagined her lips pressed against his. He could still feel the warmth that had spilled from her soul when she would whisper that she loved him. He missed her. He missed everything about her. He missed hearing her laughter as she played in the snow, occasionally throwing a snowball at him. Nine times out of ten he would catch it, but every so often he’d let her hit him, just to watch her dance around in victory.

Slowly Draco came to a stop. He was now standing in front of a fat maple tree. Their tree. That night last year they had carved their initials into its bark, or rather he had after she’d told him she’d always wanted to do it. He had figured that that should be a nice present for her. Now he slowly traced his cold fingers over the letters, closing his eyes when her laughter came to his mind again. Her image played itself over and over again, skipping like an old record. Her hands had been tucked up into her sleeves, and her teeth had been chattering, but Draco had never seen her look so beautiful, and he had told her that. She’d laughed at him, but wrapped her arms around him anyway, thanking him for going to the park with her that night. She had kissed him softly and told him she was ready to head home. Draco had been ready for that though. He’d told her that he still had a gift for her. She had frowned at him, but there was still curiosity glowing brightly behind her eyes. Draco had gone down on his knee in the snow, pulling out a small black box from his pocket. Before the question had even left his mouth she had launched herself at him, tackling him into the snow, showering his face with kisses.

Draco leaned his head into the tree trying to block out the memory, and the tears that wanted to fall from his eyes. He had no idea how she could haunt him like this. Draco felt like he was being punished by God himself. Wasn’t it bad enough that she had melted his frozen heart, just to leave him alone? Their wedding was supposed to have been today. After all it had always been her favorite day. But wedding plans had been canceled. Instead of a marriage, Draco had been forced to lay her to rest only two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago his beautiful, spontaneous, angel had left him. Her life had been ended too soon by a muggle drunk driver coming home from a pub. He had wanted to go after the man, to make him hurt as he hurt now, but she never would have allowed that. He knew she wanted him to forgive the man. Draco sunk to his knees with a groan that broke his resolve. They had tried to save her, but no amount of medicine or magic could heal the damage. Draco slammed his fist into the trunk of the tree, not caring when his knuckles split open and leaked hot red blood onto the perfect snow.

After a while Draco stood, brushing the snow from his trousers and coat. It was time for him to go. With a wave of his hand a white rose lay in the snow next to the tree, they had been her favorite flower and he liked the looks of them here rather than alongside her grave. He kissed his fingers before pressing them into the engraving of her initials. The alarm on his watch went off letting him know that it was midnight. That it was now Christmas morning. With one final look towards the stars Draco whispered his good-bye.

“Happy Christmas Gin, I love you.”
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