A Vesica/Mynuet Collaboration. If Ginny had even the slightest inkling of what the day would bring, she probably would have called in sick. A disastrous press conference proved to be no match for the spin doctoring talents of Lush's chief and Ginny finds herself catapulted from being a lowly intern to the very eye of the storm, living a double life as a careerwitch and glamorous front woman for a racy new line. Throw in a few A-list events, a few dozen crises, an endless promotional tour with her new co-worker and the last person she wanted to spend time with, and a mystery waiting back home that neither of them may be able to solve….Every day's an adventure when you're living the Lush Life!
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1. Chapter One – Narcissa’s Assets (Reviews - 100) 1761 words

2. Chapter Two - No Such Thing as Bad Publicity (Reviews - 17) 2266 words

3. Chapter Three – The Barking Mad Idea (Reviews - 26) 1862 words

4. Chapter Four – Primp or Die (Reviews - 27) 1984 words

5. Chapter Five - Punch Drunk Sex Goddess (Reviews - 20) 1238 words

6. Chapter Six – Potions, Press Conferences, & Pastry Purloining (Reviews - 38) 2229 words

7. Chapter Seven – The Photo that Shook the World (Reviews - 41) 1801 words

So sorry for the long wait! My life sort of went 'kaboom' recently and I was scrambling to keep things together. Writing wasn't high on my priority list. And then Myn had exams. Anyway – enough excuses, though for the time being you should expect about one update per month. We aren't giving up – not by a long shot!

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And I shall end there, since I am sure Myn will add her own note to this as well. ~Vesica

8. Chapter Eight – Sharks With Microphones (Reviews - 32) 2004 words

9. Chapter Nine - Bleary, Beset, & Bombarded (Reviews - 32) 2848 words

Ves’ note: A few of you have mentioned the actual company, Lush, based out of the UK. Yes, we were (or at least I was) aware of and a fan of this company before we started writing. No, we meant no infringement on them or their products, as quite obviously they are NOT a wizarding beauty potions firm, nor do they produce lingerie.

However, we did want to acknowledge them and their fine, fine products. Check out their website HERE. They make awesome soaps, lotions and bath bombs as well as a fine selection of fresh made face creams and scrubs. Cool stuff. Go. Shop.

10. Chapter Ten – The Hottest Old Woman in England (Reviews - 44) 2085 words

Edited: Okay, okay. The line near the end, about the non-Lush product WAS a comment on the Sirens Thousand Ship Launching You! from last chapter...but as no one caught that and insist on commenting on it as a goof...I have edited this back to what it read in version 2 of this chapter. I have to admit - I found the same "mistake"...but it was THAT morning for Ginny (not a month ago like it was for you all). I guess this is the down side to having eagle-eyed readers! ~Ves

11. Chapter Eleven – Monday Morning Surprises (Reviews - 63) 2260 words

This chapter is dedicated to Elle Blessingway, whose name we have stolen just because we look forward to seeing it, and her insightful reviews, with every chapter we post. Yay, Elle! Thank you for being awesome. Awesome is...well, awesome.

12. Chapter Twelve - Lifestyles of the Newly Promoted (Reviews - 78) 2504 words

Dear Readers:

We love you. We really do. We love writing this fic, and we love sharing it with all of you, and we love hearing from you. Even if all you say is "Thanks for writing!" or "Loved it!" we like knowing that people are reading and enjoying. We might repeat thank yous, because there's only so many ways you can say it, but the thanks are sincere.

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And now that that's all cleared up, we hope you enjoy the chapter.

13. Chapter Thirteen – The Official Dessert of Super Secret Meetings (Reviews - 139) 2189 words

I would say something pithy here about miracles and an update, but frankly I am too exhausted after the e-mails back and forth between Myn and I with review responses and edits of this chapter. Here it is! ~Ves