Pink Haired Baby by Mynuet
Summary: Draco and Ginny and their pink-haired baby.
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1. All for Rainpuddle by Mynuet

All for Rainpuddle by Mynuet
There were people crawling all over his house, and Draco wanted them gone. It was worse than when the Ministry had invaded, worse than when there were real estate agents appraising the value and trying to persuade him that he'd have to sell to pay off the reparations being demanded of the Malfoys, worse even than his wedding, where approximately half of wizarding England had made clear that they were not speaking to the other half.

This was worse, though, because the half of wizarding England that he'd known all his life just sent regards. The other half, primarily composed of Weasleys, had congregated in and around the new nursery and showed no signs of leaving. Oh, some of them went home, sometimes, but he'd been utterly unable to argue when his mother-in-law insisted that she needed to be there to help with the baby, and so each of his brothers-in-law traipsed in and out whenever some crisis popped up, most of which seemed to involve food. It'd been six weeks now, and he was going to go insane if he didn't get his house to himself again soon. Well, apart from Ginny. And the baby. And the house elves. But that was it!

Today was likely to break him and prevent that happy day from ever occurring, as it was the new arrival's christening and the amount of cooing going on was truly frightening. They'd had the church ceremony, where the result of months of bitter arguing had led to the strange pairing of Greg Goyle and Hermione Granger as godparents, and now he was being eaten out of house and home by a swarm of locusts disguised as humans. He sighed and fought through the crowds to get into the nursery proper, where Ginny was holding court with the baby in her lap. Even five minutes with his wife was more than he'd gotten lately, and surely Molly and the boys wouldn't be able to shuffle him away with witnesses?

Apparently they could, as Draco ended up in a corner of the room, almost in the nanny's room. At least he could still see Ginny, he thought gloomily, and stayed where he was while a parade of people passed by. He amused himself by cooing along with the various females that stooped over the child. "Oh, what a lovely baby! He's got his father's eyes, but that's definitely the Weasley hair! One would've thought it'd turn pink from the mix of the two!"

There were gasps at the end of the one witch's speech, and Draco craned his neck to see. It was the clumsy auror, Tonks, and she'd apparently made her hair bright pink for the delivery of this witticism. Then she moved and Draco could see the baby's head, sporting the same insanely bright color.

"OUT!" he shouted, making the gathered hordes jump. "ENOUGH! OUT OF MY HOUSE!" The force of his enraged shouting rattled the windows, and there were a series of pops as the house elves took obedience to a higher level and cleared out the room by magic. In short order, Draco was looming over his wife and child, breathing heavily and struggling for words. "Those... Those... One rule, I made one single, solitary, childishly simple rule--"

"Draco!" Ginny cut in. "Draco, it's all right, it wasn't a prank."

"His sodding hair is pink," Draco said, waving a hand at the plain evidence of perfidy.

"I know," said Ginny with a smile. "He did it himself when he looked at Tonks." Draco only looked confused, and Ginny shook her head. "Draco, he's a metamorphmagus. The bright color must've caught his attention."

Feeling stunned, Draco reached out and picked his son up, automatically lifting him to look into his eyes. "Are you sure?" He moved the baby to one arm and pulled a strand of his own hair over his eyes. "Hey, little guy. See the hair? Nice hair?" The Malfoy heir crossed his eyes, took the offered hair in one chubby fist, and stuffed it in his mouth. His hair remained determinedly pink, though, and Draco's face fell.

"Don't worry," Ginny said with a laugh. "We'll make sure the Weasleys stay away for a while, and after a few days of looking at his daddy, I'm sure he'll include blond on the repertoire."

Draco nodded and moved to sit down, only to protest when Ginny took the baby. "Hey, I want to make sure he sees me when he wakes up!"

"But I want to see you now," she said, taking his chin in her hand and tilting it up for a kiss. "Now that you've finally driven everyone off, I want to tell my beloved husband that the mediwitch gave me the go-ahead to resume activities."

Several things battled for Draco's attention, hormones accounting for at least two-thirds of them, but he croaked out, "You wanted them to leave?"

"God, yes," she said, taking his hand and leading him out of the room. "I just couldn't say so, because then they'd be upset. They already don't like you, so it doesn't matter if you kick them out."

"Ah," he said, nodding to the nanny elf as he closed the nursery door behind him. "And the activities?"

She gave him a look that curled his toes and he said, "Oh, activities!" before picking her up and going into their bedroom at a dead run.
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