D/G Classics from The People by Mynuet
Summary: The Top Twenty Short and Long D/G fics, as chosen by the general populace.
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1. Democratically chosen by Mynuet

Democratically chosen by Mynuet
Some of these fics are NC-17, so tread with caution!

These fics are presented in vote order, with the one on top having received the most votes. The original polls are HERE and HERE, although some votes were also received by email. Human errors crept in and so, for example, Rainpuddle's fics were left out of the voting and some fics were entered in the wrong category. I did the best I could, however, to make this as fair and impartial a process as possible.

Edit: August 9, 2006 - Due to the documented plagiarism of Cassandra Clare, I am removing her fics from this listing.

And so, without further ado...

The Top Twenty D/G Short Stories:

Why I'm Glad Ginny Is Dating Draco Malfoy by Sarea Okelani

Kissing Booth by Sarea Okelani

Therapy Buddies by Jade Okelani

The Head Boy's Laundry by Sugarbear_1269

Three Years, Two Months, and Seventeen Days by Jade Okelani

A Bed Made for One by Sarea Okelani

Dragon Kisses by Davesmom

The Hours Between by Jade Okelani

Twelve Things About Christmas by Fearthainn

The Doppelganger Dilemma by Mynuet

Balm by Sarea Okelani

Feast of Fools by Mynuet

Candle in the Window by Sarea Okelani

Snape's Desk by Mynuet

Catching the Snitch by Madalene3666

Off and On by Mynuet

Polyjuice Potion by Davesmom

Treason! by Sarea Okelani

The More Is My Unrest, by Arabella and Jedi Boadicea

Life Canvas, by Jade Okelani

The Top Twenty D/G Long Stories:

Our Winter by Jade Okelani

The Past Didn't Go Anywhere by Fearthainn

Dark Directed by Fearthainn

Serpent's Bride by Reiko Naoe

Portkey Party by Sarea Okelani

Over Time: First Friends by Mynuet

Atypical Lesson by Sarea Okelani

Beyond Redemption by Davesmom

Send Fudge by Annibug (Note: This will require you to join a yahoo group.)

Smoking in the Head Boy's Room by Sugarbear_1269

I Have Never Felt Your Fear by Echo

The Little Child to Lead Them by StrangerWithMyFace

A Bit of the Dark Sinister by Echo

All You Need Is Love by MochaButterfly

Deflowering Ginny Weasley by Gianfared

The Colour of Her Knickers by Davesmom

The Bat-Bogeys Cometh by Anise

Sea of Waking Dreams by Cinnamon

Masquerade by Draigonfire (tied for 19th)

The Plan by Mynuet(tied for 19th)

Fantasy Fudge, by Where Is Truth(tied for 20th)

Fathers. Husbands. Lovers. Sons., by Kirixchi(tied for 20th)

Thank you all for nominating and for voting, and I hope you enjoy your classics!
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