Happy Dragon by Nita G Isenhour
Summary: Draco and Ginny. He's a dragon or is he? Written in the Rime Royale form.
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1. Happy Dragon by Nita G Isenhour

Happy Dragon by Nita G Isenhour

Happy Dragon

The dark green dragon's eyes glowed icy grey –
His flaring nostrils snorting smoky flames.
He'd easily caught his victim today!
Now he could sleep instead of play their games,
He never stopped to think about the names.
This time the girl was much too nice to eat –
He thought he'd keep her cause she was so sweet!

He was caught and lost in her fiery curls –
She looked at him with such adoring eyes.
She was worth more to him than even pearls!
If she'd accept, he'd offer her the skies!
But could loving her really be that wise?
Yet, in her eyes there was no hint of fear –
She treated him as if he were so dear.

The people in the village thought it strange
She'd want to stay with him for all her life.
She met a man who said he could arrange
For them to be a dragon and his wife –
Though for the village it could cause some strife.
(What people didn't know about the plan –
At night the dragon turned into a man!)

Soon children blessed this couple's happy lair!
A boy with Momma's curls and eyes of ice.
The little girl got Papa's silver hair –
And Momma's eyes of cinnamon so nice.
Each one a special jewel without a price.
They lived in happiness until the end –
The dragon – glad he'd made the girl his friend!

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